Monday, October 01, 2018

Truest statement of the week

Meanwhile the corporate media in this country spin lies for public consumption. They work with the political duopoly to create the worst kind of fake news. It is nothing but war propaganda which paints Syria and its allies as villains. They say nothing about America’s actions which killed and displaced millions of people and set the stage for a much wider conflict.
Only a handful of U.S. politicians have spoken in opposition to regime change interventionist policies. Republican Ron Paul and Democrat Tulsi Gabbard raise questions to varying degrees. The most outspoken critic is a Virginia State Senator Richard Black, a right winger who despite holding only local office has traveled to Syria and returned advising an end to American involvement. As Black Agenda Report has pointed out, even most “progressive” congressional candidates don’t mention foreign policyissues in their campaigns for office.
The result is a public being force-fed dangerous lies while useful information that counters the prevailing narrative is deliberately withheld from them. The parallels to other wars are eerie and ever present as yellow journalism and dirty deals bring the world closer to a conflictbetween nuclear powers.

-- Margaret Kimberley, "Freedom Rider: World War Dangers in Syria" (BLACK AGENDA REPORT).

Truest statement of the week II

After nearly nine hours of Senate testimony by Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh and his accuser, Christine Blasey Ford, the public is no closer to knowing what did or did not happen over thirty years ago, when Ford alleges Kavanaugh sexually assaulted her. Kavanaugh’s future as the nominee now depends on the outcome of an FBI investigation to which Senate Republicans agreed on Friday.
The allegations of sexual assault have become the sole issue in Kavanaugh’s confirmation, and the Democratic Party and the media have presented Kavanaugh’s guilt on this matter as a foregone conclusion. The focus of the proceedings reflects the political priorities of the Democratic Party and the interests of the affluent social layers to which it is appealing.
There are some who, though uncomfortable with the abrogation of the presumption of innocence that is characteristic of the Democrats’ treatment of the sexual assault allegations, are eager to seize on any opportunity to keep Kavanaugh off the court. The ends, as the saying goes, supposedly justify the means. They should be warned: This is bad politics, bad strategy and even worse tactics. There are political consequences to such efforts to confuse and cover up the real issues confronting the working class.
A central aim of the Democrats’ strategy in the Kavanaugh hearings has been to obscure the most important class issues. They adopt the tone of phony moral outrage over the three-decade-old allegation while expressing no similar anger or even concern over the crimes committed by the American ruling class throughout the world.
Not a day goes by where the US military is not dropping bombs or launching drone strikes, with the death toll from the “war on terror” well over one million. Thirteen thousand immigrant children are currently locked up in internment camps. Thousands of workers in the US die each year from industrial accidents and work-related illnesses. When Democratic Senator Cory Booker complains about the “patriarchy,” he looks past the fact that the fall in life expectancy in the working class is largely driven by alcoholism, drug abuse and depression among men.

-- Eric London, "The political issues in the Senate hearing on Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh" (WSWS).

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Barbra is pathetic.
Patricia Arquette only gets more stupid with each Tweet.
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Barbra Streisand's freaks are the biggest liars in the world.
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Editorial: Hero needs to be locked up

Looks who's back.  It's lying Hero!

no hero

RUDAW reports:

Hero Ibrahim Ahmed, widow of former Iraqi President Jalal Talabani and a member of Patriotic Union of Kurdistan (PUK) politburo, says she supports the selection of a single candidate by Kurdish MPs in Baghdad for the position of Iraqi president.

Her comments late on Sunday echo those of Kurdistan Democratic Party (KDP) leader Masoud Barzani.

Both parties are currently fielding candidates: the KDP’s Fuad Hussein and the PUK’s Barham Salih.

Salih resigned from his fledgling Coalition for Democracy and Justice (CDJ) on September 19 to rejoin the PUK.

Instead of speaking, she'd should be in prison for deceiving the Iraqi people.  Her husband had a stroke and could not carry out the duties of his office but, for over 18 months there was Hero, lying daily so she could remain First Lady.

Hero lied and Iraq had no president because Jalal couldn't fulfill his duties.

Dropping back to the July 22, 2014 Iraq snapshot:

December 2012,  Iraqi President Jalal Talabani suffered a stroke.   The incident took place late on December 17, 2012 following Jalal's argument with Iraq's prime minister and chief thug Nouri al-Maliki (see the December 18, 2012 snapshot).  Jalal was admitted to Baghdad's Medical Center Hospital.    Thursday, December 20, 2012, he was moved to Germany.  He remained in Germany until last weekend. 

Amid continuing political deadlock in Iraq, the selection of the country’s next president remains mired in confusion despite the return of incumbent president Jalal Talabani from medical treatment abroad on Saturday.
Reports say that Iraq’s Kurdish parties were unable to agree on the nomination of a single candidate for the presidency over the weekend, despite expectations that a parliamentary session to confirm the choice will take place on Wednesday.
The Iraqi presidency, a largely ceremonial post, is reserved for a member of the country’s Kurdish minority under an informal agreement that emerged during attempts to form a new government in the wake of the 2003 US-led invasion of the country.

What the law demanded was that Hero tell the truth.  Instead, she lied.  She risked the state of Iraq for her own personal gain.  She shouldn't be speaking today.  She should never speak publicly again.  She should be shunned for the lying trash that she is.

While she was lying, Nouri al-Maliki's actions were helping create ISIS.


Illustration is Isaiah's THE WORLD TODAY JUST NUTS "No Hero."

TV: MURPHY BROWN was bad but Channing Dungey's far worse

Is there a reason to watch CBS rebooted MURPHY BROWN?


One reason might be to marvel over Candice Bergen and Diane English.  Not marvel over what they're doing right -- they're not doing anything right -- but to marvel over how they portray African-Americans.  Last week, the only African-American with actual lines in the episode, for example, thought she could show up at a DC bar and order a drink.  Silly gal, doesn't she know Bergen and English and MURPHY BROWN are all about being White?  Which is how the woman was left insulted and ignored by the bar owner played by professional tugboat Tyne Daly.  And in the episode airing this Thursday, Murphy shows up at a White House press conference and upstages an African-American man in an attempt to take over with one of her typical rants but when the spokesperson calls on April Ryan, Murphy's not about to let some other woman -- especially not an African-American woman, speak.

And ROSEANNE had the problem with racism?

No, Roseanne Barr Tweeted a dumb joke.  We'll get back to it because there are developments there too.

So you can watch to witness the casual way that MURPHY BROWN -- and CBS -- embrace and enforce racism.

Why in the world, by the way, would you hire Tyne Daly?  She's not attrative and TV is a visual medium.  More to the point, you need young characters for this reboot and you need people of color.  If Susan Dey hadn't used her star power to get John Hancock cast on LOVE & WAR (the two worked together on LA LAW), when do you suppose that Diane English might have discovered actors of color?

English proved she was a faux feminist on LOVE & WAR, she needed to fire an actor because the leads didn't have chemistry -- so naturally she fired the woman -- Susan Dey -- the only one who carry a hit show.  English's failed sitcom DOUBLE RUSH (1995) did feature D.L. Hughley in the supporting (and underutilized) role of Marlon proving that though she betrayed Susan Dey, she did at least understand when Dey said, as the pilot was being cast, that the show needed to reflect society "even just a little."  So all of these 'workplace' sitcoms that Diane English did after MURPHY BROWN and after Susan Dey shamed her over the Whiteness of Diane's casting, the shows that followed?  DOUBLE RUSH and INK  featured one minor character of color.  Again, these were workplace comedies.  A family sitcom?  Diane could have argued, "Oh, well the family members are all White."  But she didn't do family sitcoms -- she did workplace ones.  And by the time she got around to THE LOUIE SHOW, she was tired of people of color and went with -- like MURPHY -- and all White cast.  It was 1996 and it didn't play well -- her sitcom with the shortest life.  So two years later, Diane figured, what the hell, let's cast two African-Americans.

LOVE AND WAR -- seven regular characters, one was African-American. DOUBLE RUSH -- seven regular characters, one was African-American.  INK -- seven regular characters, one was African-American.  THE LOUIE SHOW -- seven regular characters, none were African-American.  LIVING IN CAPTIVITY -- seven regular characters, two were African-American.  Let's throw in MURPHY BROWN too, Diane was over the first four seasons.  MURPHY BROWN -- seven regular characters, zero were African-American.  As a sitcom 'pioneer' and show runner, Dianne created 42 regular characters and five were African-American.


And let's put this in perspective.  In fall 1992, after Susan Dey fought to get John Hancock cast, on the Sunday night primetime line up alone, there were 10 African-American actors as regular cast members.  Ten.  And in her entire post-MURPHY BROWN sitcom career, Diane's only offered five.

And, let's give Susan Dey credit, Diane never would have added the first one if Susan Dey didn't (a) want her friend John Hancock cast and (b) hadn't noted just how White Diane's MURPHY BROWN was.  Instead of being happy about that feedback, Diane nursed her grudge against Susan Dey and then fired her the first chance she got because that's the kind of 'feminist' (and racist) that Diane English is.

It's a PC culture, we get it.  But maybe be a little less worried about people's words and a little more focused on the actions.  Diane can spew all the correct language in the world but she's had how long to develop roles that reflect the world we live in and yet repeatedly fallen back on White, White, White.

Faux feminist Diane had no defense for women accusing Leslie Moonves of harassing them.  By contrast, Linda Bloodworth-Thomason (showrunner for DESIGNING WOMEN and HEARTS AFIRE) had no problem calling out Leslie Moonves.  Diane?  She was defending him (here and here).  If you're wondering how tugboat Tyne got cast in the reboot, she's Leslie Moonves approved -- unlike Sharon Gless who is the unnamed CBS actress that Leslie propositioned before he was head of CBS and then, after he was head of CBS, told her CBS was done with her -- the unnamed CBS actress in Ronan Farrow's first NEW YORKER piece on Moonves.

Sharon was run off from CBS when Leslie was in charge but he always had a place for homophobic Tyne Daly (who kicked her late father's lover out of their shared beach house while the dirt was still being placed on her father's grave) -- hence, JUDGING AMY.

Candice Bergen, of course, spent her weeks defending Leslie.

Some people were sure the reboot would fail because Candice can't act.  But stop for a moment and think how many people in the US believe Candice is heterosexual.  According to the late Liz Smith, that's acting.  But maybe Liz got it wrong?

Murphy's not a well written role, never has been.  It's also never been a well acted role.  Candice brought her STARTING OVER performance to TV -- her one-note STARTING OVER performance -- and parlayed it into a career.

She and Diane were supposed to be able to do it again.  It was clear to CBS suits that this was not happening.  But Diane and Candice were protected by Leslie Moonves.  He's gone now.

So what's the network's position now?  As we noted last week:

She's about as effective as Candice Bergen was on the CBS FALL PREVIEW.  "They say in comedy, timing is everything," a lifeless Candice read from the cue card while decked out in Captain Kangaroo's old costume.  And that was before we saw something really frightening -- Candice and 'youngsters' like Tyne Daily preparing for a table read when all the clips were from episodes that were over 20 years old.  Why is Tyne in the cast, by the way?  Ask Diane English and Candice about how they whored to Leslie Moonves to get this show back on the air.  Better yet, ask why network people who've seen THE NEIGHBORHOOD think it's going to be huge and network people who have seen MURHPY BROWN are shaking their heads and saying, "Well it was just a thirteen episode gamble."

Things are no better for the show this week.

There are people being paid to spin this as a hit despite the ratings.  There's the lie being spread that MURPHY's debut was hurt by the fact that it happened on the same day as the Kavanaugh hearing by the Senate Judiciary Committee.


MURPHY didn't just do bad -- ROSEANNE got over twice the viewers for the debut of her reboot.  MURPHY did bad for CBS.  It wasn't just that MURPHY was low rated.  It was that MURHPY was CBS' lowest rated sitcom for the night.  People turned off, people changed channels, people actively avoided watching MURPHY BROWN.  Even the audience for MOM was not in the mood for MURPHY.  Equally true, as the minutes ticked by during MURPHY's broadcast, the ratings continued to fall.  People watching the show, giving it a chance, had more than enough before the credits rolled.

The reboot was a bomb.

And it never should have been rebooted.

Let's get to that because people are lying there as well.

MURPHY BROWN was not a hit in syndication because -- look it up on CRAPAPEDIA -- the rights to the songs used in the show were too costly?


What a bunch of b.s.  Did you ever hear of BOSOM BUDDIES?  That Tom Hanks, Donna Dixon, Wendie Jo Sperber starring sitcom played endlessly in syndication.  But it did so with a different theme song.  Billy Joel's "My Life" was used when the show was in production and ABC broadcast new episodes.  Joel didn't want it used in syndication.  So they flipped it.  Something similar happened to CHARMED.  It happens on many shows.  The easiest corrective is you use some instrumental notes (don't call it music).  And MURPHY BROWN, if that was the problem, could have done so.  There's only one song that has to be included -- and in two episodes.  Aretha Franklin performs her hit "You Make Me Feel Like A Natural Woman" on one episode and Murphy sings it to her child on another.  That's it.  And it's not expensive.  You're not paying to use the ATLANTIC RECORDS hit recording.  Again, Aretha performs it live -- her voice, her playing at the piano.  And Candice Bergen sings it live.  All you're dealing with are the publishing rights -- and Screen-Gems has always been willing to take pennies.

The show went off the air in 1998.  And it went off a show that was not a hit.  Now if times were different, MURPHY would have gone into syndication while it was still airing and CBS would've had it in syndication by the fourth season.  That's how it happens today.  But back then it was a little different -- especially for the behind the times Tiffany network.

.Seasons seven and eight did not indicate the show would be watched -- both failed to make the top fifteen of what was being marketed as a top ten show.  Then came seasons nine and ten where the ratings slid even further (by season ten, the 'hit' show as the 69th most watched primetime show on the big four -- CBS, ABC, NBC and FOX).  It was a flop and people didn't want to watch it.

That's not good news when you're trying to syndicate.

It was a bust.  No one wanted it when it went off the air and then came 9/11 ensuring it would remain a bust.  (9/11, as we've long documented, saw women weakened and vanished on TV.  You can also refer to Susan Faludi's THE TERROR DREAM.)

So grasp that.  And grasp that Diane and Candice were right to be grateful to predator Leslie Moonves because no one else would have been stupid enough to bring that show back.

ROSEANNE was a hit show that people continued to watch -- in syndication and on NETFLIX and on DVD.  (And they continue to stream it today -- even though the media has lied that it was pulled from every venue.)  It built an audience.  MURPHY BROWN?  America ignored it in syndication and they refused it as a DVD (only season one ever came out on DVD).

So, for the reboot, all you really had was the core audience.  You needed that original audience to tune it.

But, in 2018, there was a good chance that they wouldn't.

Most  of that is fat ass Candice's fault.  MURPHY BROWN will always be infamous for its battle with then-US Vice President Dan Quayle.  But while Diane English missed no opportunity to rant about Dan, as soon as Candice was no longer working with Diane, she enraged many by insisting that Dan was right and his remarks were reasonable.

Grasp what a betrayal of the audience that was.  It was the real and videoed battles with Dan that took the show to its highest ratings.  Murphy was standing up to the Vice President!  And then, a few years later, the actress who played Murphy was saying, eh, it wasn't all that important and I agreed with him.

The show never should have been rebooted.

And last Thursday, the few viewers that tuned in realized that as they watched what had to be the ugliest cast ever.

Candice should have lost some weight or they should have made a comment on Murphy's weight.  (It would have really been funny, in a Carol Burnett skit way, if they'd done the whole episode trying to disguise Candice's weight, hiding her behind big purses and plants, like she was pregnant.)  By 2014, even Candy Crowley had been dumped by CNN and she'd been the token heavy woman on TV 'news,' the only one.

But we're supposed to believe that looking like that, Murphy can get hired for CNN (or whatever network she's supposed to be on) to do a morning show that's like the FYI show she did over two decades ago?  What world do they live in?

And could no one have fixed Grant Shaud?  Yes, he needed to lose at least thirty pounds before stepping in front of the cameras as Miles.  But even more important, he needed to have a consistent hair color.  He could have gone Anderson Cooper grey.  Or he could have died it a dark color.  But he couldn't do both.  That hair was hideous.

Sorry, do you hear that sobbing?  That's Joe Regalbuto.  He's afraid we're about to talk his hair -- or lack of it.  No, we're not.  We're just going to note he's butt ugly.  Butt.  Ugly.

Then you've got Tyne Daly -- tugboat Tyne.  We love the jokes about how she was cast to make Candice look thinner but the reality is that Candice is larger than Tyne -- as well as larger than many single-family homes.

"Ava and C.I., you always harp on appearance and then say it's a visual medium to justify it!"

Well, it is a visual medium.  But we're harping on appearances this go round because what else is there?

Did you watch the episode?

What else is there?

Let's note the Faith Ford looks fine.  And her comedic touch is still there.  Good for Faith, maybe CBS will notice and give her a sitcom.

But where are the characters?

The show has been off for decades.  We're talking about FYI -- the newshow within a show -- but it's true of MURPHY BROWN as well.

The show has been off for decades.  And what has anyone done with their lives?

Murphy?  Okay, she parked herself in front of the fridge, clearly.  But otherwise?

Does no one find it appalling -- and telling -- that after 20 years off the air, the show returns and not one character did anything worthwhile -- or even not worthwhile -- with their personal lives during the last 20 years?

No one's married.  No one has had a child during the 20 years off the air.  No one's tried a new career.  No one has done a damn thing.

Far funnier than Frank still thinking he can sleep with any woman would have been Frank being married -- maybe to a Vera type (Norm's wife on CHEERS).  Frank being surrounded by children -- or even by dogs.  His wife has seven poodles.  Anything.

But nothing.

These characters are threadbare.  You last saw them 20 years ago and nothing has happened in their damn lives.

That's part of the reason that the dialogue played so poorly.  All these attacks on Donald Trump or whomever, all this little I'm-so-much-better from characters who have done nothing.

Yes, Murphy has a child.  She had him during the original show's run.  He's now an adult.  Or supposed to be. What adult moves in with Mommy?

That is what happened on the first episode.  He's going to host a new, cable morning program on WOLF (think FOX).  And he can't afford his own digs?

He's supposed to be around 26 but he's played by the 32-year-old Jake McDorman who looks . . . 32.  What 32-year-old, single male wants to live in a tiny place with Mommy?

Not only have these characters done nothing with their lives in the last 20 years, they also don't appear to be planning to do anything with their lives in the future which is how the very adult son of Murphy Brown ends up back with Mommy.

Last week, we talked about how NBC's failed sitcom offering was using monologues for dialogue.  It happened on MURPHY BROWN as well.  What people will laugh at in a monologue from Jimmy Fallon, Jimmy Kimmel or even Johnny Carson, they're not going to giggle over in a sitcom.  That's because people are supposed to talk.  That's what humans do.

But MURPHY BROWN served up a lot of robots and nothing that was recognizable as life.

Okay, Hillary Clinton.

We weren't referring to her with that remark.  But since it's out there, let's really be clear: Hillary was part of the problem.

Hillary is a politician.  She's serious and not noted for her sense of humor.

So it's really sad that she was actually funny.  We're not saying "by comparison, she was funny," we're saying she was actually funny in the episode playing a character named Hilary Clinton ("one l" in the first name).

But that only made the rest of the episode even more awful.  Hillary was funny.  And yet, Joe, Candice, Grant -- everyone but Faith -- were not funny at all.

Hillary was playing Hilary, a woman who wanted to be Murphy's assistant.  And that's another problem with this show.  Murphy abused her assistants.  Who wants to watch that today?

Certainly not the people at ABC.

Not the ones working for Extreme Bitch Channing Dungey.

They can take comfort in the prospect that Channing's days continue to dwindle.

She may be throwing even more things at the walls of her office and abusing her assistant -- ABC better get her ass to H.R. damn quick because two suits have had it with her bitchery and say it's enough to get her fired -- but it's the drama at the end of the storm.

See, bad news for bitches, GREY'S ANATOMY's debut was soft and the network itself, ABC, it's 27.5% lower in terms of ratings last week than the same week the year before.

That's not success.  MODERN FAMILY, on Wednesday night, launched its new season -- with approximately two million less viewers than last year.

Channing fired Roseanne Barr.  She did so without the consent of the shareholders or the board.  She just made a unilateral decision (which, some say, was based upon the fact that her looks have been called "simian" before so she didn't like Roseanne's joke about Planet of the Apes and War Criminal Valerie Jarrett).  That would have been fine if ABC were a taco stand that Channing ran or her own tax service.

But ABC is a media conglomerate.  It is huge business.

And Channing decided all by herself that she was going to fire Roseanne -- the star of ABC's hit program.  Because of a Tweet.

Channing took it upon herself to pretend that she was playing with her own money when, in fact, it was house money.

She never should have fired Roseanne.  Having fired Roseanne, she should have immediately told the cast -- who were all going to be paid for season two whether it was filmed or not -- "Do not say anything because we may do a season without Roseanne."

She didn't do that which led to the ridiculous Sara Gilbert trashing Roseanne in public -- trashing the woman who saved Sara's job for years when ABC wanted to fire Sara because Sara was a lesbian.  But there's no loyalty, so Sara tore into Roseanne publicly.

After that, Channing finally got the idea for a sitcom with all of the cast except Roseanne (one of us, the day Roseanne was fired, noted the show could continue without her -- that Channing didn't realize  that until weeks later goes to how stupid she is).  Too late.  Sara's public bitchery has harmed the show as much as Roseanne's firing.  She should never have been allowed to make the remarks that she did.

But Roseanne should never have been fired.  She Tweeted.  She Tweeted a bad joke.  If it was too much for the audiences, then that would become evident in the fall when the show returned.

Let the audience decide.

That was too much for Channing.  She wanted to pretend that she owned ABC when, in fact, she worked for ABC.  Or she's supposed to work for ABC.  Nothing she's doing right now warrants a pay check.  It does demand a pink slip.

Oh, and did we mention LAST MAN STANDING debuted on FOX last Friday?  And it had more viewers than MURPHY BROWN.

Why is it on FOX again?  Oh, that's right Channing cancelled it.  It was the highest rated scripted half-hour show ABC had.  But Channing cancelled it.  Another great decision by her, right?

It goes to why she's abusing her assistant and her underlings and why she's having screaming fits in her office and cursing out subordinates in the sort of langague that -- pay attention, Channing -- should result in being fired.

CBS knew before MURPHY BROWN aired that it was a turkey.  They also knew they only had to put up with 13 episodes.  Sadly, ABC has to put up with a lot more from Channing.  Sad for ABC stockholders, she's going to ruin the network a lot more before she finally gets fired.

10 Sexless Celebs Of All Time

Stan's "Greer?" and "Not a Debbie Reynolds fan" got us thinking -- who are the ten most sexless celebrities of all time?  Clearly Debbie Reynolds and Greer Garson but who are the next eight after them?

1) Greer Garson -- if an ice cube could project . . .

2) Debbie Reynolds -- Her face remains the biggest case for Eddie Fisher falling in love with Elizabeth Taylor.

3) James Taylor -- the Ichabod Crane of rich-boy whine-rock.

4)  Stephen King -- in his deal with the devil, did he fork over 1/2 his nose?

5) Robert De Niro -- when you have no chemistry with Jane Fonda, Jessica Lange, Uma Thurman, Susan Sarandon, Angela Bassett, Meryl Streep, Ellen Barkin . . . maybe it's time you admit you've got about as much fizz in you as a can of Coca Cola left open on the bar for an hour and a half.

6)  Sarah Jessica Parker -- until some studio reboots MR. ED, there's no need to see her again.

7) Don Cheadle -- maybe it's the face that looks like half of it got lost in birth canal or maybe it's that wince every time he's required to speak dialogue -- the one that makes it look like he's taking a dump in his pants?

8) Alyssa Milano -- a yellowed Barbie doll left in the backyard for an entire summer.

9)  Tony Shalhoub -- what it would look like if Wallace Shawn had carried Ron Perlman's child.

10) Tyler Perry -- put him in pants and he loses whatever minor appeal he formerly had.

Color Her Zionist

Image result for Kelsey Grammer and Zionism

Boycott Barbra Streisand

– Give it a share –

Last year REBEL VOICE reported on Zionist Barbra Streisand.  They used the picture above of her kissing then prime minister of Israel Shimon Peres.  And in June of 2013, she performed in concert in Israel.  Kari Pickering wrote on FACEBOOK:

Barbra Streisand is set to perform in occupied Jerusalem for President Shimon Peres’ 90th birthday this summer. Reports from the Hebrew-language newspaper, “Yediot Acharonot,” confirm that she will be performing either June 15 or 16 in occupied Jerusalem.

The location of the performance has yet to be confirmed, but reports have surfaced that Streisand will be attending the opening night of the Israeli Presidential Conference on June 18 at Binyanei Ha’Uma (also referred to as the Jerusalem International Convention Center).

This won’t be Streisand’s first trip to the Holy Land. The extreme Zionist has help raised money for IDF soldiers and other apartheid Israel colonialist causes. This will be her first performance in Israel.

  USA TODAY noted:

A movement under the name Boycott/Divestment/Sanctions (BDS) has been pressuring artists, entertainers and academics not to go to Israel or even attend conferences where Israelis are participating as a show if solidarity with Palestinians.
The movement was begun by Palestinians and joined by European leftists and academics to cripple Israel's economy and international standing to get it to bend to the position of Palestinians on political and security matters.
The writer Alice Walker recently banned an Israeli publisher from printing her novel, "The Color Purple," in Hebrew.

Barbra is a Zionist.  She has nothing to offer the non-Zionist world and she loathes Arabs.  She released a song "Don't Lie To Me" last week explaining she had to get 'political' because now -- NOW -- she was outraged.

We're outraged by her knee-jerk partisan, middle of the road sensibilities which she tries to market as 'brave.'

Israel killed 7 Palestinians, including two children, this week, two days shy of the anniversary of the launch. The two children were Nasir Azmi Musbah, 11, shot in the head, and Muhammad Nayif Yusif al-Hawm, 14, shot in the chest.

Nasir Azmi Musbah, 11, shot in the head, and Muhammad Nayif Yusif al-Hawm, 14, shot in the chest, were among 7 killed by Israeli snipers in Gaza on Friday — the bloodiest day since 14 May when Israel killed 60 people

Babs doesn't care about those deaths.  We shouldn't care about her.

Use your money wisely.  Don't buy her albums, don't support her films.  That includes the remake of A STAR IS BORN.  Jon Peters has a credit on the film.  WARNER BROS has explained that he's been involved with the project since 1976 so he has earned it.  1976 is when the sexual predator was Barbra Streisand's boyfriend and she and Jon purchases the rights to the project.  Point?  Barbra has a financial interest in the property.

WARNER BROS thought it would be an easy product to promote.  Then the women (and at least one man) who had filed complaints and lawsuits over Jon Peters' harassment over the years came forward (and Lady Gaga  decided to put on Blackface and participate in a faux slave auction).  There's not a lot they can do to promote the film.  Bradley Cooper's still wounded material after AMERICAN SNIPER (his last hit film).  And the gay rumors around him never vanished -- they started on ALIAS when he and Victor Garber were intensely close.  And his attempt to play the role in A STAR IS BORN by 'butching it up' has only caused the rumors to fly again.  So WARNER BROS needed someone dull and boring to promote the film --  haul Babs out and let her praise the remake endlessly.  They just don't require her to explain that she's promoting a film that she has a financial stake in.  And VARIETY, HOLLYWOOD REPORTER and others don't feel the duty to disclose that "Don't Lie To Me" Babs is lying to people by not explaining that she's out there promoting the remake because of the money she'll be making.

Use your money wisely.

But can she spell d-u-m-b

Poor Patricia Arquette -- snaggle toothed and stupid.

The only think Kavanaugh should Judge are the beers at Octoberfest.

Why would you put a big "J" in "judge" when it's a verb?  And why would you type "think" when you mean "thing."  Had she written a long essay, okay.  But it's one sentence -- one short sentence.  And she can't even spell right.

Several years ago, she won an Academy Award -- and ticked off women of color with her acceptance speech -- but she still uses that photo for her Twitter account.  You would too, if you were aging as bad as she is.

Oh, well, at least she parlayed that supporting actress win -- supporting, not lead -- into a successful TV show, right?  CSI: CYBER.  She has that, right?  Nothing else but that.

Oh, wait.  CBS cancelled that crap.  Not even the CSI crowd could stomach Patti Arquette.

Read a book?


Readers have e-mailed us asking for more book coverage at community sites.  We've passed this request on.

So far, the book coverage includes:

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"The really bad book The Bridge" -- Ann.

"The Third Hotel by Laura Van Den Berg" -- Trina. 

"T.J. Berry's Space Unicorn Blues" -- Marcia.  

"HELLO GORGEOUS by William Mann" -- Stan.


"Fifth Avenue, 5 A.M.: Audrey Hepburn, Breakfast at Tiffany's and the Dawn of the Modern Woman Paperback" -- Ann.

"No one Peter Bogdanovich knows is ever gay" -- Marcia.

"Seymour Hersh meanders throughout REPORTER: A MEMOIR" -- C.I. 

"Dusty (by Karen Bartlett)" -- Marcia.

"Media critiques -- Nora Ephron's SCRIBBLE SCRABBLE" -- Mike.

"Judy Garland (the biographies)" -- Kat.


"UNCOMMON TYPES: Let's kill whomever taught Tom Hanks to type" -- Elaine.


"Anne Sexton: THE COMPLETE POEMS" -- C.I.

"Charlotte Chandler's MARLENE" -- Elaine.

"A sexist woman writes She's a Rebel and distorts music history" -- Ann.

"barbara ehrenreich's 'natural causes'" -- Rebecca. 

"Weight Watchers New Complete Cookbook" -- Trina.


"Blackfish City" -- Marcia.

"THE CHICKEN CHRONICLES by Alice Walker" -- Ruth.

"Harry Belafonte" -- Mike.

"THE SAME RIVER TWICE (Alice Walker)" -- Isaiah.

"Dancing with Demons: The Authorized Biography of Dusty Springfield" -- Marcia.

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"Forced Into Glory: Abraham Lincoln's White Dream" -- Ann.

"He Ran All The Way" -- Trina.

And we'll also note Ann's "How a book store could stay alive in today's economy" about the book business.

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