Wednesday, March 16, 2022

Will anyone in the administration be left with a record they can run on?

Is the point of Joe Biden's presidency to destroy future contenders in the Democratic Party?

It's really starting to seem that way. Vice President Kamala Harris bumbles and fumbles around and might as well be the bumpkin in the patch, the Joe Biden, but with far less charm.

And there's Peter Paul Montgomery Buttigieg. 

 Pete Buttigieg


 The five feet, eight inches gentleman is the Secretary of Labor. He was appointed to that post with no real qualifications. Two times as Mayor of South Bend does not really qualify you to be put in charge of the nation's transportation system. And it really shows -- it really, really shows.

When you're at the grocery store and there's no bottles of Pepsi Zero? That's Pete. As Kat pointed out last November, when Adele's 30 can't make it into stores, 'that's Pete.

As he struggles to do the job, it's hard not to remember that in the midst of pandemic, he elected to take paternity leave. We support paternity leave and maternity leave. For workers. We're not really sure that if you're hoping to one day be President of the United States, you take time off for paternity leave in the midst of a pandemic when you're a Cabinet Secretary.

If he makes a future run for the presidency, will he promise the voters that, if elected to office, he won't be darting off to take paternity leave in the midst of another crisis or pandemic? Will voters believe such a promise.

Jennifer Granholm has been a huge disappointment as Secretary of Energy and she seems to forever be on the cable chat and chews offering opinions that are frankly beyond the office she currently holds. We'd consider her to be tied with Secretary Pete (that's how the US Transportation site bills him) were it not for the fact that her Canadian citizenship prevents her from ever being President of the United States.


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