Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Truest statement of the week

In April, I visited some of the almost 5,000 troops that President Obama has put back in Iraq, and I witnessed a recurring theme: We have a military plan to defeat the Islamic State — and, as initial gains in Fallujah this week demonstrate, it’s going well in many respects — but we have yet to articulate a political plan to ensure Iraq’s long-term stability.

Sometimes it’s impossible to tell whether it’s 2007 or 2016. The battle plans I hear from our commanders in Iraq today are the same ones I heard at the beginning of the surge, down to the same cities and tribal alliances. My question is: How will this time be different? The silence is deafening.

-- US House Rep. Seth Moulton, "Get Ready For Another Iraq War" (THE WASHINGTON POST).

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Editorial: That do nothing Congress

Last week, Nancy Pelosi and other useless members of the House of Representatives were congratulating themselves on their stunt: a sit-in.

Sit or stand but we cannot be silent for victims of gun violence - we need to take action.

Glenn Greenwald made a solid point.

Of all things Dems could've but didn't do a sit-in for (end Iraq War, punish Wall St & torturers), they choose this:

The sit-in was for a racist watch list.

That is nothing on Democrat should have gotten behind.

Others pointed out that the House Dems were doing a sit-in for this when they had avoided sitting in on so many issues.

  1. against systemic disinvestment, poverty, school closures, health care access, etc

  2. against crimes against humanity. In fact, they championed the weapons sales.

  3. to protest the most corrupt presidential candidate in US history.
  4. Glad ppl r as disgusted w/ dog & pony show as I am & see it 4 what it is
  5. to stop the Iraq War. Or apologized for never trying.
  6. to stop Hillary making arms deals w/ countries who donated $$$ to her Foundation
  7. as black children were disproportionately expelled in schools on pipeline 2 prison .
  8. when Flint kids were drinking what looks like sewerage
  9. for any other cause when it wasn't an election year
  10. in protest of the drone war's extrajudicial executions of suspects without due process or a trial.
  11. in protest of poverty, the war on drugs, racist policing & mass incarceration of black/brown communities.
  12. when someone under FBI investigation ran for president
  13. against the use of sanctions on Iraq which killed hundreds of thousands of women & children.
  14. to oppose the terror watch list, which they're pretty much embracing right now.
  15. to demand a new water system in flint.
  16. to stop the Obama administration from deporting 2.5+ million people.

  17. while private prison corporations were cutting backdoor deals with state & municipal govt's encouraging more incarceration.
  18. for extended unemployment benefits
  19. against Wall Street bailouts
  20. while racist police forces were getting surplus military hardware to use in communities of color in the US.
  21. And for some tough but fair criticism, check out
  22. while Israel was slaughtering civilians in Gaza. Decided to give them more military aid.
  23. against the repeal of the Voting Rights Act
  24. for universal healthcare
  25. in opposition to NSA collecting data on U.S. citizens and sharing with local law enforcement
  26. for mandatory paid maternity leave
  27. to raise the minimum wage
  28. to stop the War in Iraq

That's also a valid argument.

Our argument?

Sit-ins are for the powerless.

Sit-ins are for the people.

How dare members of Congress act as though they're powerless when they are most definitely not.

This was a publicity stunt.

Equally true, speak to Medea Benjamin.

Ask her what happens these days when she only raises a sign in a Congressional hearing.

In other words, House Dems won't support the people's right to protest but they will gladly stage a (useless) sit-in on their own.

It's embarrassing.

And shameful when you grasp that Congress has failed to provide proper oversight to the still ongoing Iraq 
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