Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Editorial: The Whores Have Landed

If u want a smart, responsible, compassionate President, she was standing there. If u want reality TV... well, which country do we live in?


That's Micheal Moore Tweeting on War Hawk Hillary Clinton.


The whores have landed.

Pro-War Jane Fonda, don't forget her.

She said, in January 2007, in DC, from the stage, that silence was not an option with the Iraq War and then she went silent.

What changed?

A Democrat got in the White House.

So she is anti-American after all -- if a Republican is in the White House.

She hates the country when a Republican is in the White House.

As she closes in on 80 (next year), the ridiculous hag wears a ridiculous wig and tries to pass for 'late 50s' with her ridiculous nonsense about how she still gets penis in her (dry) vagina and how Richard Perry puts out (poor Richard, don't we all just see her hissing "Go for the burn!" throughout).

Jane's a fake and a fraud and that's why she's supporting Hillary Clinton eight years after she called the woman a c--t.

She has done nothing to call out the ongoing Iraq War.

She has done nothing to call out The Drone War.

She has done nothing to call out Barack's war on whistle-blowers.

But bitch can get it together to form a group to try to elect Hillary Clinton.

Yes, the Whores have truly landed.

And their well used orifaces flap grandly in the wind like the flag of some dying regime.

What you're seeing is fan clubs, not activism.

Fan clubs.

Fan clubs led to rally round Barack.

Despite the fact that he illegally spies on Americans.

Coward and pro-war Jane Fonda's all down with that.

When the Nixon administration opened her mail and listened to her calls, she sued the government.

When Barack does even more she plays dumb and doesn't utter a peep.

But she can rally herself to get behind an election.

Again, fan clubs.

No wonder the country gets worse each year in terms of government abuses.

These 'leaders' can't lead.

They're priorities are f**ked up.

After all, Vanessa Redgrave never needed fake tits for her career or life -- just the Jane Fondas.

Vanessa Redgrave's spoken out for the Palestinians for years.

Jane stood with Tom Hayden cheering the Israeli War Crimes on a tour to get him re-elected to the state assembly.

They are cowards.

And their lesser selves -- the Nicky Kristofs, et al -- better grasp that a pundit who is a joke is no use to the empire.

You can only whore for so long.

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