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TV: Now the hate mongers come for WOLF PACK

Ty told us readers were writing in convinced we must hate WOLF PACK since we haven't reviewed it.  There are many shows we haven't reviewed yet.  Don't assume that we dislike something because we haven't covered it.

With regards to WOLF PACK, we've watched the first two episodes and were planning on reviewing it later on.  We'd check the viewership on it and knew WOLF PACK wasn't in any trouble -- its pulling in really good numbers.  We weren't, however, aware that the show was being attacked.




One homophobe -- who's written homophobic comments about many shows -- felt the need to share

The boy on boy porn in the first 29 minutes was a little bit much for me. I don’t care what people do but I do not want it cramped down my throat. Teen Wolf was an amazing show and I so wanted to love this. I am a werewolf, vampire, ghost, mummy kind of person. I so wanted to love this show. Teen Wolf had so boy on boy to but they were tasteful with it. Y’all just threw it in our faces. I wish you lots of luck with the show. I got Paramont only to watch this show. Now I will cancel.

Where do you start with that garbage?  First off, she didn't watch the show or she wouldn't make the mistakes she does.  Second, she's not subscribing, she has no subscription to dump.  She's 'reviewing' based on the trailer. The first 29 minutes of the first episode?  Nope.  It's the second episode and it's 32 minutes into the program (minus commercials).  And this 'boy on boy porn'? It's not porn and it's 40 seconds split into three parts.  In the first two parts (23 seconds) Harlan (Tyler Lawrence Gray) is working out and having a dream or premonition where he and another guy kiss while clothed.  In the last third (17 seconds) the kissing continues and we see nude butt as the other guy pulls off Harlan's shorts.**


Do you get now what a liar the reviewer is?  And cramped down her throat?  Cramped?  Does she mean crammed?  That is the problem with Christian illiterates -- attempt to figure out what they mean as they wrongly use words from their highly limited vocabulary.  And for the record, Christian illiterates is a term from 30 ROCK and it doesn't refer to all Christians. It refers to stupid ones. See season five, episode 17 "Queen of Jordan" (written by Tracey Wigfield) where Liz tells Randi, "No, we're not writing a tearful admission of your being a call girl in Delaware.  Write it yourself."  To which Randi responds, "For your information I'm a Christian illiterate, so that's not an option." 

"TEEN WOLF had so boy on boy to" -- does she mean "had some boy on boy too"?  Again, the Christian illiterates don't just deface, they also create work for those who try to decipher their poorly worded and constructed sentences. 


And, again, she's not a subscriber to PARAMOUNT-PLUS.  No one who paid money for it would spell it "PARAMONT."  She watched the trailer -- probably on YOUTUBE -- and then wrote her homophobic and uninformed (redundant?) review.  40 seconds, please remember, was too much for her.  40 seconds was a same-sex relationship being "cramped" down her throat.

As we came across garbage like that, we realized why readers were worried. WOLF PACK is being attacked by hate mongers who are using lies (we don't think Jesus Christ would approve of that).  It is scary as they carry out an organized campaign to kill the show.  But, here's the thing, these liars pulled the same crap with THE LAST OF US -- review bombing it after the third episode told the story of Frank and Bill's love.  All these lying homophobes showed up to insist that they subscribed to HBO -- they didn't -- and that they were cancelling their subscriptions because of Frank and Bill and would never watch the show again.  Know what happened?  For one thing, episode four got even more viewers.  Secondly, HBO does their own survey of the subscribers.  And when you try to lie on those surveys, you get kicked out of it.  Meaning, the WOLF PACK reviewer above wouldn't have gotten away with her garbage with an HBO program due to her errors which demonstrate she didn't watch the episode. 


These people don't watch.  They're the ones who were bragging that they'd cut the chord because they didn't want the smut of, say, THE HALLMARK CHANNEL.  These Christian illiterates are large enough, if they work real hard, to propel a film into number nine at the box office -- but only one film at a time as Stan noted. They're not big enough to impact anything and they're too cheap to pay for HBO.  (Some people can't afford HBO, we're well aware.  We're two years shy of 20 years of covering TV here.  When we started, we only covered broadcast TV because we were aware that not everyone could afford to pay for programming.  Only in 2017 did we finally begin reviewing HBO and we still do that sparingly.)


Another thing the hateful haters share?  The claim that they're doing what they're doing to protect children.


To protect children.


That's the same lie hate monger Marjorie Taylor Green likes to spout.  And corrupt people like Glenyth Greenwald allow her to do so.  Glen had the US House of Representative Greene on his bad program last week.  We don't have time for Glenyth and his self-loathing.  But last week also found Marjorie making more horrible remarks -- this time in a Congressional hearing.  

Here's what she said -- can you see the problem on your own? -- :

Critical race theory in education. It’s a racist curriculum used to teach children that somehow their white skin is not equal to black skin and other things in education.


In case you missed the problem, Marjorie's furious about money going into public schools where children are being taught.  

Now when we say children, we picture a wide range of children. 

Not Marjorie.  Children, in her mind, are only those young persons living in "their white skin."

Did no one catch that?

We got it the first time we read it last week and we waited and waited and then waited some more for her to be called out.

No one did.  

Marjorie wants to save children -- or at least those with "white skin." 

That attitude is the attitude that is responsible for all her hatred -- all her immense hatred.  

She wants to save the children -- at least the White children.  She can't see the country enough to grasp that all children are not White.  Or, if she can see that, her tiny and pathetic heart isn't capable of reaching out to anyone who doesn't have "white skin."

She also is unable/unwilling to grasp that some children are LGBTQ+.  Some children know very early on that they are.  Marjorie's not concerned with them.  She doesn't care about them.  They don't exist to her just like children of color don't exist to her.


Marjorie isn't the only homophobe pretending to care about children.  Republican Pamela Denise Long showed up last week at NEWSWEEK.  Her beef?  Black History Month.


Specifically, she's bothered that African-Americans who aren't hetero might get attention.


No doubt while belching from heartburn, she snarled:

The state of Florida invited College Board to revise the course curriculum and submit it for reconsideration, which they did, adding Black conservative voices and removing writers representing critical race theory and "the queer experience."

Outraged liberals accused the College Board of "caving" to DeSantis. Yet Florida's Department of Education is right: We need to stop allowing other interest groups to shoehorn their agendas into Black American history.

It's indefensible, not least because we desperately need unbiased content that helps Americans develop fuller awareness about the experience of Black Americans to cultivate a more robust understanding of this nation's civic obligations to us. A well thought out African American Studies AP course could go a long way toward doing that. Yet the course that DeSantis's administration rejected did something else: It unnecessarily married Black American history with dismantling capitalism and queer theory.

Sadly, this penchant is all too common.

Black LGBTQIA+ activists and their white supporters claim we are erasing them when their sexuality isn't placed in the spotlight. But the reality is, Black LGBTQIA+ activists are Black. The extent to which they are not Black first and foremost is a matter of their own identity priorities, and the descendants of U.S. slaves—the people who are the crux of the "Black" in African American studies—cannot afford to accommodate their emotional needs.


It's called intersectionality and that's defined as "the interconnected nature of social categorizations such as race, class, and gender as they apply to a given individual or group, regarded as creating overlapping and interdependent systems of discrimination or disadvantage."  


It's not an either/or though Long's so hateful and ignorant that she can't get beyond the either/or construct.  Kimberle Crenshaw has made that field her area of expertise.  If Long weren't so opposed to education and reading, we'd recommend this article to her.


She might also try researching Africa before she tries to erase gays and lesbians. She could start with 2001's BOY-WIVES AND FEMALE HUSBANDS: STUDIES OF AFRICAN HOMOSEXUALITIES.


Long pretends she's concerned with children too.  But if she was truly concerned with children, she wouldn't try to erase reality.  Not only are some of the children in Florida LGBTQ+ persons, not only do some of the children have LGBTQ+ parents and/or family members, but they're all going to be around LGBTQ+ persons.  And Long doesn't want them to know anything.


Last year, Gwen Iviles, Ariel Jao and Brooke Sopelsa (NBC NEWS) noted:

From 1960s civil rights activist Bayard Rustin to Chicago's first lesbian mayor, Lori Lightfoot, Black LGBTQ Americans have long made history with innumerable contributions to politics, art, medicine and a host of other fields.

“As long as there have been Black people, there have been Black LGBTQ and same-gender-loving people,” David J. Johns, executive director of the National Black Justice Coalition, told NBC News. “Racism combined with the forces of stigma, phobia, discrimination and bias associated with gender and sexuality have too often erased the contributions of members of our community."

For children, Long insists, people's lives must be buried.  Now, let's be clear, she's not concerned about burying any man or woman who married or who had an affair.  It's just if the person is LGBTQ+.  


She's a hate monger.  

Hate is all she has and it's all she has to offer.  She tries to pass it off as caring and compassion but it's just hate.

In WOLF PACK, Sarah Michelle Gellar returns to series TV as arson investigator Kristen Ramsey.  What she's really doing, though, is attempting to help the teenagers who are becoming -- or already were -- wolves.  These shows tend to get richer with each episode.  We see a lot of moments here that can bring the sort of long running pay off that BUFFY THE VAMPIRE SLAYER did.


It's a show worth watching, one that holds your attention.  That's more than reason enough to watch.  If you need another, remember you have the power to send the hate mongers back to the hell their closed minds have trapped them in for all eternity. 


**Added 2/9/23.  Reader Karen e-mailed to say of the reviewer we quoted, "She may be referring to the club scene in the first episode."  Thank you, Karen for pointing that out.  She might be.  We find that even more laughable.  First, it's 28 minutes in, not 25. Second, all we see is kissing.  There's no nudity.  And there's an opposite sex couple kissing as well off to the side.  It's Harlan and the other guy again as the same-sex couple.  And it's 25 seconds.  25 seconds.  In a scene where one opposite sex couple is kissing and one same-sex couple is kissing.  And that could qualify as boy-on-boy porn in the mind of the Christian illiterate?  Karen's probably right about this.  We felt the reviewer had to be having a meltdown over the second episode because the kissing lasted longer and you also got a nude male butt in it.

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