Monday, January 02, 2017

Arianna's curbed mutt

How big of a loser do you have to be for Arianna Huffington to ditch you?

A pretty big loser.

And Peter Daou is one.

Last September, Jason Horowitz (NEW YORK TIMES) wrote about the outrage machine David Brock and his boy pal Peter Daou were working for Hillary Clinton and how David took direction from Hillary Clinton's campaign while Daou attempted to lead it.

That's not being independent.

Nor is it being sane because who wants to be a whore?

Apparently, Peter Daou does.

There are two sides here: 1. Our intelligence analysts who risk their lives for us 2. A hostile foreign power Now read the tweet below...

There are two sides here?

Did he learn that while fighting in Lebanon?


And that might also be why he's so ignorant of American history.

Gore Vidal explained in "The State of the Union: 1980" (first published in ESQUIRE, collected in IMPERIAL AMERICA: REFLECTIONS ON THE UNITED STATES OF AMNESIA):

Those born since World War II have been taught to believe that the CIA has always been an integral part of American life.  They don't know that the agency is only thirty-three years old, that it is essentially illegal not only in its activities (overthrowing a Chilean president here, an Iranian prime minister there) but also in its charter.  The Constitution requires that "a regular Statement of Account of the Receipts and Expenditures of all Public Money shall be published from time to time."  The CIA does no such thing: it spends billions of dollars exactly as it pleases.  Although forbidden by law to operate inside the United States, the CIA has spied on American citizens at home, in merry competition with numerous other intelligence agencies whose single interest is the control of the American people in the name of freedom.

Or how about Howard Zinn (from THE HOWARD ZINN READER), "The CIA ran a program of assassination, torture and imprisonment in Vietnam between 1967 and 1971, called Operation Phoenix, headed by the present CIA director William Colby, who admitted over 20,000 Vietnamese civilians were executed without trial. That is a blood bath, by any definition."

Daou is an ahistorical idiot who'd do well to study up on a person or organization before offering a knee-jerk and asinine defense.

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