Monday, May 30, 2016

Truest statement of the week

The Clintons know how to lie their way out: He’s sick, she’s sick, the dog ate her email server, their immediate presence is needed on Wall Street, one of his old girlfriends fell off her walker, whatever.

Hillary’s latest disastrous email dishonesty would not be such a big deal but Americans are exhausted by decades of dishonesty. Yes, other secretaries of state have used private email addresses — they just didn’t have private email servers on their property. Huge difference.

-- Linda Stasi, "After latest email revelations and endless dishonesty, time for Hillary Clinton to head for the hills" (NEW YORK DAILY NEWS).

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-- Jim, Dona, Ty, Jess, Ava and C.I.

Editorial: Hypocritical War Criminal

We agree.

Tony Blair doesn't.

But he doesn't even agree regarding the upcoming report from the Iraq Inquiry -- which he's not sure he'll accept.

He insists, "The thing that will be important when it does happen is that we have then a full debate. And I look forward to participating in that. Make no mistake about that. It is really important we do debate these issues."

A full debate?

Like Bully Boy Bush, he wanted no real debate when the Iraq War was being sold.

But now that a verdict may come down -- and may come down against him -- Tones wants a full debate.

TV Wayward Acting

Matt Dillon is 52, Jason Patric is 49.  The years seems so much more on Patric.


Last summer, WAYWARD PINES became a break out hit.  Film star Matt Dillon starred as Ethan Burke who found himself trapped in Wayward Pines, unable to escape.  As his son and wife showed up, clues began to emerge slowly and the realization was that this was a self-contained community, centuries in the future, after humankind had destroyed the environment and a mutated species had taken over the earth outside the closed community of Wayward Pines.

In the season finale, Ethan gave his life to save everyone else.

It went out with a bang.

But when FOX has a hit -- a rare thing these days -- they have to milk it.

So we get season two.

Which might work if it had a star to anchor it.

Jason Patric is an effective actor.

He's not a star.

As multiple films have demonstrated, he cannot command the screen the way Matt Dillon can.

The first episode brings back some familiar faces.  Terrence Howard is back as the crooked sheriff. Hope Davis is back as Megan, the creepy, Hillary Clinton-look alike cultist.  Carla Gugino is back as revolutionary Kate. Charlie Tahan is back as Ethan's son Ben.

But even with a dramatic moment from Kate, the episode moves along about as gracefully as a tugboat.

That's due to Patric and his deep desire to 'Act.'

Matt Dillon doesn't prove he can act, he just acts.


Jason's had shots at stardom but in terms of carrying a film, his biggest hit is the flow sequel to SPEED.

These things tend to happen for a reason.

As an actor, Patric's a lot like Shirley Knight.

Knight's wonderful onstage.

In film and on TV, she's best in small doses because she's doing so much work it tires the audience out.

Which is why, despite immense talent and beauty, Shirley Knight never became a movie star.

And it's why it's so hard to get on board with Jason's Dr. Theo.

He's too busy leading viewers through every moment to let them discover anything on their own.

Tweet of the week

  1. From my experience in USMC/Iraq, I learned that we were only fighting for profiteers. If the troops defended freedom they'd attack the govt!

Falluja realities

The western media's thrilled to repeat whatever the Iraqi government says happened.

They just aren't willing to document what really happens.

Iraqi Sunnis women said our men arrested & tortured by Shia militias without guilt or charge

  1. ISF abuses push civilians to extremism. Videos of extrajudicial killings & torture MUST be investigated.

  • Iraqi Sunni Scholar arrested & tortured by Shia militias

    Map shows number of displaced in . 50,000 displaced in Fallujah alone. Number will rise as fighting intensifies

    1. U said only Sunni 🇮🇶 Forces r in Al Fallujah, what about Al-Hashed's non-stop shelling of civilians there?

  • 17 Iraqi Sunni Civilian Brutally beheaded by Shia Militias where the media ?

  • Graphic pics Iraqi Sunni civilian arrested , tortured , burned & killed by Shia militias

    Shi'a militias burned Qur'ans & destroyed a mosque in al-Karama (north of ). "Liberation" is coming?

  • Shia militias crimes افضحوه هذا القيادي الشيعي هو من فجر جميع مساجد السنه بالكرمه واخذ صور قبل وبعد تفجيرها

  • all sunnis mosques destroyed by Shia Militias in

  • Shia Militias crimes الحشد الشيعي الارهابي يلعن الفلوجه يقول هي من قتلت علي بن ابي طالب ! ومن ثم يقصفها ويقتل اهلها

  • Shia militia with sectarian Banners Bombed Iraqi sunnis civilians with rockets made in Iran

  • - Shia Sectarian: "Don't have mercy on . Rape their women and kill their babies"...

  • Shia militias crimes تحرير مو؟ الحشد الشيعي الايراني يقتل اطفال اهل السنه بالقنابل العنقودية انتقام وحقد دفين
  • Iraqi Sunnis children victims of Shia militias airstrikes on Where the media??!

    Families who've fled besieged city Fallujah. Kids flee without shoes. 50,000 trapped inside MUST be given safe exit

    Fighting intensifies with no safe routes out of for the trapped civilians. Only few has escaped.


  • Shia militias crimes لينظر العالم معممين الشيعه مع المحتل الايراني لقتل العوائل السنيه بالفلوجة افضحوهم يامسلمين

  • Soleimani Spotted near Giving Advice for Shia militias against Iraqi sunni civilians

  • Shia militia crimes صور مباشر من الفلوجة الحشد الشيعي يستخدم القنابل العنقودية واستشهاد عدد كبير من العوائل افضحوهم

  • Pics now Shia militia Bombed Iraqi sunnis civilians with cluster bombs in Fallujah

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