Monday, October 19, 2020

Truest statement of the week

 Wheeler is just one of several liberal leaders of blue cities to recently excoriate Trump for his anti-democratic stunts while doing little about the terror inflicted by law enforcement in their backyards. The precise contours of mayoral authority obviously vary, but in general, mayors wield a great deal of power to propose and amend budget requests, and to use that process to set the city’s priorities, says Yucel Ors, legislative director for public safety and crime prevention at the National League of Cities. Although they are rarely involved in day-to-day agency administration, they can typically hire and fire high-ranking officials—like, say, police chiefs—and hold them accountable for what happens on their watch. 

The soft power that mayors wield can be just as significant, since the office lends them a bully pulpit they can use to call for reforms, criticize misconduct, and otherwise send a message about how they intend to lead. “Mayors can bring together key stakeholders to really look at how policing is happening in their communities,” Ors says, and “work with the police chief to hopefully make changes to local policing to address those concerns.”

-- Jay Willis, "Feuding With Donald Trump Is Not Police Reform" (BLACK AGENDA REPORT).

Truest statement of the week II

 There are levels to the rudeness in this response, and despite McGowan's belief that she's not being racist, she is. First, both McGowan and Combs talk down to Jeffery as if she's a child who's spoken against her betters, rather than a grown woman responding to their disrespect of her and her cast's work. Combs is quick to call ageism when Charmed appeared with three younger stars, but both she and McGowan are pulling the same bit with Jeffery and treating her like she's not their peer. Newsflash, she absolutely is. They're all actresses with work under their belt, and just because two of them are older doesn't mean they have any authority to speak to Jeffery with such flippancy. That includes treating her like she's dumb. 

Second, the narrative that the newer Charmed is "profiting" off the "hard work" of the previous iteration without adding anything "innovative" to it is where the racism comes in! The 2018 Charmed is all about diverse representation and what magic means when used by witches of color in the LGBTQ+ community, dealing with mental health, parental abandonment, and a score of other complex struggles. That's practically a foreign concept to primetime TV, especially when compared to a show from 1998.

The show introduces different kinds of magic from various cultures, and it addresses facets of identity that McGowan and Combs's Charmed could never. It's for a new generation of viewers who are looking to relate to these characters. It's for women who never thought they'd see someone like them, someone different, have a place in such a huge fandom. It's for people to discover that there isn't just one face to this kind of world and that there are so many different traditions, cultures, and ways to explore it. It's a new story. To say that the sequel refuses to "elevate" means that McGowan doesn't see the stories of Mel (Melonie Diaz), Macy (Madeleine Mantock), and Maggie (Jeffery) as important, needed, or having value. That isn't me reading too much into her comments, it's what she wrote. 

-- Mekishana Pierre, "Holly Marie Combs and Rose McGowan Picked a Charmed Battle They're on the Wrong Side Of" (POP SUGAR).

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Editorial: Look and wonder


The Democratic Socialist of America managed to do a teach-in/roundtable on Iraq over the weekend.  Wonder with us why they could to that but THE NATION and assorted others couldn't.  Excuse us, wouldn't.

Iraq continues to suffer.  That's not because of Syria or Russia or France.  These are wounds our government inflicted.  How the hell do we think we can ignore what's going on in Iraq when we are responsible for the ongoing tragedy?

Media: The Lies Never End

So many things aren't as they seem these days. All Things Media Big and Small just keep failing.


 Take DEMOCRACY NOW! and Amy Goodman. Once upon a time, she blustered about going where the silences were and would have third party candidates on as guests. She'd even have them on after debates aired and let them answer the questions posed to the Democratic and Republican presidential candidates. That was then.

This election cycle, they've completely ignored Howie. He has not been on once despite cinching the Green Party's nomination this summer. In fact, he didn't even get a headline mention when he won the nomination. By contrast, this time in 2016? From the moment Jill Stein won the Green Party's presidential nomination up until the election, she was a guest on 5 different programs. She was mentioned on many more including a segment where guest Chris Hedges explained why he was supporting Jill Stein.

For Howie Hawkins? It's been almost complete silence.

Almost complete?

September 15th, the Green Party was noted -- even if Howie himself remained verboten. Here's how Howie's run for president was discussed:

JUAN GONZÁLEZ: And, Ari, can we switch to Wisconsin and the situation there with the court decision on the Green Party? Could you explain why it went down to the wire for even the court to consider this case, given that the election is only 50 days away?

ARI BERMAN: It went down to the wire in Wisconsin because the Green Party filed late to try to get on the ballot. So, there was a dispute, first, with the Wisconsin Elections Commission of whether they should be on the ballot. And then the question was: Should they delay sending hundreds of thousands of ballots to put the Green Party on the ballot?
And the Wisconsin Supreme Court basically said, “We’re not deciding this on the merits of whether they should be on the ballot. It’s just too late to add them to the ballot.” Tens of thousands of ballots have already gone out. Hundreds of thousands of more are going out this week. There’s been over a million absentee ballot requests in Wisconsin. And this week is the day that they start sending them out en masse.
So, I think this decision adding the Green Party to the ballot would have led to major voter confusion in Wisconsin, in that a lot of people who got a ballot would have had to then get another one. And there was a risk that they would be very confused, that some people might vote twice, or some people might not vote at all. So, irrespective of the merits of whether the Green Party should be on the ballot, I think election officials in Wisconsin are breathing a sigh a relief that they don’t have to print new ballots and they can send the ballots that have already been requested out on time.

Ari Berman. He's not with the Green Party. He's with the Democratic Party -- as anyone who read the dreck he wrote for years at THE NATION knows. (He's at MOTHER JONES now -- meaning no one reads him.) Is that what happened, what Ari says happened? Of course not. We've long noted his lies and he's not being honest yet again. WPR reported:  

Conservatives Justices Patience Roggensack, Annette Ziegler and Rebecca Bradley each wrote separate dissents, accusing the Wisconsin Elections Commission of violating the law when it denied Hawkins ballot access. The court's majority, they argued, had abdicated its responsibility.
"It is ultimate voter suppression when a candidate who presumptively belongs on the ballot is denied ballot access," wrote Ziegler. "Instead of acting swiftly, the court ducks behind its self-created 'it is too late' timeline to preclude a party from ballot access and to prevent voters from choosing the candidate they believe is best qualified."
[. . .]
"It's clear we got screwed," Hawkins said.
While the court's majority opinion was critical of the Hawkins campaign for not filing its lawsuit sooner, Hawkins said the campaign did what it could.
"We couldn't find a damn lawyer," Hawkins said. "You know, we went to the usual progressive lawyers and they wouldn't return our calls. So then we had to get on Google and find election lawyers."
Hawkins' campaign was eventually represented by the Milwaukee-based law firm von Briesen & Roper, a firm with Republican ties.
"They took the case," Hawkins said. "Where were the progressive lawyers to defend our right to be on the ballot?

There's a story there -- a story and then some. Ari can't tell it because he's not a journalist -- he's a partisan. Amy won't tell it because she's just a dirty whore who's bound and determined to grab as many dollars as she can. Amy knows the grants stop coming if you talk badly about the Democratic Party's presidential nominee. It's all about money -- whether she's grafting for grants or bilking PACIFICA out of millions for a show that they don't even know. Leslie Cagan was one hell of a crafty Communist when she sat on the board and got Amy that deal that never should have happened. But Leslie is elderly and lonely and Amy flirted with her and got her way.

No one wins with liars.

Take PEACOCK. Friends at NBC have begged us to say something nice about the service. Repeatedly, we've been frustrated by reality: The service sucks. We were urged to try it again so we did. And?

Failure. Epic failure. We were told that they had every episode of SATURDAY NIGHT is up on PEACOCK. They don't.

What to watch, what to watch? We decided a Ben Affleck episode. Ben's funny and a great host and we consider him a friend so it should be easy to say something nice about Ben. We watched the first show he hosted in the '00s and were ready to praise PEACOCK. However, sadly for PEACOCK, we enjoyed Ben too much. We decided to watch the first show he ever hosted, back in the 90s, when Gwyneth Paltrow participated in the opening monologue and Fiona Apple was the musical guest. And that's when the trouble began.

Fiona's a one-of-a-kind talent. We love her. So we noticed that there was no musical guest segments and that we only saw her when it was time for the goodnight tag at the end of the show. In addition, the Mango skit wasn't there at the beginning and, more to the point, another segment wasn't there at the end: Who Wants To Be Groped By A Thousandaire.

If you've never seen it, that's one of Ben's SNL sketches you have to see. He commits to it fully and he's hilarious. We would give him an Emmy for that skit alone.

But we have no praise for PEACOCK. Don't say you have every episode of SNL up for streaming when you don't even have complete episodes up. This is like the garbage that was WILL & GRACE on DVD years ago. Fans were all excited only to discover, after they purchased the DVD collection, that these weren't the episodes that NBC actually aired, these were edited episodes. So, no, this isn't what's promoted and it isn't what's needed.

If you don't have full episodes available, you don't have "all" episodes available.

It's a lie. And, again, no one wins with liars.

Lies are all around us.

We rolled our eyes at the attacks on THE NEW YORK POST and their report on Hunter Biden's computer, his e-mails, his photos. We rolled our eyes because of the lies.

That the story's false? No one knows that it's false.

But it was amazing how many liars ran with that. It was even more amazing when people -- dealing with the same basic data that we were -- lied repeatedly and said it was hacked.

Hacked? That was the excuse FACEBOOK and TWITTER gave for censoring the story.

They shouldn't have censored to begin with but what made our blood boil was the lie that it was hacked.

Where did the lie come from? The Joe Biden presidential campaign. We can't believe anyone took that garbage seriously. These e-mails were not hacked and they were the property of the owner who turned them over to the FBI and a copy to Rudy G. They were his property.

We're not inventing case law. We're breaking down reality for you. The press refused to do so and ran with Joe Biden's claim of "hacking."

Let's say you've got a lamp and some other furniture you don't like but you don't want to toss out, okay? You don't have room for it. What do you do? You rent storage. And you put your items there. They are your items. Up until you stop paying for the storage. After you miss your payment, the storage company can -- and usually does -- auction off the contents of your storage unit.

The story on the laptop is that someone (Hunter Biden?) brought it in to be repaired. They were contacted about it. They never picked it up. A computer repair shop isn't a storage facility. If you fail to pick up your item -- and item you haven't paid for -- it's now the property of the store.

These were not hacked e-mails. The laptop was the legal property of the repair store. The owner did what he wanted to do with it -- as was his legal right.

We were enraged and appalled as 'hacked' e-mails were promoted not only by Joe Biden's campaign but also by the media. If you don't know the law, get an expert.

'The owner is pro-Trump!!!!' Who the hell cares? His partisan leaning does not impact the law. It's his shop, equipment was left there for repair, it was repaired, it was not picked up and it was not paid for. At that point, he owns the laptop. As the owner, he can do whatever he wants to and, yes, the includes handing a copy over to Rudy G.

As FACEBOOK and TWITTER are rightly under fire, news outlets need to stop offering the 'hacked' excuse. These e-mails were made public by the rightful owner. This is basic case law and everyone knows it. What's the phrase? All together now: "Possession is nine-tenths of the law."

Joe Bites Media, Media Says 'Thank You!'



As we were noting last week, US Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi handled questions from CNN's Wolf Blitzer by insulting him for even asking questions.  Those not as ignorant as Nancy are aware that the press is supposed to ask questions and that it is especially supposed to ask hard questions of those in power.  

Former Vice President and alleged rapist Joe Biden is copying Nancy.

Joe exploded at CBS NEWS' Bo Erikson when he asked Joe about last week's NEW YORK POST report about Hunter BidenErikson Tweeted:

I asked Joe Biden: What is your response to the NYPost story about your son, sir? He called it a “smear campaign” and then went after me. “I know you’d ask it. I have no response, it’s another smear campaign, right up your alley, those are the questions you always ask.”

Joe won't answer questions -- and this is while he wants your vote.  Should he be elected, imagine how much worse it will be.  He's a mirror image of Donald Trump and this is becoming the Democratic Party's playbook for handling questions they don't like.

The press better start curbing these politicians or expect to be attacked daily by them.

Instead of researching the charges in THE POST's report, THE NEW YORK TIMES elected to write an unsourced piece investigating the newsroom of THE POST.  They did this mere days after THE POST published their report.

Grasp that.

Nothing written about the charges in THE POST report -- Hunter traded on Daddy's name and access to Daddy when dealing with foreigners who were paying him -- but they did take time to 'investigate' their competitor.

Note that they also refuse to call out US House Rep. Adam Schiff who has lied repeatedly that the intelligence community thinks the report is a Russian disinformation scheme -- even after Director of National Intelligence John Ratcliffe says there's no evidence of it being a disinformation campaign, the intelligence community doesn't believe that it is and he also says that Adam hasn't been briefed otherwise.

And they call it journalism -- and then wonder why so many Americans laugh at them and don't respect them.  They don't seem to grasp, do they, that after their whoring brought about the Iraq War, the American people really are not that impressed with them.


Illustration is Isaiah's THE WORLD TODAY JUST NUTS "Wolf and Nancy."

Video of the week


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Amber alert for a politician?



Have you seen the man above?

He's Howie Hawkins, the Green Party's presidential candidate.  

He's apparently gone missing.  That's the only explanation for his absence from DEMOCRACY NOW!, right?  As Ava and C.I. point out this edition, Jill Stein was on Amy Goodman's bad program multiple times in 2016 after winning the Green Party's presidential nomination and before the 2016 election.  


Not once.

Are you still believing all the lies Goody tells about herself and how great she is and how brave she is and how she'll cover any story without fear?  She can't even bring Howie on her program.

That's Jimmy Dore.

He managed to find Howie and bring him on his program.  But Amy Goodman still pretends that she can't.  And her cult lets her get away with it.


Illustration is Isaiah's THE WORLD TODAY JUST NUTS "Howie Speaks."

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