Monday, February 28, 2022


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The latest episode of AMERICAN DAD aired Monday night on TBS.  How bad was "Epic Power Dump"?  So bad that a Klaus subplot was better than the Roger story and the mains tory when it came to providing laughs.

In fact, setting aside the shows' Chrismas episodes (only the one with Lisa Kudrow worked -- of their Christmas episodes), this was the worst episode of the show ever.

Stan took the family on a snow vacation.  It had the ability to be somehting and there were some good drama notes but nothing funny.  Roger was part of that storyline but also on a party mission in  a solo storyline.  There was nothing in the solo to make it worth watching.  He really needs to play off Hayley or Frqncine or someone else.

Meanwhile, Klaus spoke to a woman over the phone and fell in love with her.  Yes, like on FAMILY GUY when Brian fell in love with the woman on the phone in India.  Only it was less inspired and Klaus was teamed up with Snot.

I wanted it to be funny.  It just wasn't.

Closing with C.I.'s "Iraq snapshot:"



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