Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Voting green is a vote build power for people, planet & peace

Jill Stein is the Green Party's presidential candidate.

  1. Why risk arrest to protest closed ? Because we love our children & want them to live in a democracy.
    Debate Protesters Arrested at Hofstra
    When asked why they would risk arrest to protest the rigged presidential debates, the #1 answer these peaceful protesters gave is "because we love our children and future generations."
  2. Here's what and were up to during last night's debate
  3. We are creating a political revolution and building a that works for all of us. Text VOTENOW to 24587
  4. Thanks to millions of Americans who helped us ! Keep spreading the word & building the movement!
  5. Things Trump & Hillary agree on: ✔️Fracking ✔️Iraq War ✔️Taking billionaire money ✔️Prosecuting whistleblowers These choices are deadly.
  6. Voting Green isn't a protest vote. It's a vote to build power for people, planet & peace over profit.
  7. Remember when Hillary Clinton called the TPP the "gold standard"? Or called Black youth "superpredators"? Or voted for the Iraq War?
  8. " is a member of the 1%, and is a servant of the 1%..." Hear what I have to say:
  9. Wells Fargo CEO Stumpf is forfeiting $41M for fraudulent business practices. Wealthy banksters should not get "get out of jail free" cards.
  10. I will not stand by idly as our democracy is destroyed by fossil fuel giants, war profiteers, & big banks who fund both corporate campaigns.
  11. In a time where our environment needs urgent help, is essential. We need to get away from Big Money candidates.
  12. it's time to revoke the Commission on Presidential tax exempt status. Perpetuating this fraud is outrageous.
  13. "Either a Trump or Clinton presidency is a pretty bleak prospect. I'm supporting " LIVE Q+A in Galway
  14. I couldn't agree with more.
  15. Despite a political/media establishment united against us, we're building a party for the 99% - .
  16. 1K+ armed police to deal with peaceful protesters? The establishment seems terrified people will find out they have other choices.
  17. is a great day to join the party for people planet & peace over profit: !
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