Tuesday, November 06, 2018

Truest statement of the week

Americans prefer to think well of themselves and their nation and treat any information contradicting that belief as an inconvenience to be avoided at all costs. There were hate crimes before Donald Trump ran for president and most of them weren’t carried out by individuals. Most of them are still sanctioned by the state.
The crazed Trump lover may have tried to send bombs to Obama and Clinton but they sent bombs to Libya and destroyed a nation that still suffers from their terrorist acts. They are quite literally guilty of committing hate crimes, along with other NATO leaders and their predecessors in high places. The fact that they know how to express diplomatic niceties is no reason to see them as being on our side as we fight to defeat fascism at home and around the world.
Their enablers cannot be given a pass either. When we fight to make war and peace a political issue we are derided as purists and spoilers who ought to be quiet and allow imperialism to take place without hindrance. The people who join in the chorus of denunciation should not be allowed to wring their hands when dead bodies appear within our borders too.

-- Margaret Kimberley, "American Terror Is Not New" (BLACK AGENDA REPORT).

Truest statement of the week II

In August of this year, a Gallup poll found that for the first time since the organization began tracking the figure, fewer than half of Americans aged 18–29 had a positive view of capitalism, while more than half had a positive view of socialism. The percentage of young people viewing capitalism positively fell from 68 percent in 2010 to 45 percent this year, a 23-percentage point drop in just eight years.
This surge in interest in socialism is bound up with a resurgence of class struggle in the US and internationally. In the United States, the number of major strikes so far this year, 21, is triple the number in 2017. The ruling class was particularly terrified by the teachers’ walkouts earlier this year because the biggest strikes were organized by rank-and-file educators in a rebellion against the unions, reflecting the weakening grip of the pro-corporate organizations that have suppressed the class struggle for decades.

-- Barry Grey, "The specter of Marx haunts the American ruling class" (WSWS).

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Margaret Kimberley gets another truest.
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Our Iraq feature.  All this is per usual.
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Keeping up with the book coverage in the community.
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What we listened to while writing this edition.
Senator Patty Murray press release.
US House Rep Tulsi Gabbard press release.
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Editorial: Now it's the fish

In Iraq, the tragedies never end.

▶️ A watery graveyard: Thousands of dead fish found in Eurphrates River, Iraq

  1. Iraq’s national dish washed up by the thousands - these images of dead fish on the banks of the Euphrates River are desperately sad. Immediate cause unclear but points to worsening pollution and water problems.

  2. Thousands of tons of fish have washed up dead in Iraq. Watch our report to find out why:
  3. Piles of the dead silvery fish could be seen on Friday lying under a massive concrete bridge in Iraq. But why?
  4. Thousands of tons of dead fish wash ashore in Iraq
  5. Tens of thousands of fish have died in the Euphrates River to the south of Baghdad as a result of an unidentified disease.
  6. Local health authorities are set to conduct laboratory tests for possible poisoning.
  7. The death of thousands of tons of fish "is a dramatic sign of worsening pollution and water problems in Iraq, which is increasingly struggling to provide a sufficient supply of clean water, especially in the south of the country."
  8. Fish kill in Babil caused by infection, low water, and unlicensed cages

Now it's the fish.

This is what the world -- led by the United States government -- has brought to Iraq.  Never-ending war.  One problem after another.  Chaos and disorder.

As appalling as the above images are, a question.

The fish died for some reason.  If that reason should turn out to be due to the US government's use of White Phosphorus or depleted uranium, or any other weapon, do you think the average American would be more or less outraged?

The war has to end.

It cannot go on forever.

But it's going to require people calling for an end to it.

Now it's the fish.

What's next in line as the war drags on?

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