Tuesday, July 31, 2018

Moonves needs to step down or take a forced vacation


Should someone keep a post while they are under investigation for assault and/or harassment? We don’t think so. Even if you don’t believe Leslie Moonves is guilty, the smartest thing would be for him to step down or take a forced vacation while the investigation is being conducted.

There are serious allegations against the chair and CEO of CBS.

Do we really take these allegations seriously in this day of #METOO?

If so, why is Moonves allowed to continue in his position?

By all means, do not fire someone on allegations. But if someone is in a position of power – and chair and CEO is pretty powerful – should they really retain that role during an ongoing investigation? 

That doesn’t seem fair or impartial. Nor does it seem to take the charge of assault seriously. If someone’s accused of assault and harassment and they remain in the position of power during the investigation, that really undermines the investigation, the faith in the process and any idea that CBS wants to protect potential victims from harm.

Leslie Moonves needs to either step down immediately or take a forced vacation. Allowing him to remain in his current position while the allegations are being investigated is harmful.

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