Tuesday, July 31, 2018

10 Things You Should Have In Your Fridge (for non-vegens)

1)      At least a half gallon of milk

2)      A carton of eggs

3)      A container of water

4)      Some cheese

5)      Butter or butter substitute

6)      Some produce you love (spinach, tomatoes, something like that)

7)      Iced tea and/or soda

8)      Salsa

9)      Tortillas

10)   Bread

Water is the most important.  A lot of times we open that fridge thinking we’re hungry but if we get a glass of water we may find we weren’t hungry after all.
With the above, you can easily make a boiled egg.  You can easily make scrambled eggs.  You can easily make a fried egg.  You can make an omlette with the cheese alone or add the cheese and spinach or whatever vegetable together.  And you can dress any of the eggs up with salsa.  You can put the scrambled eggs in a tortilla. 
You don’t have to keep the bread in the fridge (or the tortillas – we’re split on that) but having some bread means you can make a fried egg sandwich or a scrambled egg sandwich.  Or you can put a hole in the middle of the toast and cook an egg in the middle.  Or you can have toast.
Trina and Ann brought this feature over because they both got e-mails in the last two weeks asking what their fridge staples were.


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