Monday, January 02, 2017

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So an e-mail co

2016 is over.

And all it stood for?

Donald Trump is outrageous on nukes!

But did you object when Barack Obama was beefing up nukes?

And, by the way, here's our February report on Obama's $1 trillion plan to "modernize" the US nuclear force

And here's NYT in April on how Obama's policy to "modernize" US nuclear arsenal - not Trump - risked new arms race

So much seems to suddenly matter . . . to the deeply stupid.

Alyssa Milano self-presents as knowledgeable.

And America doesn't burst out laughing?

Aleppo Alyssa knows all about Syria -- or so she insists.

Reality from the BBC:

Presenter : Peter Ford was the UK’s Ambassador to Syria from 2003 to 2006. Peter Ford, do you think it’s time for a re-think?

Ford : Absolutely. It’s way overdue. We have clung for too long to the illusion that the so-called ‘moderate opposition’ would overcome Assad. Surely now, with the Government’s recovery of Aleppo, the veils should fall from our eyes and we should look reality in the face: Assad is not going to be removed by force of arms or at the negotiating table. What Britain should do now is three things: we should stop supporting a failed and divided opposition; we should start to try to help the people of Syria by lifting sanctions; and we should be working with the Russians on an overdue political settlement.

Alyssa Milano, you know so little.

I'd love to say you must have spent all these years working on your craft instead but I've seen your attempts at acting.

Instead, Alyssa depends upon messaging from the Democratic Party to know what to think and feel.

She may think this makes her better than Republicans but, shocker for Alyssa, there are many of us who do are own research and have a life that goes beyond a list of partisan talking points.

Alyssa's too lazy to do the work required so she remains a tool of a corporatist War party that she wrongly thinks demonstrates caring and compassion.

Does she honestly believe the Iraq War ended?

What a sad world she lives in and Tweets from.

Our site's 12 years old.

I didn't think we'd be around this long.

I'm sure we've gotten stuff wrong.

But we never did knee jerk here.

We questioned.

We were skeptical.

We have stood for what counted.

Our lives would have been so much easier had we been Alyssa Milanos.

But they would have also been shallow and meaningless.

Thank you to our readers for walking this journey with us.

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