Monday, January 16, 2017

Editorial: Thank you, Barack, for ending the Iraq War

Are you laughing yet?

Us too.

Oh, Barack, you were so full of s**t, weren't you?

But those dumb ass "Progressives for Obama," they lapped at your crotch, didn't they?

Full list of losers can be found here.

They should do the world a favor and rot the f**k in hell.

Iraqis are dead and where were they the last 8 years?


Jim Hightower until your elderly ass can say the words, "I'm gay"?

Shut the f**k up.

No one needs your whoring.

We know all about the Texas bookstores you used to haunt, Jimmy.

You're not fooling anyone.

That a 74-year-old 'professional bachelor' can't get honest about who he is goes to why the hell he shouldn't be leading anything.

There are a lot of cowards on that list.

A lot of liars who stood up and pretended to give a damn about Iraq while Bully Boy Bush occupied the White House and swore that Barack would end the Iraq War and that they would hold his feet to the fire -- but they never did.

Peter Fonda called out the fraud that was Barack.

Sister Jane didn't.

And Peter wasn't an idiot joining with Progressives for Obama -- though Jane was.

No, the sixties Captain America (EASY RIDER) stood true and tall.

The same can't be said of Laura Flanders who constantly lectured -- in 2008 -- about holding Barack's feet to the fire but she never did.

She just whored and whored and whored some more.

And got that ugly face.

It's worse than Resting Bitch Face.

What do you call it because others are getting it too.

And big sunglasses don't hide it.

Nor would big sunglasses hide the fact that US troops are bombing Iraq from the air and that US troops are boots on the ground.

There's a lot of shame to go around and the losers who covered for Barack and kept the Iraq War going as a result should be on their knees lapping that shame up.

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