Monday, January 02, 2017

Fake news? Even they can't define it

MSNBC's Joe Scarborough, NYT's  Sopan Deb and NYT's Maggie Haberman had the same set of facts.

They argue with one another over what they mean.

And Joe brings up "fake news."

For the record, we think Joe Scarborough is correct -- Maggie Haberman did describe him as a "reveler."

  • "Deb reported something that wasn’t true because it fit his own preconceived notions. That is 'fake news'"
  • Yes it is. Facts still matter to some.

  • Facts are stubborn things.
  • Yes. I find that people misrepresenting others and lying is indeed corrosive. I know you agree with me that facts matter.

  • I'm just not spending another year being lied about over objectively verifiable facts.

  • I'm good. I'm not lying about other people or painting their work in a false light so everything's great.

  • Is this what Bill Clinton meant when he said we're in a post-fact world?

  • Note to NYT Editors: this is Day 2 your future employee sends out misleading tweets. Today, its worse bc he knows the facts but continues.
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  • You get caught lying then double down and triple down. You know the truth and yet you just can't stop sending out snide tweets. Wow.

  • Oh, you're back. What's your lie of the day?

  • Uh, no. I'm in street clothes obstructed by "a tall wine glass".

  • Someone showed you a picture. You email and text me when you have questions. You should've done it in this situation and checked your story.

  • Pick. Up. The. Phone. And. Ask. I'm went where the USSS directed me to the foot of the stairs. I'm standing with the PEOTUS going upstairs.

  • Your editor should as well.

  • I do have an issue with one NYT reporter painting me in a false light without calling me, & a future NYT reporter adding another false fact.
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  • Several reporters said you should've called to confirm I was a "reveler" at a party I did not attend, was not invited to & not dressed for.

  • More: Maggie Haberman did not try to contact me before putting me in a story saying I was a "reveler" at Trump's NYE party. I was not.

  • Notice the stairs behind us. We walked up them after being guided to Trump. Hopefully, a video will emerge from the grassy knoll.

  • Great journalistic work on your part. This is critical to America and the world. I'm "behind a wine glass" for 30 seconds. Good God!

  • Yes Michael. As stated yesterday, security took us to Trump, he introduced us to a 10 yr old boy, and we walked upstairs a minute later.

  • . I am confident that if people had been lying about you on facts proven objectively false, you would push back as well.
  • . He lies, doubles down on that lie, won't admit he was wrong...and you compare me to Trump? Now THAT is revealing.
  • . Do you have no shame?
  • . Notably absent from your piece was the fact the tweet was false. He makes up a fact, adds a snide attack, and you blame me?

    1. Btw, my issue is not with your story. It's with the mischaracterization of it by someone else that we were "partying." All good.

    2. The Secret Service guided us to the foot of the stairs, we met him, he introduced us to a 10 year old kid, then we walked upstairs.

    3. 6. And I'm glad I didn't stay. Groundhog Day with the kids was great. And Mariah Carey...Good God. A fitting coda to 2016.

    4. Just FYI.

    5. 4. We pushed our way through the crowd to the meeting. 5. Not only did we not stay all night with the "revelers." We didn't stay 1 minute.

    6. 2. That required walking around and through "revelers". 3. We were stopped for about 30 seconds by well wishers.

    7. Maggie, I've clearly stated that: 1. I walked straight from the metal detectors to the meeting.

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