Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Filipovic Lusts After Hillary

Oh, Jill.

Go back to posting your bikini photos while the world burns.

Remember those days, Jilly?

Yeah, that was as close to useful as your self-promoting ass ever got.

You can sniff the butts of Greg Sargent and Matty Y and pretend you're the token in the boys club but you'll be dropped within five years.

And we'll be laughing at you even louder than we are now.

And we're laughing right now.

Vaginal voter Jill wants everyone to support War Criminal Hillary.

Reading the Bernie Sanders wish list in and... Clinton already backs almost all of this, yes?

Jill's so supportive of women.

Little factoid Jilly forgets.

Guess we're misremembering the Jill of 2006?

Guess it was someone else who  would e-mail women asking them to link to her on their blogs and she would link to them?

Someone else who counted on them not checking?

Someone else who never linked back?

Like Hillary, Jill defines feminism as "what's in it for me."

The two truly deserve each other.

You'll never find two more selfish, greedy liars.

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