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Truest statement of the week

The 2016 election is a story of miscalculation by many people. Trump didn’t think he would win, the media who gave him free air time did so because they didn’t think he would win, and Hillary Clinton was so certain of victory that she didn’t campaign in the states that flipped and gave him an electoral college win. A sustained get out the vote effort and protection of the franchise by the Democrats might have countered the electoral larceny that made Trump the 45th president.
Who are the real villains in the story of the 2016 presidential election? Hillary Clinton, the Democratic National Committee, the greedy “consultants” who made off with $1 billion in campaign funds and still didn’t get their person into office, and Republicans who have perfected vote thievery. They will strike again and they will do so without any help from Vladimir Putin.

-- Margaret Kimberley, "Freedom Rider: Russiagate Covers Up Black Vote Theft" (BLACK AGENDA REPORT).

Truest statement of the week II

Over 570 immigrant children remain in detention centers and foster facilities throughout the United States weeks or months after the government separated them from their parents this past spring.
Some 460 parents have already been deported without their children, many after being coerced into signing forms waiving their right to reunite with their sons or daughters. In many of these cases, the parents will never see their children again.
The government has deemed hundreds of parents “ineligible” to reunite with their children on the grounds that they have criminal records. This deliberate mass theft of children by the government is among the most shameful events in US history.
These crimes are being ignored by the corporate media. Since the beginning of August, the New York Times opinion page has featured eight op-ed pieces or editorial board statements relating to allegations of Trump’s ties to Russia or the #MeToo hysteria, but none about the conditions facing immigrants. The Washington Post has published seven opinion pieces or editorial board statements about Russia and #MeToo, and none about immigrants.

The children languishing in detention are living a nightmare. On Wednesday, the American Immigration Lawyers Association confirmed a report that a child died of a respiratory illness shortly after leaving an Obama-era family detention center in Dilley, Texas.

-- Eric London, "US immigration nightmare continues amid media blackout" (WSWS).

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Another truest for Margaret Kimberley.
A truest for Eric London.
How many months before Iraq forms a government?  Or before the US lets it?  Or before the US imposes one?
Ava and C.I. grade the scripted summer offerings.
Rose McGowan told you Alyssa Milano was a fake.  We told you Alyssa was a fake.  Are you getting that she's a fake?
I did a quick bit when I saw the idiot claiming the media quickly backed away from WMDs in Iraq.

The biggest box office success this summer in the comedy genre was . . . 
Our continued efforts to note books.
Thanks to Totinos, we go back into the kitchen.
Glenn Greenwald makes some strong points.
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Editorial: Where's the government?

01/08/18 – DSRSG revisited the Baghdad electoral recount centre to assess progress on the manual recount of votes from the 12 May national ; met with Judge Jassim, Head of the Board of Judges overseeing the recount, recount staff and reps of political parties.


Elections were May 12th.

It's now August 6th.

Where are the results?

Arwa Ibrahim (ALJAZEERA) reports:

Nearly three months since Iraqis went to the polls to cast their ballots in a parliamentary election, a new government is yet to be announced - and the wait might be long.
With no party or bloc able to secure an outright majority in the May 12 vote, political leaders in the country began negotiations over the formation of a governing coalition.

The process, however, has been put on hold due to a manual recount of votes that was called on in June following allegations of rigging. 

Six days from three months and still no government.

Eight months is how long it took to form a government after the 2010 elections.  Will it take five more months this go round?

The people need results from their government.

Protests have been going on for over a month -- and 14 protesters are dead -- because the needs of the people are not being met.

At what point do the politicians get their act together?  Or are they just waiting for the US to once again pick their prime minister for them?

TV: Those summer offerings

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Unlike Alyssa Milano, we'll stand with Illeana Douglas

Sunday, Kelly Kahl, CBS entertainment president, declared, "At the same time, we must respect the voices that come forward. All allegations need to be and are being taken seriously."

But are they really taking allegations seriously?

CBS has allowed Leslie Moonves to remain in his position despite all the allegations against him.  Allegations are not proof, agreed.  But if allegations are being taken seriously, then you put Leslie on vacation for the duration of the investigation.  He holds the position of Chair of the Board, CBS President and CBS CEO.  That's too much power to allow him to remain in place while an investigation is carried out.

It's for that reason that we wrote "Moonves needs to step down or take a forced vacation" last week.

That's what we did.

You'll note Alyssa Milano did nothing.  Despite pretending to be an activist.

See, she can slam Harvey Weinstein because her chance at a feature film career ended two decades ago.  She's aged out of any chance at starring in films.  But she counts on TV for a paycheck.  And she's not going to risk pissing off Leslie Moonves in case he manages to hang onto his jobs at CBS. 

Alyssa has presented herself as a leader of #MeToo but she won't say one word against Leslie Moonves or, for that matter, the agency who aided Moonves.  CAA.  Remember how we've told you repeatedly that CAA is a piece of garbage agency, that they regularly pimped out actresses.  For those who missed it, Alyssa's career hangs by a slender thread and that thread is provided by her being married to an agent for CAA.

So Alyssa a big, fat hypocrite.  A liar who pretends to care but, as Rose McGowan rightly noted, Alyssa is just "a lie."

The allegations contained in here are on the record and corroborated contemporaneously by mulitple people. The conduct alleged is not gray-area or borderline in any way: it's plain and simple harassment, assault and vicious retaliation.

Illeana Douglas bravely came forward to publicly tell her truth.  We believe Illeana.  C.I. heard the story of what happened to Illeana years ago from Martin Scorsese.  Many people heard what happened years ago.  Illeana told her truth.

  2. The allegations against Moonves took place as recently as the late 2000s. They include two cases in which women said they were pinned down and struggled to get away from Moonves, including this story from Illeana Douglas:

  1. Part of Les Moonves's case relies on our believing that Illeana Douglas was fired by CBS because of bad acting. Better hope the jury hasn't seen Cape Fear, To Die For, or Goodfellas

  1. 'Goodfellas' actress Illeana Douglas says she was fired from sitcom for refusing to have sex with CBS chief Les Moonves What happened to me was a sexual assault, and then I was fired for not participating, she told the NYdailynews
  2. “Six Feet Under” actress Illeana Douglas is one of six women accusing CBS CEO Leslie Moonves of sexual misconduct
  3. Statement from Illeana Douglas.
  4. Replying to   
    . as someone who first heard Illeana Douglas' story and included it in my collection of stories about being Fired, published in 2007, I can tell you that her account is not at all related to this court case. The timing is related to climate that has made it

We believe Illeana.

Unlike Alyssa Milano and other whores (Sara Gilbert, we include you on that list!), we will publicly support Illeana.  We believe her.

And all we're asking for is a real investigation.  A real investigation is not going to take place while Leslie Moonves overseas CBS.  Forced vacation or step down, those should be the choices.  Anything else and CBS is making a mockery of any woman who comes forward to tell her truth.

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