Tuesday, June 28, 2016

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Jill Stein is seeking the Green Party's presidential nomination:

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    We can solve our economic & climate crisis w/ a to transition to a 100% renewable clean energy system.
    It's Time For An Emergency Jobs Program - A Green New Deal
    Neither Hillary or Trump will do what it takes to prevent the climate meltdown. Climate change denial and cheerleading fracking are two lethal options that we cannot afford.
  2. It is absolutely incredible that I am polling at 7% when only 20% of voters have heard of me. Help spread the word:
  3. The Lavender Caucus voted overwhelmingly to support . She will receive both of our convention delegates.
  4. Apparently, unless you may become a rich business person who can 💸 👉 Hillary, you don't deserve student debt relief.

  5. Billions went to Wall St. crooks, it's time we bail out students - the victims of banksters who crashed our economy.
    Jill on TYT Discussing Her Plan to Abolish Student Debt
    There are 43 million Americans with student debt. That's enough to win this election. ‪#‎ItsInOurHands‬
  6. continues to fail under increased scrutiny. Don't let fool you, his campaign is a scam.

  7. We could save $400bn annually by eliminating the paperwork & bureaucracy of our health "care" system with a health program. 🏥
  8. A recent poll shows 45% of Sanders voters aren't ready for Hillary. The conditions exist for Stein to catch fire.
  9. Our open 📝 to supporters ahead of our Green Party National Convention:
  10. Obama's carbon deal won't avoid climate change. I'm calling for 100% renewables by 2030:
  11. 7 mon. later & still no answer, nor to the numbers on civilians killed w/ outside zones
  12. ☎️ We need help getting on the ballot! Call 10 people who have signed up to collect signatures to get them started:
  13. I oppose all legislation that would undermine internet freedom and equality. We need to protect . 💻

  14. “It wasn’t just me that was being locked out, it was the American public” – on her 2012 arrest
  15. Green Party prez candidate will be on this Sunday 👇🏼

  16. Why only forgive entrepreneurs student debt? So they can donate to you Hillary? We need to forgive ALL student debt.

  17. All That Glitters Is Feardom- Go Green, Not Purple by Priti Gulati Cox
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