Tuesday, September 05, 2023

TV: Hypocrisy, silences, embarrassments, it's YOUTUBE

Last week, two fugly men showed up on THE REAL 'NEWS' NETWORK to whine about so-called 'identity politics.' Two elderly White straight males trashing Angela Davis and others proving that, even in so-called 'independent' media, the White elderly male reigns supreme.




If anyone earned a pile on, it was those two entitled priss-pots.  Norman Finkelstein, for example, flamed out in academia decades ago and has done little with his life since other than show up on BLACK POWER MEDIA and, to the amazement of all watching, griped about how it was unfair that he, a White man, was no longer being allowed to go on programs to analyze African-Americans.  It was so unfair, Norman explained, that African-Americans were now being allowed to speak for themselves.  Last week, Norman trashed 'identity politics' with serial plagiarist Chris Hedges aka the first 'reporter' to put the false link of 9/11 to Iraq on the front page of THE NEW YORK TIMES with a non-hugely discredited article

The two grifters whined over media attention given to non-Whites, non-straights, non-males because they see celebrity as a zero-sum game and any attention not given to them was, well, attention not given to them. If anyone was begging for a beatdown in the public square last week it was Norman and Chrissy Lynn.

Proving what a circle jerk so-called 'independent' media is, everyone averted their eyes and attacks were instead launched on Kyle Kulinski.  Kyle's crime?

Daring to suggest that might be urine that Cornel West is walking on, not water.

THE HILL's RISING (or as out of touch  elderly Cornel calls it, "The Rising"), THE VANGUARD, and so many more YOUTUBERs -- including the White woman who pretends to be Black (this leftist Rachel Dolezal is a YOUTUBE celebrity hiding in plain sight) -- all wanted to zoom in on Kyle.

Guess it lets them avoid Randy Toler.




The name that they won't mention.   From BALLOTPEDIA:

Randy Toler (Green Party) is running for election to the U.S. Senate to represent Florida. He declared candidacy for the general election scheduled on November 5, 2024.

Toler is also running for election for President of the United States. He declared candidacy for the 2024 election.


Day after day Zac and Gavin on THE VANGUARD and all the rest rush to insist that Cornel is the Green Party's presidential nominee.  They lie and lie again.  Over and over.  And then claim that they're not lying.  

Zac and Gavin claimed that last Friday as they again misled their viewers into believing that the Green Party had selected Cornel.  No such thing has happened.  As we've repeatedly noted, the Green Party will hold their national convention in 2024 and they will vote then to decide who their nominee is.

It's funny to watch Zac and Gavin's hypocrisy.  They are the ones, after all, who keep whining that Marianne Williamson won't be on the debate stage with Joe Biden.  She's the one they want to be the Democratic Party's presidential candidate -- yes, they are two of the few rooting for Marianne.  And we have to hear from them how unfair this all is . . . as they repeatedly pretend that Toler's not running for the Green Party's presidential nomination.  

Do they even see their hypocrisy?  

Probably not.  

They are mad about others putting a finger on the scales but they're happy to do the same themselves.

Hypocrisy was all over last week if you bothered to look.

THE NEW YORK TIMES, for example, published another junk science article on transgendered people in which they glorified known liar and transphobe Jamie Reed. 

Evan Urquhart (ASSINGED MEDIA) does a major take down on Reed and the paper's latest garbage:


Earlier this week the New York Times published a biased and misleading story by Azeen Ghorayshi on the allegations of Jamie Reed, a former employee of the Washington University Pediatric Transgender Center at St. Louis Children’s Hospital. 

One paragraph in Ghorayshi’s story stood out. It claimed that while at least one of Reed’s claims contained factual inaccuracies, others had been corroborated. Based on the contents of the allegations and of the NYT piece, this didn’t seem to accurately reflect either what was in the allegations or what had been found in the reporting for the NYT piece.

Accusing the NYT of not accurately representing what their reporting found is a big swing, and something we know many people will find difficult to believe. That’s why Assigned Media went through every claim made by Reed and coded them as either corroborated, uncorroborated, or refuted by reporting in either the NYT or other outlets. We believe this shows, conclusively, that none of Reed’s allegations of wrongdoing at the Center have been confirmed, and that the NYT misled readers by implying that they had.

A spreadsheet containing every claim and our coding of them is available in a view-only link at the bottom of this story.



Alex Koran (FAIR) notes that the 'report' was a greatest hits of every transphobe report that the paper had previously published:


Over-emphasizing stories of detransition, regret and complications by using disproportionate sourcing is common in the Times’ gender-affirming care coverage. The paper’s front-page article (9/26/22) on adolescent top surgery, also by Ghorayshi, profiled a single patient happy with their surgery, and two who regretted it.

One of those regretters, Grace Lidinsky-Smith, was also quoted in the Times Magazine‘s heavily criticized “Battle Over Gender Therapy” feature story (6/15/22; FAIR.org, 6/23/22). Along with Lidinsky-Smith—not identified in either Times story as the president of GCCAN, an advocacy group critical of gender-affirming care—that article placed a heavy emphasis on kids who considered transitioning but did not: It quoted three of them, along with a parent who refused to let their kid start hormones. By contrast, it only quoted one child who had happily transitioned, one parent who said they made the right choice, and two adults who said they had made the right choice, though one urged caution.

Meanwhile, rates of detransition are generally estimated to be in the single digits. The current Times article (8/23/23) uses flawed interpretations of studies to suggest detransition rates higher than studies actually show, reporting that “small studies with differing definitions and methodologies have found rates ranging from 2 to 30%.” To corroborate these numbers, the Times links to a literature review whose lead author is Pablo Exposito-Campos, a researcher with ties to the Society for Evidence Based Medicine, an organization that advocates against gender-affirming care for minors.

The 30% number referenced in Exposito-Campos’ review that the Times uses comes from a study that looked at hormone prescription continuation rates in the TRICARE system for family members of military members. The authors noted in the conclusion that their numbers “likely underestimate continuation rates among transgender patients.” They also pointed out that other studies have shown as few as 16% of people who discontinue hormones do so because of a change in gender identity. (If 16% of the 30% of patients who discontinued hormone treatment did so because of a gender-identity change, that would be 0.5% of all patients.)

For more on NYT's anti-trans 'reporting,' see Julie Hollar's "NYT’s Anti-Trans Bias—by the Numbers" (FAIR).  And grasp that people like Glenn Greenwald -- transphobes -- are the problem.  When journalists protested the paper's poor coverage, Glenn sided with the paper.  A long, long trip from when he wanted everyone to side against THE INTERCEPT and support him.  

Transphobe Glenneth has done real harm and given others the green light to attack trans people and their rights.  As one person commented on his one of his videos, "Coming from a man in the G community, your message on these issues has so much more power than those from the orthodox crowd.. you are the man Glenn. Please never stop doing what you do!!"


He's not the man.  He's the grifter, he's the lonely dirty whore, but he's not the man.


Glenneth has joined NYT in trying to make people afraid of trans persons.  It's all about dehumanizing and lying.  And the hypocrisy can be found in one YOUTUBE program after another that refuses to call Glenneth or NYT out.  USEFUL IDIOTS pretends to cover the media but it's just covering for the media.  Aaron Mate and Katie Halper don't give a damn about trans people or, for that matter, anyone in the LGBTQ+ community.  Nothing is ever news to them on USEFUL IDIOTS or THE KATIE HALPER SHOW if it involves LGBTQ+ people.   And they are pretty much the standard -- or at least the DSA equivalent, right? 


They've ignored reality and accused others of identity politics.


The 'identity' politics that themselves practice allows them to ignore the murder of LGBTQ+ ally Lauri Carleton in California last month.  It allows them to ignore so much.


Saturday, Elaine wrote "Who won (not the people of Louisiana)."  Katie Halper fans have no idea because the brain challenged ditz doesn't cover stories about LGBTQ+ people.  Louisiana's laws -- homophobic and transphobic -- have forced one of the state's three pediatric cardiologists out of the state.  He and his family have relocated to Long Island.  


Trina noted this story as it was developing at the start of last month and pointed out:


As a medical professional, let me state the obvious:  You never want your community to lose any doctor but a cardiologist?  And then you add in a pediatric cardiologist?  Oh, no.  That's a huge loss.  He and his husband and their children are going to New York now but they could go anywhere because that specialty is so much in demand.  It's New Orleans' loss.  I'm so sorry that the family has had to make this decision.  It was forced on them and nothing they chose.  You need to grasp that these hate merchants are turning you on your own communities.

Moms For Bigotry and Naomi Wolf are not trying to help you, they are trying to destroy people's lives. 

These are real issues but it's not news to YOUTUBERS who want (as THE VANGUARD boys said three weeks ago) "the more important stuff instead of stupid culture war stuff."

This is about people's lives and these crap ass personalities that try to present as journalists and media critics can't be bothered with it.  They can be fan bois and fan gals of politicians -- Cornel, Marianne, etc -- but they can't cover the stuff that impacts actual lives, they can't cover the people being targeted.  Yet they want you to see them as brave and truth tellers.

They're nothing of the kind.


They'd rather attack Kyle.  They can't defend Cornel because Cornel's been a failure.  Would a third party candidate take votes away from a Democratic Party presidential candidate?  That's an issue worth discussing.  But to discuss it, we'd have to hear something other than sloganeering from Cornel West and we haven't.  What is his strategy?  What is his plan?  Even THE VANGUARD boys can't seem to agree on it -- in fact, Zac frequently contradicts himself in a single, short segment as he tries to explain what Cornel's 'plan' is.  

All of that made for something last week.   Not information, not news, but it made for something.  At least the ones mentioned above can find relief in the fact that they're not Tim Black.  There was Tim raging against Kyle while he wore a hat that looked like he swiped it from SWV and a loose t-shirt that made us wonder if we bought him a bra, would he wear it?  Probably not.  He's another of those idiots that wrongly believes Cornel already is the Green Party's presidential nominee -- an idiot like his 'viewer' Adrianna Sciortino who wanted to 'help' people out by (mis)informing, "​The Green Party website has free signs you can download and print."  No, the Green Party has no sign for Cornel West that you can print out.  A dope makes a YOUTUBE clip, another dope streams and it's one big circle of stupidity.  Or, as Dorothy Parker famously said,  "You can lead a whore to culture, but you can't make her think."


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