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  1. "the absence of the red line put more lives at risk, because people could not see it when they crossed it"
  2. NRT reports police fired shots to disperse demonstrators protesting on behalf of kidnapped journalist Afrah Shawqi:
  3. Riot police dispersed protests in Baghdad against kidnapping of journalist Afrah Shawqi today. Tried to stop photographers from documenting
  4. : RSF urges Iraqi government to do all it can for safe return of Afrah Shawqi, abducted 1 week ago by unknown armed men.
  5. Security forces hit protesters in front of , they called government to reveal fate of kidnapped journalist

  6. Criminal kidnappings in Abduction of journalist highlights how gangs & security turn terror 2cash
  7. Every day kidnapped Iraqi journalist Afrah al-Shawqi stays missing, Abadi govt looks ever weaker.

  8. Reading: Iraqis rally for release of female journalist
  9. Just before her abduction, she criticized armed groups that “act with impunity” in Iraq.
  10. Poet Dunya Mikhail on Kidnapped Iraqi Writer Afrah Shawqi and Elusive 'Freedom of Expression' via
  11. NOTING
  12. demonstration in Baghdad calling for liberation of kidnapped outspoken journalist Afrah Shawqi

  13. Demonstrations in after kidnapping of Iraqi journalist Afrah Shawqi al-Qaisi who campaigned against corruption
  14. Afrah Shawqi: Iraqi journalist kidnapped from Baghdad home -
  15. Outspoken Iraqi journalist Afrah Shawqi al-Qaisi kidnapped from her home in Baghdad, sources say
  16. Journalist Afrah Shawqi al-Qaisi has been kidnapped from her Baghdad home. She was taken by armed men posing as security forces. Iraq
  17. Iraqi Sunnis civilians Protesting against the abduction of Iraqi Sunni Journalist Afrah Shawqi by Shia militias backed by Iran
  18. Afrah Shawqi kidnapped by Shia Militias backed by Iraqi Gov. After writing about the Shiite militias crimes

  19. Shia militias kidnapped the journalist Afrah Shawqi
  20. Poet Dunya Mikhail on Kidnapped Iraqi Writer Afrah Shawqi and Elusive 'Freedom of Expression' via
  21. and demand the safe return !

  22. gunmen kidnap Afrah Shawqi al-Qaisi, journalist who condemned impunity of armed groups
  23. May she be found safe soon | Afrah Shawqi kidnapped by gunmen from her home in
  25. Iraqi Journalist Afrah Shawqi Kidnapped: PM Abadi Orders Full Investigation - nsnbc international
  26. Afrah Shawqi Iraqi Sunni journalist Today kidnapped by Shia militias in Baghdad After her report against shia militia crimes

  27. Journalism in Iraq is viciously dangerous job! Journalists are either threatened, kidnapped or killed. .
  28. Armed group with government vehicles kidnapped Iraqi journalist Afrah Shawqi from her home in Baghdad
  29. female Afrah Shawqi from her home in this morning.
  30. Iraqi has been abducted at her home in Baghdad. is one of the most dangerous country in the world for journalists.
  31. Outspoken -i journalist, Afrah Shawqi, kidnapped by gunmen who raided her house in claiming to be security forces
  32. |i journalist has been kidnapped just tonight right from her home in ...
  33. -i female journalist was forced to leave home with an unknown force raid tonight
  34. Afrah Shawqi writes on the successfull completion of Baghdad Intl Film Festival! Yes despite all this Pls Read..