Monday, January 02, 2017

Josh Micah Marshall embarrasses himself again

The thing about drama queen Glenn Greenwald is he's always thinking he can speak for women when he can't.

Being gay doesn't make him a voice for women.

And being gay doesn't mean that he and Jerry Scahill need to do a roundtable with a woman that they then talk over.

It also doesn't mean anyone needs this s**t from Glenn's anus:

Lots of respect for this. *This is how to respond when someone tries to create a sex scandal over 100% harmless consensual adult conduct.

This was not 100% harmless sexual content.

For those who don't know Josh Micah Marshy Asscrack felt the need to post porn to his political Twitter feed.  Being the pig he is, he felt the need for girl-on-girl porn.

It's how the pig thinks he can make clear to women that they are welcome in his political world -- provided they'll take off their clothes.

It's a really a shame that in 2017, Joshy Micah Marshy Asscrack thinks this is how you political blog.

It's really a shame too that some of the men who should be calling him out are instead rushing to prop him up and defend him.

We're not opposed to nudity.

We're not even anti-porn.

But we do think that it doesn't belong on a Twitter feed -- especially one run by a middle-aged man who wants to objectify women.

No, it's not funny.

No, it's not cute.

Women make over 1/2 the population in the US.

JMM sends a message to women: 'Here at TPM I JMM create a political dialogue to include all -- and to prove my point here are two naked women for us to enjoy.'

This is not a new issue.

Women had to deal with this crap back in the sixties and early seventies.
We stand with Eve.

This Tweet is unavailable.

  1. An Oral History of the JoshTPM Porn Tweet

  2. "where were you when Josh Marshall tweeted porn" is the JFK moment for me and my friends
  3. It's a distraction.

  1. Is anyone else suddenly afraid to jerk off to porn? What if my mind wanders to thoughts of JoshTPM? What then?
  2. The thing was leftist men spewing shit like this is that it makes the Marcottes and the Doyles seem RIGHT.

I don't drink alcohol but I'll be doing this with poppers tonight

  1. The fact that the tweet's been up for 50 minutes means none of his friends have called him like "JoshTPM...WTF!?"

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