Monday, January 16, 2017

Four Killers Get Giddy Onstage

Last week, a motley crew of War Hawks gathered at the US State Dept.


Though Colin Powell and Madeline Albright attempted to ignore the stink of Hillary Clinton, John Kerry couldn't and held his nose at he sat next to Hillary.

War Hawks all, they fancied themselves statesmen and stateswomen.

All had blood on their hands but were too busy self-congratulating to cop to it.

John Kerry looked like he'd prepared for the event by having more Botox.

Colin focused on the jokes, saying things like, in reference to the four of them, "Blessed are the peacemakers."


Again, every single one of them has hands soaked in the blood of others.

After walking to the podium, Hillary seemed to get Colin's joke and couldn't stop cackling or her chins from wagging.


Yes, she's still putting on the pounds.

Clearly, all the dead around the world due to her actions hasn't caused her to miss any meals or curbed her appetite.

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