Monday, February 28, 2022

Ty's Corner


As I spent the weekend looking at NETFLIX's self-reported top ten and noting that Tyler Perry's A MADEA HOMECOMING has been number one since Friday, I was reminded that the apparently hugely popular DON'T LOOK UP barely stayed in the top ten.  

Here's DEADLINE (via YAHOO NEWS) on Jennifer Lopez' MARRY ME:

Anecdotally, the studio has said that Marry Me, which cost an inexpensive $23M, was the No. 1 title on Peacock on both Friday and Saturday, though it provided no figures to support that claim. We hear that there were “ingestion” problems when it came to Samba TV monitoring smart TV viewership for the movie over the weekend. That usually means that the studio doesn’t want the streaming numbers out there.

Where was that same skepticism -- needed skepticism -- when DEADLINE was just parroting the claims NETFLIX made regarding DON'T LOOK UP?  

OZARK has been in the top ten for weeks now on NETFLIX.  If that top ten is accurate -- if -- then a lot more people in North America have watched OZARK than ever watched the crap-ass DON'T LOOK UP.

It's time for people to be rightly skeptical of the claims NETFLIX makes when campaigning for Oscar nominations.


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