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Media: They're killing podcasts

As Mike wrote tonight, "Seriously, it's a doofus on a podcast. Can we please stop pretending these people know what they're talking about." Exactly.


We're reminded of that all too often.  


Maybe it's time for some rules or regulations?

For example, if you don't know the topic, maybe you shouldn't do a podcast about it?

Olayemi Olurin is a podcaster and, unlike so many, she does the work required.  So maybe when -- BLACK POWER MEDIA, we are looking at you -- you put three men on to jump the non-present Olay, maybe that's a sign that your podcast shouldn't have happened.  Not only did they not understand the argument Olay was making, they presented her as a partisan.  Olay does not vote in US elections.  Not only did they not understand her argument, they didn't know who she was or that BPM's Renee Johnstone had already Tweeted in praise of the article.  

Maybe when three men want to attack a woman, that's your first sign that you've got a problem.

A second sign?

Briahna Joy Gray.

As podcaster or as guest?



She's worthless.  She had her hissy fit with Kyle (and with Krystal) where she turned her body away from both of them and pretended she was being prevented from answering.  Her wordy pretense took more time than her measly answer.  She's an idiot and she's a joke.  The meeting of the non-minds -- Bri-Bri and Sabby Sabs -- always seemed destined to be and no one was surprised when the two of them teamed up to lie about Marianne Williamson.  It was so bad that THE VANGUARD felt the need to call Sabby Sabs out.  For those who missed it, Marianne Williamson, candidate for Democratic Party's presidential nomination was kind enough to go on REVOLUTIONARY BLACKOUT at Sabby's request.  Where, as THE VANGUARD noted in their critique, she was attacked.  She was not allowed to speak.  She was ambushed and it was planned by the male members of RBN.  It was so bad that after Marianne ended her part of the interview, Sabby was shaking her head and lecturing the "guys" about how bad that makes them look.  

But there was Sabby pretending otherwise with Bri about how great that interview had gone and how they had held Marianne accountable.  Bri was all over it, though THE VANGUARD boys couldn't call Bri out.

Bri is a joke.  She's a mascot for White people who want to feel 'radical' by pretending to 'hang' with people of color.  Until bonding with Sabby, Bri was the equivalent of a crossover artist trying to ignore other people of color.   How White is Bri-Bri?  This is a woman who did multiple podcasts on . . .  SEX AND THE CITY.  It doesn't get any Whiter, it just doesn't.

Bri's known for her political tantrums.  They tend to explain her constant relocation and her forever disintegrating alliances.  

Mainly, though, they explain her failures.

This week, she had US House Rep Ro Khanna on her BAD FAITH (perfect title) podcast. 


To make nice with him?  To play footsie?

He repeated the lie that October 7th saw mass rapes of Israeli women while Hamas carried out its attack.

Yes, Bri did push back on it.  In a really pathetic manner.

And he pushed back on her pushback, insisting that Antonio Guterres, the Secretary-General of the United Nations, had said the rapes took place.


No, he did not.

Instead of forcefully addressing this, Bri-Bri turned shy and bashful and accommodating insisting it could be hard to keep track of with all the media's misinformation.

Excuse the f**k out of us?  He is a member of Congress and he is repeating lies in front of you on your program and you're not holding him accountable.

And your excuses are embarrassments.  A member of Congress isn't your Uncle Ro watching FOX "NEWS."  There's a higher standard that a member of Congress should have to meet. 

There's no point in having members of Congress on your program if you're not going to hold them accountable.

She's just as useless when she's a guest.

She was on THE VANGUARD recently and Long Hair explained he hadn't been following a topic. "Cornel West has been repeatedly throwing the Green Party under the bus.  I don't have all the details from behind the scenes so I cannot speak," Long Hair insisted before speaking at length.


We should let that sink in, right?

He never follows topics.  He and his idiot co-host are a joke.  They get facts wrong on everything.  Serious topics, light topics, entertainment trivia, whatever.  They can't nail down anything and should have stopped trying long ago.

It was cute a week or so back when they tried to 'explain' Cornel West.  They're a little sad.  They should be a lot sad because they promoted him and they're still lying about him.  Lying for him.  It was cute the way his People's Party presidential nomination was dismissed as some sort of unexplainable event.

Cornel explained it on BLACK POWER MEDIA months ago and we covered it in real time.  The People's Party came to him and Chris Hedges.  They wanted them to be the candidates for their presidential ticket -- Cornel at the top of the ticket.  Chris' wife said "no" so Chris didn't end up on the ticket.  But this was all organized and planned.  Yes, serial plagiarist Chris Hedges lied and pretended otherwise in 'reports' he wrote at the time.

But was Cornel lying?  Either Cornel lied about it (he didn't lie about it) or the whole thing was a scam that Chris was part of.

VANGUARD bois never tell the truth so they pretend like it didn't happen.  And no one rallies to Jared Ball's side to praise him for the interview because he's made a fool out of himself in recent months.

We really do not care who you vote for.  We have stated that we are voting for the Democratic Party nominee whomever that might be.  We have explained why.  We made that announcement when we knew that's what we were going to do because it's something that we felt requires disclosure.  It has no shaped our coverage.  We have held Marianne, Joe Biden and Dean Phillips accountable -- even crazy Kennedy Junior was held accountable when he was running for the Democratic Party's presidential nomination.  

Hypocrisy, thy name is THE VANGUARD.  

Marianne goes on some interview with the Islamist Bill Maher who is also a transphobe.  He makes his transphobic remarks.  Marianne does not push back.  


Praise Marianne for her silence.  This was masterful and amazing and she just ignored it, they insisted, allowing her to avoid being trapped in the conversation.

Defending the basic rights of a group of people repeatedly targeted is being trapped?

If you can't defend a group under attack, you shouldn't be running for president.

And if you applaud a craven move by a politician as 'three dimensional chess,' you're not an honest broker.


Way too many podcasters have nothing to offer but hypocrisy.  And there are way too many podcasters.  Back in 2016, AMERICAN DAD had an episode entitled "The Dentist's Wife" (written by Charles Suozzi).  In it, Francine informed Roger that dentist wife Meredith "runs the best book club in town."  Roger replied, "Pfft.  Book club.  I pretend skied in Switzerland."  Francine countered, "And she runs a charity to raise awareness."  Roger shot back, "Pfft, charities.  It's all about podcasts these days."  And that was true.

In 2016. 
Eight years later, surveying the landscape, it's obvious that far too many people just aren't qualified to be doing podcasts and killing the need for podcasts in the process.

Obvious and getting more and more obvious each and every day.

Book Talk (Stan, Rebecca, Ava and C.I.)



As we did in 2021 and 2023, we're attempting to again increase book coverage in the community. After a review posts, we try to do a discussion with the reviewer.  This go round, we're talking to  Stan about "Type II Diabetes (books)" and Rebecca about "faye dunaway." Stan, starting with you.

Stan: Like Mike did recently, I decided to make my book review about something I needed to read.  I have Type II diabetes so I read about that -- four different books.  And didn't like it.  Don't like having diabetes but I especially don't like reading worthless books.  I think I could write an interesting book on the topic.  I think most of us with diabetes could.  I think idiots who supposedly write books for diabetics expose themselves as idiots when they suggest you eat this or that which can prevent diabetes from developing.  Really?  Because this is a book for diabetics so how do you think repeatedly sharing that point helps readers?  Answer: It doesn't.

You really hated three of the four books.

Stan: I did.  I felt that they were poorly written and people didn't know what they were talking about.

You noted in your review that your endo doctor had told you differently on some of the food guidelines.  I know you also see a dietician at least once a year.  You're on top of the latest and your endo doctor is very strong about monitoring food.  I really don't think many diabetic books would benefit you.

Stan: I got that from reading them.  But I mean, Trina's website alone has more to do with diabetes than any of those books.  

And she's a nurse and she factors in the recipes she passes on.  Early on, you were more open to books and I didn't know if you wanted to talk about when you were more open.

Stan: Yeah, I will.  So after being diagnosed, I would read everything I could -- book, magazine, online.  And I would try anything suggested.  One woman told me she got rid of her diabetes.  She said she'd been on insulin and got rid of it completely.  How?  By eating two tea spoons of canary seeds a day for a month.  And I was stupid enough to try that.  It ripped my stomach up but it did not drive away the diabetes.  But I would try anything like that and I did.  Over and over.

Rebecca, you went with a book on Faye Dunaway.  And you hated your book.

Rebecca: I did.  Filled with errors, missing significant films Faye did -- including two big box office hits.  It really didn't cover her life.  And I can't imagine a more fascinating life.  But the author couldn't handle that either.  It's a book to ignore.  It's a shame that there aren't books that cover Faye's career.  I didn't really get the idea that the author knew Faye's stage work and Faye was outstanding opposite Jon Voight in A STREETCAR NAMED DESIRE back in '73.  I don't see how you can write a book about her without noting that performance.  

Stan: And you're right about the films.  Let's say you can't mention all of her films, that you're limited on space.  You don't ignore THE EYES OF LAURA MARS and THE CHAMP.  That's stupidity.  They're not just films that were hits, they're also the films she did as a follow up to winning the Academy Award for Best Actress.  How did her performance in those films compare and look at those two years and the roles that other women played -- was Faye doing worthy roles?  There's so much to explore there.  But you are right that she has a string of films that will be remembered.


Stan: And this is how we work in putting C.I. on the spot.  Sharon Stone had Faye Dunaway briefly as a mentor.  She failed to learn anything from Faye.  She has two hits and only two hits -- BASIC INSTINCT and SLIVER.  The rest bombed or under-performed. She's now slagging Billy Baldwin.  Thoughts?

C.I.: Rebecca has long documented the many lies of Sharon Stone -- see "" for Rebecca's latest.  Sharon can't stop lying.  Some people are asking why Billy Baldwin responded as he did?  Did they not read what she said?  She basically called him a bad actor.  Billy made SLIVER a hit.  With just Sharon, it would have been another box office disaster.  Like CASINO which didn't even make $48 million in ticket sales in North America.  She has two big box office hits -- BASIC INSTINCT and SLIVER.  Her career failures are epic and you have her in charge of casting.  BASIC INSTICT II needed a sexy guy and didn't have one.  Too many times, Sharon cast herself opposite really gross men.  Again, drop Billy out of SLIVER and you've got another film that no one wanted to see.  So for her to insult his acting and his charisma?  At what point are we all going to get honest and note that she may have shocked people flashing her privates in BASIC INSTINCT but she's never had chemistry with any man.  Most of her films are both bad and forgettable -- and that's true even after the first BASIC INSTINCT.  She's a highly limited actress.  I think THE QUICK AND THE DEAD is the best film she did.  I would also applaud her small, supporting role in THE MUSE.  But she was never a great gift to the world of film and any number of women -- especially Rebecca de Mornay -- could have played Sharon's film roles and done it much, much better.

Rebecca: Is this going up?  What you just said?  

C.I.: Yes.

Stan: We figured you'd answer the question for us but weren't sure that you would let it go up.

C.I.: I'm fine with it.  She hits Billy across the face with a two-by-four and then tries to play the victim.  She was being catty and rude -- as she's known to be -- and people late to what happened apparently think Billy has to take some hacktress calling him a bad actor.  Billy has been very effective in many films.  And for Sharon to try to high horse SLIVER when she was sleeping with Bill MacDonald and per court papers broke up his marriage?  C'mon.  It's cute the way she lies and makes everyone else the problem.  The problems on that film included her sleeping with the producer Bill and not focusing on what she calls acting.


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2)  "Sheila Weller's Carrie Fisher: A Life On The Edge" -- Marcia reviews a puff piece bio.


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