Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Truest statement of the week

It was embarrassing to watch that these are our two candidates. Both are proven liars and it almost seems like they're trying to debate who's less racist. 

-- Colin Kaepernick on Monday night's 'debate' between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump.

Truest statement of the week II

And at this point ... you have to pick the lesser of two evils. But in the end, it's still evil.
 -- Colin Kaepernick on Monday night's 'debate' between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump.

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And what did we come up with?

A 49-er gets a truest.
In fact, he gets two!!!
Michael Moore is now for Hillary.  It's hard to figure out who's the bigger whore, him or Jane Fonda?  But there are so many whores.
Ava and C.I. turn out another sociological marvel.  Next week, they will be covering entertainment TV. 
White House photo.
Roundtable.  And we've got Jess back!!!! At least for this week.
There were two so we had to divide them by region.
Here's the other.
Will & Grace return.  (Let's be honest, we all just wanted to see Karen and Jack.)
The long history of illegal US government spying.
Jill Stein Tweets.
As does Gary Johnson.


-- Jim, Dona, Ty, Jess, Ava and C.I

P.S. We reference an Ani DiFranco piece in roundtable.  We'll post it next week.  We've got it but we've already posted everything so we'll save it for next week.

Editorial: The Whores Have Landed

If u want a smart, responsible, compassionate President, she was standing there. If u want reality TV... well, which country do we live in?


That's Micheal Moore Tweeting on War Hawk Hillary Clinton.


The whores have landed.

Pro-War Jane Fonda, don't forget her.

She said, in January 2007, in DC, from the stage, that silence was not an option with the Iraq War and then she went silent.

What changed?

A Democrat got in the White House.

So she is anti-American after all -- if a Republican is in the White House.

She hates the country when a Republican is in the White House.

As she closes in on 80 (next year), the ridiculous hag wears a ridiculous wig and tries to pass for 'late 50s' with her ridiculous nonsense about how she still gets penis in her (dry) vagina and how Richard Perry puts out (poor Richard, don't we all just see her hissing "Go for the burn!" throughout).

Jane's a fake and a fraud and that's why she's supporting Hillary Clinton eight years after she called the woman a c--t.

She has done nothing to call out the ongoing Iraq War.

She has done nothing to call out The Drone War.

She has done nothing to call out Barack's war on whistle-blowers.

But bitch can get it together to form a group to try to elect Hillary Clinton.

Yes, the Whores have truly landed.

And their well used orifaces flap grandly in the wind like the flag of some dying regime.

What you're seeing is fan clubs, not activism.

Fan clubs.

Fan clubs led to rally round Barack.

Despite the fact that he illegally spies on Americans.

Coward and pro-war Jane Fonda's all down with that.

When the Nixon administration opened her mail and listened to her calls, she sued the government.

When Barack does even more she plays dumb and doesn't utter a peep.

But she can rally herself to get behind an election.

Again, fan clubs.

No wonder the country gets worse each year in terms of government abuses.

These 'leaders' can't lead.

They're priorities are f**ked up.

After all, Vanessa Redgrave never needed fake tits for her career or life -- just the Jane Fondas.

Vanessa Redgrave's spoken out for the Palestinians for years.

Jane stood with Tom Hayden cheering the Israeli War Crimes on a tour to get him re-elected to the state assembly.

They are cowards.

And their lesser selves -- the Nicky Kristofs, et al -- better grasp that a pundit who is a joke is no use to the empire.

You can only whore for so long.

TV: The story of campaign 2016

As the 2016 presidential election approaches, MSNBC gets more and more comical.

Take MORNING JOE where you can usually gauge the morning mood just by looking at what the ridiculous Mika Brzezinski is wearing.

And if she's all in black?

It's been a bad day for Hillary at the polls.


The polls.

Last week, NETWORK lost.

Sidney Lumet's film won Faye Dunaway a much deserved Acadamy Award and also won a ton of fans with its story of just how far into the useless 'news' could go in search of ratings.

MSNBC managed to top it.

And, silly us, we thought Thomas Roberts was a bottom.*

But there he was using his broadcast not just to waste time on poll -- actual news, of course, costs money and MSNBC spends so much on camera filters already in an attempt to make their motley crew appear semi-attractive.

No, he wasn't just yammering about them.

He was standing up and stalking the set as he discussed them.

Stalking them and thrusting his crotch like crazy, all but humping the lens of the camera -- again, we thought he was a bottom.

Is this the wave of the future for what's loosely known as 'news'?

Repeating everything that started on the network earlier with MORNING JOE (polling) and your only addition being some form of Crotch Thrust Theater.

The money shot never came but on and on he went from commercial break to commercial break.

Break is what Andrea Mitchell's flimsy chicken wings always look like they're about to do.

At 69, you'd think someone would have long ago told her to wear sleeves.

But MSNBC has patented the I-just-stepped-out-on-the-patio look for their female daytime talent.

Andrea is the most biased and most opinionated so-called 'reporter' on TV.

We think it's the distraction of those upper arms that keeps most from focusing on her bias.

We can't figure out what's distracting -- Thomas Roberts' crotch? -- the media from the recent FBI revelation that Barack Obama knew Hillary Clinton was using a private server for her e-mails when she served as Secretary of State.

If you've forgotten, Barack Obama has been all over Hillary Clinton's e-mail scandal, insisting publicly that there was nothing there and yet he never told the American people that he knew what she was doing.

In fact, April 12, 2016, White House press spokesperson Josh Earnest declared:

Obviously, the President has talked about this issue publicly because he’s read the newspaper and there have been many details of the case that have been reported publicly -- in large part because Secretary Clinton has asked that her emails in question be released publicly. And there are thousands, tens of thousands of pages of emails that all of you have combed through and reported on. And that has informed the President about the situation.

Those comments were met with charges of bias in real time but no one's gone back to explore them since.

He misled the American people and, if you focus on his 60 MINUTES interviews, that's even more true.

MSNBC missed that.

They miss a great deal.

Maybe lizard eyed Mika expressed it best "my blood pressure kept going up throughout."

It's really strange to watch how partisan the media has made this election.

You've had a Supreme Court Justice feel that she needed to weigh in (she didn't -- to her credit she apologized).

You have the sitting president of the United States regularly insulting the Republican candidate and not in terms of 'his programs will not be as good as my party's' remarks but instead that Donald Trump was "woefully unprepared" and that Republicans should withdraw support from him and that he "is not fit in any way, shape, or form to represent this country abroad or to be its commander-in-chief."

There's a good chance Trump might become the president of the United States.

How are Barack Obama's remarks helpful?

They aren't.

And they degrade the office of the president, they degrade the position.

They are off-sides at their most mildest.

Barack Obama has not been called out by the press for this break with custom and decorum because the press has also felt the need to break from it.

Like Mika, they feel they can do anything they want.

And they have.

And yet, approximately half of the people are still for Trump.

Which means Mika's against half of the country as is Barack -- and Barack was elected to represent all of the American people.

The campaign story of 2016 has been about Barack, his egging the media on to attack Donald Trump, the media falling in line, insufferable egos at THE NEW YORK TIMES -- fake ass Nicholas Kristof among them -- wailing and yelling.

That's the story of campaign 2016.

If Trump should win (we're not voting for him), it would be quite a rebuke of the media.

The reporters have attacked him, the comedians have attacked him, Jane Fonda and other faded celebrities have come out against him and if they should all fail, it really says something about how attempts to rig an election, in the end, don't work.


Ava and C.I. note:

* If  his penis is "hot" but his ass is "hotter," according to Thomas, that would make him a self-proclaimed bottom but don't take our word, when you aren't at work, click here and see for yourself.

For this she endured years of house arrest?

aung san suu kyi

Actual caption: Aung San Suu Kyi has won the US Congressional Gold Medal, the Order of Australia, the Nobel Peace Prize, the Sakharov Prize and much more but Barack chooses to show her his pets?


Jim: Roundtable time.  Roundtable is limited to Dona, Ty, Ava, C.I. and our erstwhile band member Jess who's joining us for this roundtable.  First up, "MEDIA: Fred Kaplan and other Scurrilous Whores" went up last week.  It was the only thing that went up.  Dona?

Dona: Ava and C.I. wrote that on Sunday.  It covered the movie SNOWDEN and the attacks on the film and on Ed Snowden.  We've long supported whistle-blower Ed Snowden.  They were ready -- Ava and C.I. -- with that on Sunday.  By Monday, we still didn't have our act together here.  So hours into Tuesday morning, Ava and C.I. posted their piece.

Ty: Among the reasons?  Our readership is more likely to go to the movies during the week than on weekends.  I work for a studio and a number of people in the office read this site.  They were all coming up Tuesday and saying, "They are right" -- Ava and C.I. -- "because this really is a weekday film."  And it turns out that this is true.  SNOWDEN made around 7 million last week -- a little over three million was made during the week and Tuesday was one of its strongest days, taking in over a million in ticket sales.  Jess?

Jess: Our original audience was college students back when we were college students.  I work now, Ava's on the road during the week -- she, C.I., Wally and Kat speak out against the ongoing wars.  If I'm seeing a movie, it's going to be during the week.  It's easier to get a babysitter if we need one, it's easier to get in, you have less pre-teens to fool with.  They made an argument and they needed to get it out, Ava and C.I., for the film and they needed to do it as soon as possible because the Fred Kaplan whores were trying to destroy the film, to bury it because they don't want the facts to get out.

Dona: So in reply to those who worried, no, we weren't upset.  Or I wasn't.  Ty wasn't.  Jim may have been.

Jim: I was ticked.  I often am.  But the point was, "This is ready, this needs to be up."  Another point was that we need to get things posted and if we don't have a great edition, so what?  We need to be up on time.  I get that.  I should note that we are late this week due to Ava and C.I.  They both caught a nasty flu on the road and didn't write their piece until Tuesday.

Dona: Not that we had content ready.  Let's be clear on that.  There was a theme we were supposed to have done last time and did not.  We were supposed to carry it out this week.  Ava and C.I. worked on roughing out what sort of pieces we should have and then said, 'We're sick, let us know when you're done and we'll write our piece.'

Jim: Right.  But, yes, I was ticked.  Ticked that they posted it.  It's their piece, it was done, we were late, they had every right to post it.  In fact, I'm kind of surprised that they didn't post it at THE COMMON ILLS.  It was a huge piece -- in terms of writing, yes, but I'm speaking in terms of views.  It's a shame we didn't have content to go with it but that's just how it goes, I guess.  We're going to do that more and more, by the way.  If Ava and C.I. had been well, we would have done it this week.  We actually could have posted at 7:00 pm EST on Tuesday night but we wanted to have this roundtable to address a number of issues being raised in e-mails.  Our e-mail address is but we can't get into it currently.

Ty: As always, you can use and we'll get those e-mails which a number of you like Rachel already grasped when she didn't get her usual reply from Jim or me at the THIRD e-mail address.

Dona: Yahoo.  Since the end of last week, we've been locked out.  Today we just get error messages.  We're apparently one of the accounts effected or punished by their security breach from two years ago that they just announced.

Ty: So Rachel wants to know if "the band is breaking up?"

Jim: Not yet.

Dona: Maybe next week.

Jim: Jess, are you in or out right now?

Jess: I'm here for the roundtable.  I'll lay down a few bass notes.  Other than that I'm not making promises.

Ty: And Ava and C.I.?

Ava: We're tired.  This wasn't supposed to be a never ending website.  We started in January of 2005 and thought we'd be done before 2008.

Dona: And that US troops would be out of Iraq so we were wrong on both counts.

Ava: But it's 11 years.  And every week, C.I. and I have to write about media.  For the next few weeks, it should be easier because the fall TV season has started.  And next week, especially, we're planning to focus on two new shows that we really love.  But when you ask us -- like Jim did -- can we find a way to cover SNOWDEN, the film, we have to do it in a media critique manner and that's a shelf-life, it comes with a shelf-life.  We need to get it up when we write it.

Jim: We asked some of our regular e-mailers if they had any questions other than are we breaking up. Reader Brody wanted to note this from a July 2006 piece you and C.I. wrote about SUPERNATURAL: "We're not sure what to make of this show. On the one hand, it's like really bad gay porn where the leads forget to take their clothes off. On the other, it's as though someone had a secret fondness for The American Girls."  Brody found THE AMERICAN GIRLS on YOUTUBE and agrees it shares a lot with that show but he points out that the first part, the gay porn, quote, "How did they pick up on that?  That was the first season of the show.  What's kept it alive is all the gay porn fan fiction with MPREGs and all the rest."

C.I.: We picked up on it by watching it.  It sold something more than brotherhood between Dean and what's his face.  That's what the most zealous fans picked up on.  I find it interesting, by the way, that the mountains of fan fiction that exists today appears to largely be written by women.  That would be an interesting sociology paper, how the female fans of SUPERNATURAL want to see the two male leads in a loving and sexual relationship.

Dona: We should note that Ava and C.I. are taking notes for this transcript piece so when one speaks, the other's jotting.  They'll turns answering any questions.

Ty: And back to the point, it's Dean and Sam.  And, as a gay man, I do find the actor who plays Dean appealing but Sam's more for the ones who would have thought Anthony Perkins was sexy back in the day.

Ava: You mean like Paul Newman and Tab Hunter who had sex with Perkins, or the teeny boppers who had crushes on Perkins?

Ty: I was referring more to the teeny boppers.

Jim: Welcome to the we-don't-give-a-f**k period of THIRD.  I'm not joking on that.  We don't anymore.  We're tired of pretty things up.  We've noted before, for example, that Paul Newman slept with men but I don't believe we've named anyone.

Dona: But these days, we just don't care anymore.  So Jane Fonda, you slept with Shelly Winters and the man in bed with you was one of her husbands not Roger Vadim.  So when you gonna get honest about that, dear?  Or are you just going to keep pretending publicly that you only hopped into bed because Roger Vadim was such a mastermind of your life?

Ty: We just don't give a f**k anymore.  Jane writes a book and 'forgets' she slept with women?  That's on you, embarrassing hag.   And it's doubtful she would have even been semi-honest in her 'autobiography' -- ghost writers are so good, aren't they -- if John Phillips hadn't published his book in the 80s where he recounted being in bed with Warren Beatty, Jane Fonda, Michelle Phillips and Roger Vadim -- read PAPA JOHN.

Dona: We're just tired of all your fake assery and all your lying.  And you can tie into Iraq.  You can tie into your whorish ways, Jane Fonda and all the rest, your refusal to Barack accountable on the Iraq War, your decision to whore for War Hawk Hillary after saying the Iraq War mattered, we just don't give a damn anymore about your haggish ass and just wish you'd go away or do you really think your increasingly embarrassing performance in your NETFLIX TV show is quality acting?  Clearly Emmy voters don't think so.

Jim: Ani DiFranco was someone we loved.  And we knew she'd supported Ralph Nader and that didn't bother us one --

Jess: I supported Ralph.

Jim: Jess supported Ralph, couldn't vote in 2000, wasn't old enough but he supported Ralph.

Jim: But we were Ani fans.  It made since that she'd support Ralph.  He was an independent candidate, she was an independent artist.

Ty: Then she supports John Kerry, then Barack Obama and now Hillary Clinton.  She's dead to us.

Jess: And it didn't have to be that way.  I think Conor Oberst -- of the band Bright Eyes -- drank way too much Kool-Aid around the time Ani DiFranco was embarrassing herself.  But he at least had the good sense to reject refills and spoke out:

You'll do good business as an apologist 
If you exaggerate their facts, if you perpetuate their myth 
They made activism trite 
They made honor optional 
They made propaganda news 
They made science radical

Jess (Con't): That's from "The Left Is Right" off the album he did with his other group Desaparecidos.  And he called out everything on that album.

Dona: While Ani DiFranco tried to convince you that sitting back and cheering for Barack was activism and, by the way, the title of the album is PAYOLA, the album "The Left Is Right" appears on.

C.I. And Conor's RUMINATIONS comes out October 14th.

Jim: Expecting integrity from an artist isn't too much.  Ani is one more fake ass whose betrayed everything she stands for.

Ty: And let's toss Joan Baez on that list.  She endorsed Barack Obama and she's never called him out.  What a whore.  The Drone War doesn't bother her.  I think she endorsed him because she thinks he's a "Negro."  I use that word intentionally because I've loathed Joan Baez since she went on Laura Flanders' radio show during Camp Casey and Laura asked her about issues and Joan said something like, "You mean Negroes" -- she used that word -- and started laughing.  That's a sign of how some people are in their own bubble.  Everyone kisses Joan's ass which is why she doesn't get how offensive some of her s**t is.

Dona: Mickey wrote Tuesday of last week, when we could still read our e-mails, and he wanted to say that it seemed like we just hated people because they liked Hillary Clinton.  That's not true but Ill let someone else respond.

C.I.: We haven't said a word against Rickie Lee Jones.  She's a Hillary supporter.  She was one in 2008, as well.  I'm not seeing anything wrong with what she's doing.  What we're objecting to are hypocrites.  Cher supports Hillary.  I have no problem with that.  I have many friends who will vote for Hillary -- and a few who whisper they're voting for Donald -- it's not the end of the world to me.  Unless you're a hypocrite.

Jess: Authenticity used to matter.  Now it's a 'brand.'  Well, Jane Fonda, if it's your brand then be authentic.  Or do we have to wait for your next damn proclamation of "My eyes have just been opened!"  How many times has she claimed it.  She supposedly cared about the Iraq War.  She refused to support Hillary in 2008 due to the Iraq War and now that Hillary has demonstrated her support of the Iraq War was not a loose strand but the very core of her being, Jane's all rah-rah.  It's like shut up.  I can understand on Rickie Lee.  I can understand on Cher.  I can understand on anyone who supported Hillary in 2008 even because that was so brutal.  And I'm not going to knock those people.  But if you claim to be some sort of social justice activist and you're telling people to vote for a War Hawk, you're just a whore.

Ava: If you say you are antiwar, as Jane Fonda did in her DC speech in 2007, then we expect you to be antiwar.  But she's not.  And we don't have time for your fake asses.  We don't have time for your bulls**t careers.  We don't have time for your bulls**t.  However long this site continues, you can expect us to be even more vocal because like the bulk of America, we are disgusted.  The whores don't get it, the Johnny Nichols, the Ruthie Conniffs, they don't get how they are being tuned out because they are whores.

Jim: And Ruth Conniff is a damn good example.  Look at what she wrote against Hillary in 2008 as opposed to the way THE PROGRESSIVE kisses her ass now.  But, Ava, this feeling is growing and it's growing across the country and it's something that you witness first hand.

Ava: About three years ago, maybe four, there was hesitancy when people would speak.  They'd say, "I subscribe to THE NATION but . . ." And then they'd list all the ways the magazine betrayed the left, betrayed causes and apologized for the establishment.  That hesitancy has vanished.  The Katrina vanden Heuvels are hated by politically aware youth in this country.  They are liars who whore and think they can get away with it, think people forget what they said before.  There is no forgetting in the digital age, everything's searchable or cached and their hypocrisy is killing them.

Ty: And let's not leave the blessed Bill Moyers out.  He really wants open debates this go round.  But when an African-American was running for president in 2008, he didn't want them.  He was for bi-racial Barack Obama.  And he didn't care that Cynthia McKinney was shut out.  He didn't even care that Ralph Nader was.  Now he's whining about the debates in that whining way he has.  He should go back to blackmailing gay men the way he did under LBJ.

Jim: So that's where we are currently.  We're late, but we plan to still be here.  And we really don't feel like stomaching the b.s.  This is a rush transcript.

Tweet of the week (international)

  1. This is how caring for the youngest residents of our world looks like in a displacement camp in

Tweet of the week (domestic)

Question everything.

Video of the week

See Elaine's analysis of the video in "Will & Grace."

Illegal spying on Rock Hudson

Spying on American citizens is important.

Bully Boy Bush and Barack Obama both oversaw it so it's bi-partisan.

And it produces so much 'actionable' 'intelligence.'

If you doubt it, peruse the FBI files.


October 28, 1966, for example, will reveal how the FBI saved the country by spying on film star Rock Hudson.

Rock Hudson has not been the subject of an FBI investigation.  During 1965, however, a confidential informant reported that several years ago while he was in New York he had an "affair" with movie star Rock Hudson.  The informant stated that from personal knowledge he knew that Rock Hudson was a homosexual.  The belief was expressed that by "personal knowledge" the informant meant he had personally indulged in homosexual acts with Hudson or had witnessed or received information from individuals who had done so. (62-110654-4)
On another occasion, information was received by the Los Angeles Office of the FBI that it was common knowledge in the motion picture industry that Rock Hudson was suspected of having homosexual tendencies.
It is to be noted in May, 1961, a confidential source in New York also stated that Hudson definitely was a homosexual. (105-128834-73)

Money well spent?

The spying on American citizens is illegal and must stop.

Voting green is a vote build power for people, planet & peace

Jill Stein is the Green Party's presidential candidate.

  1. Why risk arrest to protest closed ? Because we love our children & want them to live in a democracy.
    Debate Protesters Arrested at Hofstra
    When asked why they would risk arrest to protest the rigged presidential debates, the #1 answer these peaceful protesters gave is "because we love our children and future generations."
  2. Here's what and were up to during last night's debate
  3. We are creating a political revolution and building a that works for all of us. Text VOTENOW to 24587
  4. Thanks to millions of Americans who helped us ! Keep spreading the word & building the movement!
  5. Things Trump & Hillary agree on: ✔️Fracking ✔️Iraq War ✔️Taking billionaire money ✔️Prosecuting whistleblowers These choices are deadly.
  6. Voting Green isn't a protest vote. It's a vote to build power for people, planet & peace over profit.
  7. Remember when Hillary Clinton called the TPP the "gold standard"? Or called Black youth "superpredators"? Or voted for the Iraq War?
  8. " is a member of the 1%, and is a servant of the 1%..." Hear what I have to say:
  9. Wells Fargo CEO Stumpf is forfeiting $41M for fraudulent business practices. Wealthy banksters should not get "get out of jail free" cards.
  10. I will not stand by idly as our democracy is destroyed by fossil fuel giants, war profiteers, & big banks who fund both corporate campaigns.
  11. In a time where our environment needs urgent help, is essential. We need to get away from Big Money candidates.
  12. it's time to revoke the Commission on Presidential tax exempt status. Perpetuating this fraud is outrageous.
  13. "Either a Trump or Clinton presidency is a pretty bleak prospect. I'm supporting " LIVE Q+A in Galway
  14. I couldn't agree with more.
  15. Despite a political/media establishment united against us, we're building a party for the 99% - .
  16. 1K+ armed police to deal with peaceful protesters? The establishment seems terrified people will find out they have other choices.
  17. is a great day to join the party for people planet & peace over profit: !
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