Wednesday, September 28, 2016

TV: The story of campaign 2016

As the 2016 presidential election approaches, MSNBC gets more and more comical.

Take MORNING JOE where you can usually gauge the morning mood just by looking at what the ridiculous Mika Brzezinski is wearing.

And if she's all in black?

It's been a bad day for Hillary at the polls.


The polls.

Last week, NETWORK lost.

Sidney Lumet's film won Faye Dunaway a much deserved Acadamy Award and also won a ton of fans with its story of just how far into the useless 'news' could go in search of ratings.

MSNBC managed to top it.

And, silly us, we thought Thomas Roberts was a bottom.*

But there he was using his broadcast not just to waste time on poll -- actual news, of course, costs money and MSNBC spends so much on camera filters already in an attempt to make their motley crew appear semi-attractive.

No, he wasn't just yammering about them.

He was standing up and stalking the set as he discussed them.

Stalking them and thrusting his crotch like crazy, all but humping the lens of the camera -- again, we thought he was a bottom.

Is this the wave of the future for what's loosely known as 'news'?

Repeating everything that started on the network earlier with MORNING JOE (polling) and your only addition being some form of Crotch Thrust Theater.

The money shot never came but on and on he went from commercial break to commercial break.

Break is what Andrea Mitchell's flimsy chicken wings always look like they're about to do.

At 69, you'd think someone would have long ago told her to wear sleeves.

But MSNBC has patented the I-just-stepped-out-on-the-patio look for their female daytime talent.

Andrea is the most biased and most opinionated so-called 'reporter' on TV.

We think it's the distraction of those upper arms that keeps most from focusing on her bias.

We can't figure out what's distracting -- Thomas Roberts' crotch? -- the media from the recent FBI revelation that Barack Obama knew Hillary Clinton was using a private server for her e-mails when she served as Secretary of State.

If you've forgotten, Barack Obama has been all over Hillary Clinton's e-mail scandal, insisting publicly that there was nothing there and yet he never told the American people that he knew what she was doing.

In fact, April 12, 2016, White House press spokesperson Josh Earnest declared:

Obviously, the President has talked about this issue publicly because he’s read the newspaper and there have been many details of the case that have been reported publicly -- in large part because Secretary Clinton has asked that her emails in question be released publicly. And there are thousands, tens of thousands of pages of emails that all of you have combed through and reported on. And that has informed the President about the situation.

Those comments were met with charges of bias in real time but no one's gone back to explore them since.

He misled the American people and, if you focus on his 60 MINUTES interviews, that's even more true.

MSNBC missed that.

They miss a great deal.

Maybe lizard eyed Mika expressed it best "my blood pressure kept going up throughout."

It's really strange to watch how partisan the media has made this election.

You've had a Supreme Court Justice feel that she needed to weigh in (she didn't -- to her credit she apologized).

You have the sitting president of the United States regularly insulting the Republican candidate and not in terms of 'his programs will not be as good as my party's' remarks but instead that Donald Trump was "woefully unprepared" and that Republicans should withdraw support from him and that he "is not fit in any way, shape, or form to represent this country abroad or to be its commander-in-chief."

There's a good chance Trump might become the president of the United States.

How are Barack Obama's remarks helpful?

They aren't.

And they degrade the office of the president, they degrade the position.

They are off-sides at their most mildest.

Barack Obama has not been called out by the press for this break with custom and decorum because the press has also felt the need to break from it.

Like Mika, they feel they can do anything they want.

And they have.

And yet, approximately half of the people are still for Trump.

Which means Mika's against half of the country as is Barack -- and Barack was elected to represent all of the American people.

The campaign story of 2016 has been about Barack, his egging the media on to attack Donald Trump, the media falling in line, insufferable egos at THE NEW YORK TIMES -- fake ass Nicholas Kristof among them -- wailing and yelling.

That's the story of campaign 2016.

If Trump should win (we're not voting for him), it would be quite a rebuke of the media.

The reporters have attacked him, the comedians have attacked him, Jane Fonda and other faded celebrities have come out against him and if they should all fail, it really says something about how attempts to rig an election, in the end, don't work.


Ava and C.I. note:

* If  his penis is "hot" but his ass is "hotter," according to Thomas, that would make him a self-proclaimed bottom but don't take our word, when you aren't at work, click here and see for yourself.

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