Wednesday, March 16, 2022

Truest statement of the week

Back before my son was KIA in Iraq (after Saddam was hung and beheaded), I remember Rep. Walter Jones of North Carolina (since, opposed the war; now deceased) changing the name of “French” Fries to “Freedom” Fries in the Capitol’s dining room. At that time, I would have considered myself proudly liberal, and I thought the Republicans were being the biggest xenophobic drama queens on the face of the earth. It was hilarious. There was a frightening aspect to the fearporn on steroids, though: many Sikh were attacked because dopes thought they were Islamic. Today, we are seeing an increase in attacks on Russian business owners here in the states. Most of these people have said that they are not pro-Russia invading Ukraine, but the attackers also don’t get the irony that the neo-Nazi regime in KIEV has been murdering Russian speakers in east Ukraine for eight-years; so not only do they “stand” with Ukraine, but they are doing its dirty work, as well.

Now, over 20 years later, I am not liberal, in fact, they terrify me. Ever ones to jump on the newest cause célèbre, liberals, who I am sure, couldn't name the president of Ukraine two weeks ago, are pledging devotion and love to the U.S. puppet Zelenskyy (displacing the now mostly forgotten Anthony Fauci) (READ ABOUT THE REAL ZELENSKYY HERE).  Liberals are the ones dumping out their Russian vodka (many brands here are NOT made in Russia) and boycotting Russian dressing: A product of Vermont. The weirdest thing to me is that they don’t see how truly preposterous they are being with their double-standards. Most democrat faithful still believe the now discredited lie that Putin stole the election from the horrific Hillary Clinton and that somehow Trump is pulling his strings to this day. Currently with this vilification of Putin, a Democrat is steering the War Ship of state in DC.  So, falling easily into the trap of the imperialists,  "antiwar" liberals are now demanding no-fly zones over Ukraine; increased funding for NATO; more armaments for Ukraine; and eliminating Putin all together (okay, that was an anti-Trump conservative, Lindsey Graham). I said it after the 2016 election when they were screaming for increased sanctioning of Russia, that these liberal Democrats would rather have World War III than admit their shitty candidate lost on her own demerits. With their cries for increased hostility and not diplomacy, their allegiance to the bloodiest Empire in human history is despicable and dangerous for all life on planet Earth.


-- Cindy Sheehan, "Protecting Democracy, My A$$; or How Liberals Love to Swallow (Democrat Agitprop)" (CINDY SHEEHAN'S SOAPBOX).



Truest statement of the week II

On June 11, 2015, the late Congressional Black Caucus (CBC) member John Conyers made this statement about Ukraine. “House passed my amendment to prohibit assistance to Azov Battalion—a far-right white supremacist militia at front lines of Ukraine conflict.” Conyers was right of course. The Azov Battalion was and is a core part of Ukraine’s military. They have Nazi roots, as do many other organizations in that country. But after the Pentagon objected the amendment was stripped from the spending bill and never saw the light of day.

It is important to remember what Conyers tried to achieve the year after Barack Obama sided with right wing Ukrainians and brought down the elected president of that nation. The Conyers amendment passed unanimously in the House but was killed because the administration was well aware of the Azov Battalion’s role and approved of it. The policy of using Ukraine against Russia was settled and any effort to remove a central component of its military was off the table.

Now the CBC is a shell of its former self. Conyers and others from his era would not be welcome among its current membership. They say nothing about Ukraine that isn’t a chapter and verse recitation of Biden administration policy. Even members such as Barbara Lee , still famous for providing the sole vote against the Afghanistan invasion, mouths dangerous platitudes.


-- Margret Kimberley, "Black Caucus Fails on Ukraine" (BLACK AGENDA REPORT).


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Editorial: The press is awful qucik to let themselves off the hook

October 10th, Iraq held elections.  They were supposed to get a new Speaker of Parliament, a new President and a new Prime Minister.  That really hasn't happened.

First off, they did get a Speaker.  It's the same one they had before the election.  Nothing says 'change' like no change.  As for the president and the prime minister?  Still haven't gotten around to naming those.  Five months later and they still haven't gotten around to it.

The political stalemate continues.  

At FOREIGN POLICY, Renad Mansour and Benedict Robin-D'Cruz showed up to ask, "Why Muqtada al-Sadr Failed to Reform Iraq" when there was always a much better question: Why did the western press go out of their way to build the erratic cult leader up as some major political force for the last months?

Was it because the US government paid Moqtada off in August (bribed) to get him to support the upcoming elections?

Was it because they love to lie?

Or was it because they're just so damn stupid that they never learn anythign and they never know anything?

Yes, Moqtada's bloc (not his part, his alliance) got more sets in the Parliament than any other alliance.  but it wasn't enough to form a government without the help of others (and Moqtada's never been known for his ability to work with others).  Also true?  In the October 2020 elections?  His alliance got less votes than they did in the previous one.  He's not that popular.  The choice of the Iraqi people, as evidenced by the low turnout, was "none of the above."

Five months.  The poltiical stalemate is now at fix months and counting.  

Maybe it's time for various whores in the press to wstart explaining why they hailed Moqtada as a "kingmaker" and did so with no proof of that claim.

TV: What wins out

We like to think we get smarter as a society. There aren't a lot of indicators that we actually do, but we like to think that. We also like to think that excellence is rewarded but that appear to be a baseless belief as well. We realized that over the weekend as we caught up on two series. NETFLIX's THE ANDY WARHOL DIARIES and NBC's THE THING ABOUT PAM.


The documentary actually qualifies as excellence. It does a strong job of presenting a Andy Warhol -- a, not the. He was too complex and a bit of a chameleon. The documentary provides a nice overview of Andy through the decades. It also does a strong job of explaining how he ended up becoming one of the most influential artists of the 20th century. Passages are read from his 'diaries' and they're read by Andy; at least, by an artificial intelligence voice Andy. While it might not work well for other deceased celebrities, the dry and emotionless manner in which he spoke is conveyed well by the device.

Jean-Michel Basquiat is a contemporary of Andy's in the 1980s and the documentary does a fine job of covering him. Where it may be flat or fall short is with other artists such as Debbie Harry who speaks on camera early in the documentary. Harry fronted the rock group Blondie and they and her look were part of the pop art Andy's films, also, get less attention than they deserve. And while we know Bianca Jagger -- activist, human rights advocate, ex-wife of The Rolling Stones' Mick Jagger -- we're not sure everyone will know her just from her name.

You can also fault the insistence that Andy, in the 1980s, shouldn't be held accountable for staying closeted and for not speaking out against AIDS. We're told by a woman speaking to the camera that, as a Catholic, it is unreasonable to have expected activism from Andy. And that's apparently that.

He died a year short of 60. We're not really sure that that is, indeed, that. He had a name and could have spoken out. He could have raised awareness. That section needed more exploration and not just a fan of Andy's work saying 'no big deal.'

But, again, Andy was a complex person and no single documentary -- not even a six episode one -- is going to be able to cover everything.

What depressed us the most about this excellent documentary was that the series which debuted on Friday has not, thus far, made it into the daily top ten of most watched on NETFLIX. Other very questionable things have made it in -- including a film from 2007. But what we were most appalled by was Tyler Henry.


When he was confined to the E CHANNEL, he was at home in the trash dumpster he belongs. The 26-year-old con artists self-presents as a psychic (he's not) and E has allowed him to run his con on their channel. Now NETFLIX -- a streaming pile of garbage, remember, we were just discussing that -- has decided Tyler needs to be expanded. Again, we like to think we grow smarter as a society but a bad, cheaply made, basic cable show hits NETFLIX and quickly makes it into the top ten.

And this garbage show was in NETFLIX's top ten all weekend long. We believe that there are psychics, sorry. But we also believe that there are con artists. Tyler Henry runs a scam.

And people would rather watch that garbage than a documentary on Andy Warhol, a significant artists in many mediums in the 20th century.

Excellence isn't rewarded. It's certainly not rewarded at the Academy Awards. The only exceptions being Best Actress and Best Supporting Actress in a good year. The statues are not handed out to the deserving. Men -- in both male actor categories -- win because Academy members liked the films they were in and because the Academy thinks it makes them look good. That's why there are so few memorable performances among the winners for Best Actor.

Anthony Hopkins for his performance in THE SILENCE OF THE LAMBS is a rare win. More often it's pedestrian performances in pedestrian films that the Academy thinks hugging will make them look good.

Actors win Academy awards are winning based upon what Academy members feel about the film they appeared in.

Women win for acting. They have to go all out, most years. While men can be stoic (stiff) onscreen but still win.

Bette Davis, Jane Fonda, women like that have to really deliver. They have to dig deep and serve it up onscreen.

If you doubt it, think about Sally Kirkland. ANNA (1987) was one of the worst films ever. But Sally did deliver in it and she got a Best Actress nomination. You won't catch any actor -- even if he delivers -- from a third-rate, C-picture getting nominated. And actors are rarely asked to deliver any real range when being handed an Academy Award. Think about that when they're handing out Oscars at the end of the month.

And think about the fact that when a woman wins she has delivered. If she wins twice -- for example, Jane Fonda, Bette Davis, Jessica Lange, Hillary Swank, Olivia de Havillind, etc -- then she's really something. That list would include Renée Zellweger

If you doubt that, check out NBC's limited series THE THING ABOUT PAM. The six part series has just started airing but already Renee's delivered excellence. Pam, her character, is a liar and a killer and she's unlike anything Renee's created before. There are no hints of CHICAGO or Bridget Jones or Judy Garland or JERRY MCGUIRE or ME MYSELF AND IRENED. As with her NETFLIX series a few year back (WHAT/IF), Renee's created a brand new character and fully inhabits it.

Josh Duhamel delivers as well. We love Josh so it does our hearts no joy to note that no one will notice Josh in the series. Again, he does an outstanding job; however, Renee is on fire and she steals all the attention as a result. Katy Mixon also delivers but, again, it's Renee's show. She's not eating the scenery, she's not trying to upstage, but she's gone so deep into her character, she holds your attention.

 Renee's delivering art and maybe that can elevate us as a people?  Or maybe the dominant response the series will receive is some sort of prurient, crime-porn fascination?  Again, we like to believe that we grow better as a society -- trends and events don't always bear that out.





Will anyone in the administration be left with a record they can run on?

Is the point of Joe Biden's presidency to destroy future contenders in the Democratic Party?

It's really starting to seem that way. Vice President Kamala Harris bumbles and fumbles around and might as well be the bumpkin in the patch, the Joe Biden, but with far less charm.

And there's Peter Paul Montgomery Buttigieg. 

 Pete Buttigieg


 The five feet, eight inches gentleman is the Secretary of Labor. He was appointed to that post with no real qualifications. Two times as Mayor of South Bend does not really qualify you to be put in charge of the nation's transportation system. And it really shows -- it really, really shows.

When you're at the grocery store and there's no bottles of Pepsi Zero? That's Pete. As Kat pointed out last November, when Adele's 30 can't make it into stores, 'that's Pete.

As he struggles to do the job, it's hard not to remember that in the midst of pandemic, he elected to take paternity leave. We support paternity leave and maternity leave. For workers. We're not really sure that if you're hoping to one day be President of the United States, you take time off for paternity leave in the midst of a pandemic when you're a Cabinet Secretary.

If he makes a future run for the presidency, will he promise the voters that, if elected to office, he won't be darting off to take paternity leave in the midst of another crisis or pandemic? Will voters believe such a promise.

Jennifer Granholm has been a huge disappointment as Secretary of Energy and she seems to forever be on the cable chat and chews offering opinions that are frankly beyond the office she currently holds. We'd consider her to be tied with Secretary Pete (that's how the US Transportation site bills him) were it not for the fact that her Canadian citizenship prevents her from ever being President of the United States.


Some were legends, she's just an embarrassment

jancys motive

Isaiah's  THE WORLD TODAY JUST NUTS "What Motivates Nancy To Run"  offers one possible reason why Nancy Pelosi refuses to retire from Congress.

Has there ever been a more inept Speaker of the House than Nancy Pelosi? Once upon a time, she'd meet with the staff of tHE SAN FRANCISCO CHRONICLE and take questions but she got tired of all the groans to her responses. Back then, as bad as things were, she had Rahm Emanuel to repeatedly save her rear. In press conference after press conference, when she'd get both feet stuck in her mouth, Rahm would ease the tension and redirect.

But that was her first go round as Speaker. Is it age? Is it corruption? Is it both? Is it both and much more?

Probably. She doesn't care about the world around her or the people in it. She's just a big spending machine that never says "no" to the war machine but always screams "NO!" to the needs of the people.

The US House of Representatives notes, "Frederick A.C. Muhlenberg of Pennsylvania was elected presiding officer on April 1, 1789, the day the House organized itself during the First Federal Congress (1789–1791)." He was the first and, thus far, Nancy is the worst.

Legends like Sam Rayburn, William B. Bankhead and Tip O'Neill Jr. delivered for the people. Nancy did nothing. For over eight years now, she's done nothing. It is her hallmark. Let's hope her frou-frou chocolate ice cream raises her cholesterol and forces her into early retirement. Barring that, she seems determined to die in office.


Tweet of the week

 Ajamu Baraka Tweets:

As people are beginning to focus & pick through the irrational pro-war propaganda pushed by the irresponsible press, it is starting to become apparent that the war in Ukraine could have been avoided if the Biden administration hadn't been committed to a conflict with Russia.

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7) Billy Davis Jr. and Marilyn McCoo's BLACKBIRD: LENNON - MCCARTNEY ICONS.

8)  Jody Watley's JODY WATLEY.






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