Monday, January 16, 2017

Truest statement of the week

The truth is that if Hillary was being sworn in Friday instead of Big Cheeto we’d still be spending half the nation’s wealth yearly on a murderous global military empire with over a thousand overseas bases. We’d still be bombing seven countries and operating networks of global torture, kidnapping and secret prisons. If Hillary was president the US would still have the two biggest air forces on the planet, the first being the USAF, the second being the US Navy.
#StopTheHate. #DumpTrump. #BeUngovernable. #StopTrump and #NotMyPresident and most of the meme stashes and joke repositories do not scare the Pentagon because they offer no door for people to recognize, let alone question the system, not the personalities it throws up. They DO allow the lazy and credulous among us to imagine as Democrats tell us, that “character is destiny,” and Democratic operatives to reinforce that message.

But if a Democrat were installed in the White House till 2020 the black unemployment rate would be about the same as it’s been the last half century, about double the white rate. If a Democrat were in the White House hundreds of thousands with full time jobs would still be homeless and millions more an arbitrary paycheck from it. If a Democrat were in the White House we’d still have 2 million plus people in prisons and jails, mostly black and brown, and gentrification of inner cities and privatization of public education and public resources would continue apace. Big Pharma and Big Insurance, military contractors and corporate media monopolies and parasitic hedge funders would get still fatter off privatized nature, racketeering and theft of the commons.

-- Bruce A. Dixon, "Mocking, Marching, Stopping the Hate and Dumping Trump Are Not Enough" (BLACK AGENDA REPORT).

Truest statement of the week II

Obama is the first president in American history to serve two full terms in office with the nation at war. This includes the continued bloodletting in Afghanistan and Iraq, the bombing of Libya, the six-year-long war for regime change in Syria, and support for the Saudi-led destruction of Yemen. A recent survey reported that in 2016, US Special Operations forces were deployed in 138 nations, or 70 percent of the countries of the world.
The “wars of the 21st century,” begun under Bush and expanded under Obama, have killed more than a million people and driven millions more from their homes, producing the worst refugee disaster since the Second World War. Obama’s “pivot to Asia” has inflamed tensions from the South China Sea to India and Pakistan. The current president will leave the White House as NATO troops deploy to Eastern Europe in the midst of an anti-Russia war hysteria stoked by the media and the Democratic Party.

Obama is the “drone” president, supervising the killing of some 3,000 people in Pakistan, Yemen, Somalia and Libya by means of unmanned aerial vehicles, along with several thousand more in Iraq and Afghanistan.

-- Joseph Kishore, "Obama's legacy of war, repression and inequality" (WSWS).

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Bruce A. Dixon gets another one.
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No, he didn't.  He lied.  And so many whores helped him lie.
Ava and C.I. take a look at two series with similar premises.
For those who live in fear, we abhor you.
Some deaths don't require mourning.
They aren't capable of shame, sadly.
What we listened to while writing.
Francis A. Boyle.
Press release from Senator Baldwin's office.
Press release from the Green Party.
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Editorial: Thank you, Barack, for ending the Iraq War

Are you laughing yet?

Us too.

Oh, Barack, you were so full of s**t, weren't you?

But those dumb ass "Progressives for Obama," they lapped at your crotch, didn't they?

Full list of losers can be found here.

They should do the world a favor and rot the f**k in hell.

Iraqis are dead and where were they the last 8 years?


Jim Hightower until your elderly ass can say the words, "I'm gay"?

Shut the f**k up.

No one needs your whoring.

We know all about the Texas bookstores you used to haunt, Jimmy.

You're not fooling anyone.

That a 74-year-old 'professional bachelor' can't get honest about who he is goes to why the hell he shouldn't be leading anything.

There are a lot of cowards on that list.

A lot of liars who stood up and pretended to give a damn about Iraq while Bully Boy Bush occupied the White House and swore that Barack would end the Iraq War and that they would hold his feet to the fire -- but they never did.

Peter Fonda called out the fraud that was Barack.

Sister Jane didn't.

And Peter wasn't an idiot joining with Progressives for Obama -- though Jane was.

No, the sixties Captain America (EASY RIDER) stood true and tall.

The same can't be said of Laura Flanders who constantly lectured -- in 2008 -- about holding Barack's feet to the fire but she never did.

She just whored and whored and whored some more.

And got that ugly face.

It's worse than Resting Bitch Face.

What do you call it because others are getting it too.

And big sunglasses don't hide it.

Nor would big sunglasses hide the fact that US troops are bombing Iraq from the air and that US troops are boots on the ground.

There's a lot of shame to go around and the losers who covered for Barack and kept the Iraq War going as a result should be on their knees lapping that shame up.

TV: When the missing return

NETFLIX's THE OA and FREE FORM's BEYOND both debuted (or were dumped online for binging) in the last few weeks.


The two series explore similar premises -- the supernatural as entered into by a young person.

But what's really interesting about the two shows is how women are treated.

THE OA revolves around Prarie Johnson (Brit Marling) who disappeared for seven years after graduating high school.  Holden (Burkely Duffield) is the focus of BEYOND and he 'disappeared' for 12 years -- he was in a coma during that period.  The 13-year-old spends 12 years in the "Beyond" and learns various skills.

Prarie has an ability to go into other planes due to what happened to her while she was held hostage and she also got her eyesight back.

So we have a woman who can now see who disappeared after she became an adult.

And yet, her parents take her door off of her bedroom, are bothered by where she goes and consider whether or not she needs to be medicated and/or committed.

Contrast that with Holden's parents who freak out the first morning after he's out of a coma and wanders in the front door in his boxers and a t-shirt after being . . .  Well, it was the woods, but he actually never tells them that.  He lies that he needed some air and they assume it's perfectly acceptable for a 25-year-old male body to parade through the  neighborhood in his underwear.

They're never bothered by the fact that he's had no life experiences since going into coma so he's basically a 13-year-old boy still.

There's no effort made to take the door off his bedroom or to insist that he be medicated or put away.

They don't even notice that he's still waking up in the woods in his underwear.

They don't notice much.

BEYOND assumes that a (male) child needs space to grow.

THE OA insists that a (female) adult is not capable of making her own decisions -- even though she's a high school graduate.

Where THE OA betters BEYOND is in story telling.

Moments register because it's not hammering you over the head repeatedly.

Moments register because things matter from one moment to the next, because events are set up and there is pay off.

By contrast, BEYOND chugs along non-stop.

It's as though there's no thought behind the show.

For example, if you were a 13-year-old boy when you went into coma and you're 25-years-old now, you might notice that your body has changed.

Holden is giving one brief second to note this.

He's shirtless in his bathroom.

In wonder, he briefly runs his palm across the morning scruff on his face.

And that's it.

In that same scene, viewers are probably more aware of Holden's body then he is.

We're talking about the hairy chest that's reflected in the mirror while he's stroking his jaw.

Seriously, chest hair wouldn't get a moment's glance or register to the formerly 13-year-old?

It's all rush, rush, rush in BEYOND with no pay off.

It's like a Saturday morning cartoon with one event after another and nothing ever really standing out because the whole point is to keep things moving from incident to incident before someone gets bored.

By taking moments, by letting the story breathe, THE OA leaves viewers caring.

When things don't add up on BEYOND, you're not left wondering what that means, you're just rushed off into another cliffhanger.  When it's not making sense on THE OA, you're left to wonder if Prarie made the whole thing up?

You also care about the supporting characters on THE OA -- especially Steve (Patrick Gibson), Betty (Phyllis Smith, following up her teacher role in BAD TEACHER playing another teacher), Brandon Perea (French), Brendan Meyer (Jesse) and Buck (Ian Alexander).

If Prarie's made it all up, what does it mean for the four who were with her?

The show resonates while BEYOND gets by on thrills that never add up and the very natural appeal of Burkely Duffield.  As a result, BEYOND isn't a failure but it's far from the more mature slate that the former ABC FAMILY has been promising since it changed its name to FREE FORM.

The Coward's Guide To Surviving The Week


Friday, January 20th, Donald Trump is scheduled to be sworn in as President of the United States.

Primed by hucksters in Congress (yes, we mean you tired ass John Lewis), fools and liars, some in the United States are living in huge fear of this impending day.

They're acting like most of the cast of Mimi Leder's DEEP IMPACT after President Tom Beck explains a massive extinction event will be happening shortly.

To aid them, we've prepared a little survivors guide that may get them through Friday.

1) Remember to breathe.  Failure to breathe won't result in death, it will simply make you pass out, at which point you will breathe automatically.   (Some may elect to pass out.)

2) Passing out can also be accomplished via consuming large amounts of alcohol.  Not recommended for those in recovery or those operating vehicles.

3) Nodding out is quite common among those who use heroin.  If you haven't used heroin previously, grasp that heroin is quite addictive and that a new addiction (or ''habit") can consume plenty of time -- both while active in addiction and while recovering -- which might not just get you through the day but also through the next four years.

4) Present yourself with pain to distract from the day.  Cut off a toe, slam a car door on your hand, go to NETFLIX and binge NCIS, anything to cause severe pain can distract.

5) If distraction won't work, embrace your hatred and anger by visiting the feeds of psycho Twitter users like Debra Messing and Kurt Eichenwald.

6) If distraction and hatred won't work, retreat.  Stream the box office bomb SOUTHSIDE WITH YOU or the equally tired BARRY.  Keep telling yourself, "It's still 2009.  Yes, we can!  Yes, we can!"

7) If you need a stronger retreat, maybe try bringing back "the rest cure" Charlotte Perkins Gilman endured and documented in THE YELLOW WALLPAPER.  To make sure sexism doesn't take root, we would encourage as many males as possible to join in.

8) You can also retreat by checking into a mental institution.

9) Or, by all means, move to Canada.

10) Or just find a quiet place to hide because, trust us, no one needs a sniveling coward around.

Eddie Long: The glorious death of a predator


Lithonia, George's New Birth Missionary Baptist Church's most recent webcast sermon is "Year of Victory."  So maybe the Sunday death of Pastor Eddie Long was part of that victory?

You knew someone truly horrible had passed when noted homophobe Bernice King rushed forward to offer her "heartfelt thoughts and prayers."

Of course, Bernice would.  As many have noted, you can't be so publicly against the LGBTQ community without many people wondering if you yourself are gay?

And the never-married Bernice has raised many rumors.

While she screams against marriage equality, Atlanta's wags have long dubbed her "Sista On The Down Low."

Bernie loved her some Eddie Long.

He was her kind of gay man

A homophobic bigot who used his position to groom young boys for relationships that he would turn sexual once they reached the age of consent.

Yes, that's who passed away today.

Bernice always stood with the sexual predator.  When her mother Coretta Scott King passed away, Bernie overruled a ceremony at Coretta's church of four decades Ebenezer Baptist (and where services for her late husband, the legendary Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., were held).  Instead, Bernice wanted her mother's service to take place at a church of greed, a mega-church known for preaching homophobia.

As BLACKFOLK noted  longtime friend Julian Bond spoke out:

In June 2006, Bond famously refused to attend the funeral of Coretta Scott King that was held at New Birth MB Church. At the time he said, "I knew her attitude toward gay and lesbian rights. And I just couldn't imagine that she'd want to be in that church with a minister who was a raving homophobe. And I couldn't see myself in my church either."

Stan Simpson (HARTFORD COURANT) observed in December, 2011:

Bishop Eddie Long is taking time off now to supposedly recharge, regroup — and make a final attempt to repair his broken marriage. Many of the flock from his Atlanta megachurch are taking flight as well.
Vanessa Long is doing now what the entire New Birth Missionary Baptist Church should have done in May after Eddie Long settled a sexual coercion lawsuit filed by five young men — divorcing herself from the charismatic preacher.

Simpson noted that the settlements flew in the face of Long's insisting he was innocent and would fight the charges.

The young boys were groomed by Long and preyed upon by him.

First two came forward, then the number became five.

GEORGIA VOICE covered the scandal:

“You hope these charges are not true because it’s bad news for his family, bad news for his church,” Bond said.
“If they are true, it’s typical of people who are raving homophobes who are secretly homosexual. They have this self loathing, self hate, and they have to let it come out some way.”
Long has said homosexuality is worthy of death, his church offers “ex-gay” counseling and seminars, and in 2004 he led a march through the streets of Atlanta against same-sex marriage. In 2005, two black gay activists targeted Long as well as other prominent anti-gay black pastors in an online “outing” campaign.
Bond said while he isn’t a psychologist, there is a common phenomenon that has played out over and over in national headlines where many publicly anti-gay people who are actually gay themselves eventually are exposed through scandal.
“There’s a phenomenon among many groups of people that are stigmatized by larger society as being unworthy of equal treatment. Some members of these groups internalize this and become self loathers and dislike themselves. They become self-hating and act out against their own kind,” Bond said.

“It’s awfully destructive to the person, and to the larger society.”

And that was Eddie Long, "destructive to the person and to the larger society."

He's dead now.

May his victims find some peace in that.


And may Eddie Long be hurried along to his promise.

Tweet of the Week

Corrupt DEMS CHEATED BERNIE to Run Hillary Benghazi Haiti Yemen Iraq Honduras Foundation Fraud Clinton against &lost by 40%

Four Killers Get Giddy Onstage

Last week, a motley crew of War Hawks gathered at the US State Dept.


Though Colin Powell and Madeline Albright attempted to ignore the stink of Hillary Clinton, John Kerry couldn't and held his nose at he sat next to Hillary.

War Hawks all, they fancied themselves statesmen and stateswomen.

All had blood on their hands but were too busy self-congratulating to cop to it.

John Kerry looked like he'd prepared for the event by having more Botox.

Colin focused on the jokes, saying things like, in reference to the four of them, "Blessed are the peacemakers."


Again, every single one of them has hands soaked in the blood of others.

After walking to the podium, Hillary seemed to get Colin's joke and couldn't stop cackling or her chins from wagging.


Yes, she's still putting on the pounds.

Clearly, all the dead around the world due to her actions hasn't caused her to miss any meals or curbed her appetite.

This edition's playlist


1) Alicia Keys' HERE.

2) The Mamas and the Papas' DELIVER.



5) The Mamas and the Papas' THE PAPAS & THE MAMAS.




9) Janet Jackson's UNBREAKABLE.

10) Stevie Nick's 24 KARAT GOLD.

Obama's Legacy -- "...a Disaster..." (Francis A. Boyle)

Francis A. Boyle is an attorney and a professor of international law.  He's also the author of many books including, most recently, United Ireland, Human Rights and International Law.  

Obama's Legacy -- "...a Disaster..."

U.S. Senator Tammy Baldwin Awarded Army Decoration for Distinguished Civilian Service from Secretary Eric Fanning


Senator Tammy Baldwin's office issued this press release Saturday:

For Immediate Release
Saturday, January 14, 2017

   (202) 224 – 6225

U.S. Senator Tammy Baldwin Awarded Army Decoration for Distinguished Civilian Service from Secretary Eric Fanning

Secretary of the Army awards decoration to those who provide distinguished service and make substantial contributions to the accomplishment of the Army's missions (VIDEO, PHOTOS)

 WASHINGTON, D.C. – U.S. Senator Tammy Baldwin was awarded the Department of the Army’s Decoration for Distinguished Civilian Service. Senator Baldwin was presented the award by Army Secretary Eric Fanning in a ceremony in Washington, D.C. 
“It is my privilege to represent the many dedicated Wisconsinites serving in America’s all-volunteer Army, whether part of the National Guard, Reserves, or Active Component, as well as their families. I’ve also been proud to advocate for the hardworking men and women in our state’s defense industry who support our country’s soldiers, building the platforms and equipment that ensure our servicemembers complete their missions successfully and safely,” said Senator Baldwin. “I would like to thank Secretary Fanning for selecting me for this award – it’s truly an honor.”
"This award represents my appreciation for Senator Tammy Baldwin's work during my time as Secretary, leading efforts within the Senate to ensure the health and well-being of the American Soldier,” said Secretary Fanning. “Senator Baldwin's commitment and passion for advancing equality and promoting diversity and inclusion in the Armed Services will have a positive, enduring impact.  I am grateful for her friendship as well as her steadfast support to the Army and am confident she will continue to be a strong advocate for the U.S. Army and its Soldiers, Civilians, and Families."
B-Roll video and photos of the award ceremony are available for download and use.  
The Department of the Army Decoration for Distinguished Civilian Service was established by directive of the Secretary of the Army in May 1956. The Secretary of the Army awards this decoration to those who provide distinguished service that makes a substantial contribution to the accomplishment of the Army's missions.
In October, Senator Baldwin received the Department of the Navy’s highest award for civilians, the Navy Distinguished Public Service Medal. Senator Baldwin was presented the award by Navy Secretary Ray Mabus at Marinette Marine.
An online version of this release is available here.


Green Party Launches Local Chapter in Flint, Elects Officers

Related image


Media Contact/Schedule an Interview: Joel Meredith (616) 485-4042
Green Party Launches Local Chapter in Flint, Elects Officers
FLINT, Mich. – Jan. 11, 2017 – Green Party members from Genesee and Shiawassee Counties gathered last Saturday for the inaugural meeting of Vehicle City Greens. This new local chapter of the Green Party of Michigan covers both Genesee and Shiawasee Counties. 24 people attended the meeting, which was held at the Flint Public Library on Kearsley St.
Members nominated the following officers to lead the group:
Group Leader: Brandon Verdier
Funding Co-ordinator: Jenny Moench
Media Contact: Joel Meredith
Second Representative to the State Central Committee – Ryan LoRee
Prior to the meeting, members voted on top priorities in an online poll. The top three priorities are addressing the water situation in Flint, infrastructure, and coalition building. The group will spend January brainstorming ways to address these questions and regroup to discuss in February.
We believe there’s a great opportunity to build the Green Party locally. Almost one thousand people voted straight ticket Green in our local area.” said Erin Fox the group's founder and contact person, who the primary contact between the local and the State Central Committee. “Jill Stein won 2500 votes between Genesee and Shiawasee Counties in the 2016 presidential contest. We plan to build upon that”
People here are jaded with the two-party system. They want leaders who are not beholden to big money interests.” said LoRee, who is considering a run for public office in 2018. “Local residents want our elected officials to act in the best interests of all Michigan residents.” group spokesperson Joel Meredith stated, “Voters want a change and therefore, we intend to provide an alternative to the established political duopoly.”
Fox plans to help lead canvassing teams across the two-county region, with a focus on addressing the concerns of disenfranchised residents and impoverished neighborhoods.
Green Party state officials Joe Jordan, Sherry Wells also addressed the attendees. Wells was the Green Party of Michigan candidate for State Board of Education in 2016, earning more than 100,000 votes.
Regular meetings of the Vehicle City Greens are currently scheduled for the first Saturday of every month at the Flint Public Library. To request an interview/quote, please contact Vehicle City Greens media rep Joel Meredith at (616) 485-4042



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