Tuesday, October 15, 2019

Truest statement of the week

We know that a black person is killed by the police, security or vigilantes every day. Most of these victims remain unknown to the public. But sometimes a few of those cases make the news. When that happens we embrace the victim as if they were our own friend or family member.
Botham Jean was once such individual. He was killed by an off duty Dallas, Texas police woman while he was in his own home. She claimed to have mistaken his apartment for hers and believed he was a burglar. Jean was sitting in his home watching television when he was murdered. Only black people die the way he did.
There is always hope that justice will be done but also recognition that it is rarely the case. Yet in Dallas the killer cop was actually convicted by a multi-racial jury. But what should have been a cause for some relief turned into farce as some black people sank to the lowest levels of debasement they possibly could. A female bailiff comforted the murderer after her conviction and even stroked her hair. The victim’s brother gave the killer a hug and his father said he hoped to befriend her one day. The judge also felt compelled to hug the shooter and give her a bible, too.

-- Margaret Kimberley, "Freedom Rider: Botham Jean, Joshua Brown and Antonio Williams" (BLACK AGENDA REPORT).

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Margaret Kimberley gets another truest.
Ava and C.I. wrote this.  They wrote this as it was airing (this was published 20 minutes before the debate ended).  They weren't planning on writing about the debate and had already written a TV piece but we begged and they agreed.  It's a great piece.
Ava and C.I. cover two new ABC dramas.
The common sense that so many are missing.  Two great Tweets.
Stop being so stupid -- who are we kidding.  He's stupid personified.
 We love John but come on stop with the blinders when it comes to Tulsi and the non-stop hatred when it comes to Bernie.

What we listened to while writing.
Amnesty International.
Green Party coverage.
Green Party coverage.
Press release from Senator Tammy Baldwin.
Press release from Senator Patty Murray.
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Editorial: Which side are you on?

The Iraqi people are under attack.  From the government that the US installed, the Iraqi people are under attack.

Are you going to stand with the Iraqi people?  Or are you going to stand in silence with so many others who look the other way?

TV: Let's kill Elizabeth!

The latest Democratic Party debate is airing right now on CNN and it's nothing more than Let's Kill Elizabeth!

The little bitches come out, don't they, when they realize it's time for them to somehow prove that they should be on stage.


So you get fat ass Amy Klobuchar attacking Elizabeth Warren every time she speaks.  Amy sees each moment as an attempt to destroy Elizabeth.


Because War Hawk Joe Biden is sinking and the press wants a centrist.

They don't want a Bernie Sanders, they don't want an Elizabeth Warren, they want someone who will protect big business, corporations.

Let's all stop lying to ourselves or pretending it's a conspiracy theory.

Any organism fights for its own survival.  So, yes, our corrupt system is fighting those it sees as a threat.

And when they hear Bernie proclaim, as he did in tonight's debate, "We need a political revolution"?  They fight back as any system would

Bernie and Elizabeth are talking about giving Americans what they need -- Medicare For All, for example.  And the corrupt system is based upon preying on the needy -- not delivering what they need but using them to rake in big bucks.  People keep saying that the US has a 'for profit' health system.  Yes.  It did.  In the 1940s.  Today, it's far worse than a 'for profit' system, today it's a 'grab everything' system, pick their pockets, shake them down system.

Bernie and Elizabeth are advocating for higher taxes on the wealthy.  These higher taxes?  We're talking about the sort of taxes that were in place when John F. Kennedy was President of the United States.

The notion that these higher taxes are just and normal has been erased and that's been done by the press, by the corporate press.  Most Americans don't grasp how much taxes have gone down for the wealthy.

Hell, most Americans don't grasp that the IRS has been targeting -- for years now -- low earners for audits because they know they can't fight back.  You are more likely to be audited today if you are a low wage earner.

But let's pretend this is a democracy, let's pretend all are treated fairly.

They're not.  As Elizabeth noted tonight, "The wealthy and the well connected have captured our democracy."

That is what has enraged Bernie and Elizabeth and that is why so many Americans are pulling for them.  They realize that those two are fighting for a better system and for a better America.

At one point, Amy Klobuchar wanted to insist that she could have different plans and that didn't make her someone espousing GOP talking points.  Well, she's espousing corporate talking points.  And, Fat Amy, no one really gives a f**k what your father did -- same for you, Mayor Pete -- because Daddy's not angling for the presidential nomination, you are.

As Joe Biden falters, Amy Klobuchar and Pete Butthole circle Elizabeth Warren trying to woo the press by trashing Elizabeth.  Beto O'Rourke joins in.

All they do is reveal how ugly they are.  Fat Amy sports her girth and trashy teeth -- do they not have dentists in Minnesota?  Or just not in her grazing area?

Mayor Pete wears lifts for this debate but he's still short and he'll still short Americans and liberties.  He's such a drama queen.  Can he just stop trying to speak like he has a hot potato in his mouth?  Probably not because without that, he's going to sound different -- people will hear his squeaky voice and then he'll just be a short, squeaky shrimp with 'stylish' eyebrows.

Beto?  What is up with that ugly nose?  And his face spots?  We counted 14 alone on his left side.  He was supposed to be cute, wasn't he?  He was supposed to be Kennedy-like back in 2016.  But we don't remember JFK having teeth like chiclets. 

Then again, when you act ugly, you sport ugly and Beto sported ugly as he attacked Elizabeth.  He also made it clear to America that he is an empty suit with no real thoughts or plans.

 While he and Pete bickered over guns, it was left to Cory Booker to speak a truth "police violence is gun violence."  It went right over Pete's head -- but then so much usually does.

On war, Tulsi Gabbard observed, "The slaughter of the Kurds being done by Turkey is another consequence of the regime change war that we've been waging in Syria" since 2011 -- and she noted this had been done with the support of politicians from both sides of the aisle as well as with the support of "many in the mainstream media."

War Hawk Joe was dazed and desperate after Tulsi noted that the US has been supporting al Qaeda and other terrorists organizations in Syria and calling them 'freedom fighters.'  In his War Hawk panic, Joe threatened, "ISIS is going to come here!"

Get the feeling Joe's been watching too much FOX NEWS and way too many CBS crime shows?  We get that feeling also.

Pete was ticked at Tulsi over Syria as well and declared her "dead wrong." He tried to play big boy -- like he did earlier with Beto -- and pretend his toy soldier work was massive -- he was hidden away on a base in Afghanistan where he was a secretary and a driver.  But, though you can knock Tulsi for many things, you can never claim she was hidden away safely on a base.  She's deployed and she's been out and about in a war zone.

As Tulsi pointed out, Pete couldn't answer whether or not, if president, he'd end the regime change wars.  "You would continue," she rightly noted, "to support having US troops in Syria for an indefinite period of time."

War Hawk Joe had another bad night.  We'll leave Hunter for another time.  But we'll note right now that when asked about the fact that, if elected president, he would turn 80 before 2024 rolled around, he didn't make a good case for himself.  Yes, he's old, Joe admitted, but with advanced age "comes wisdom."  We were confused where he ever showed wisdom?  Isn't he the guy who keeps claiming he only voted for the Iraq War because Bully Boy Bush tricked him?  He then insisted he could be president on day one because, "I know what has to be done, I've done it before."


So when did Barack go into a coma?

We don't remember it.  When was Joe Biden's Alexander Haig moment from 2009 through 2016?  We're pretty sure it never happened.

He then wanted to insist, "I'm the only one that got --" and then struggled to say what he got done. Was that wisdom?  Or was that just showing yet again that age is not an asset for Joe Biden?

What he got done?  As Bernie pointed out to Joe, "You got the disasterous war in Iraq done."

He was dazed and off throughout the debate.

Maybe that's why, when Cory Booker talked about taking on child poverty and how we have "the highest level of child poverty in the world," Joe didn't pipe up that this was why he looked the other way while Hunter made unethical deals with Ukraine and Chine, because he was trying to ensure that his son didn't suffer from child poverty?

He should have stayed silent near the end of the debate but he had to let the real Joe show.

"I got those votes for you!" Joe Biden exploded at Elizabeth Warren demonstrating just how much of a bully to women he actually is.   The rage he unleashed was disgusting and very telling.

Also telling?  Kamala Harris came to fight and was trying to fight everyone.  Early on, Cory stated he wanted to talk about something Kamala brought up (reproductive rights), she immediately gave a sour look and began shaking her head "no."  If she'd waited -- and maybe not being able to wait long enough to hear a comment rules you as a presidential contender -- she would have heard Cory's point was that it shouldn't be left to Kamala and other women to defend reproductive rights, it should be everyone defending reproductive rights.

In terms of showing presidential qualities on stage tonight, you could put Elizabeth on that list, Bernie on that list, Tulsi on that list (she was thoughtful and she was humble), Julian Castro and Cory Booker.  And?  And that's about it. Maybe that was the real take away from the debate?

TV: ABC offers up two female-driven shows

Of all the networks over the last decades, ABC has been the most pro-woman.  Currently, female-led dramas and comedies airing on the network include HOW TO GET AWAY WITH MURDER, AMERICAN HOUSEWIFE, GREY'S ANATOMY.  In the past, shows included THE BIONIC WOMAN,CHARLIE'S ANGELS, WONDER WOMAN, ROSEANNE, DYNASTY, CHINA BEACH, ELLEN and BODY OF PROOF.


This season, they're offering two programs with female leads -- EMERGENCE and STUMPTOWN.  It's the latter that The Water Cooler Set is obsessing over.  Even though there's nothing remotely lifelike in STUMPTOWN and we'd include Cobie Smulders' performance inthat evaluation. That's right Robin  of HOW I MET YOUR MOTHER is now a bad ass.  She's called Dex and supposedly saw combat in Afghanistan but, scene after scene,  it's pure Robin Sparkles singing "Let's Go The Mall."

Who thought this was the way to go?

Greg Rucka created a great story with strong characters but ABC seems intent on turning it into THE LOVEBOAT.  Oh, look, there's NEW GIRL's Jake Johnson!  Over there, it's PERSON OF INTREST, GHOST WHISPERER and THE PRACTICE's Camryn Manheim, and isn't thatALMOST HUMAN's Michael Ealy?

Of all the roles, it's the lead role that really required a new face.  If the thought was that Colbi would deliver viewers . . .  Well, maybe for the first episode.  But every episode since has seen strong erosion in viewers.

Casting Cobie was taking a huge risk and not because she's known for comedy.  Christina Applegate, for example, has a comedy background but she could have handled the role.  It requires an ability to dig into a character.  Nothing in Colbi's past indicatesshe possessed that ability.  Even as an Agent of SHIELD she was iffy, not strong.

Due to the material, it really should have been a new face in the lead.  You really don't want to risk bringing in a lot of baggage into the role.  If you needed a 'name' to get a series order from the network, then you go after a woman who can play the role. Applegate, Emily VanCamp,  Meagan Goode, and Maggie Q are just a few who quickly come to mind.

If casting Cobie in the lead role was a mistake, it was also a mistake to cast Johnson as Dex's best friend when everyone watching is going to be hoping he gets together with Dex since he's the biggest male name and has a number of followers.

EMERGENCE is ABC's other hour long drama starring a woman.  In this case, it's FARGO's Allison Tolman.  If Cobie's supposed to be a hot bad ass, Allison's supposed to be . . . Amy Klobuchar?  She's a police chief, Jo Evans, in a town where a plane goes down.  She discovers a child near the crash site but the child, Piper, is unharmed.  Was she part of the crash?  She has no scratches and no injuries.

Before this can be pondered too much, a couple emerges claiming to be the parents.  And the crash site is taken over by federal authorities -- or people claiming to be.

This is a suspense show and the best news for the series is that NBC turned it down (after viewing the pilot) and ABC picked it up.  If it were airing on NBC, it would be cancelled.

Well, that's not fair.  They could tack "Chicago" onto the title (CHICAGO EMERGENCE) and it might stand a chance.  But NBC has consistently failed the sci-fi and fantasy audience.  Since there is no real network support for the genre, it's smart that the show moved over to ABC.

It's a smart show that, so far, has managed the twists and turns and revelations at a consistent pace that keeps the viewer interested -- not overwhelmed or bored.

It's also got a very strong cast led by Allison.  Along with her, immediate stands out include Donald Faison, Maria Dizzia and Robert Bailey Jr.  And EMERGENCE is a strong show.

Even with the problems STUMPTOWN has, ABC deserves credit for continuing to support female-driven projects.  It's time to start asking other networks like NBC, CBS and FOX why they can't say the same?

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