Wednesday, March 16, 2022

Some were legends, she's just an embarrassment

jancys motive

Isaiah's  THE WORLD TODAY JUST NUTS "What Motivates Nancy To Run"  offers one possible reason why Nancy Pelosi refuses to retire from Congress.

Has there ever been a more inept Speaker of the House than Nancy Pelosi? Once upon a time, she'd meet with the staff of tHE SAN FRANCISCO CHRONICLE and take questions but she got tired of all the groans to her responses. Back then, as bad as things were, she had Rahm Emanuel to repeatedly save her rear. In press conference after press conference, when she'd get both feet stuck in her mouth, Rahm would ease the tension and redirect.

But that was her first go round as Speaker. Is it age? Is it corruption? Is it both? Is it both and much more?

Probably. She doesn't care about the world around her or the people in it. She's just a big spending machine that never says "no" to the war machine but always screams "NO!" to the needs of the people.

The US House of Representatives notes, "Frederick A.C. Muhlenberg of Pennsylvania was elected presiding officer on April 1, 1789, the day the House organized itself during the First Federal Congress (1789–1791)." He was the first and, thus far, Nancy is the worst.

Legends like Sam Rayburn, William B. Bankhead and Tip O'Neill Jr. delivered for the people. Nancy did nothing. For over eight years now, she's done nothing. It is her hallmark. Let's hope her frou-frou chocolate ice cream raises her cholesterol and forces her into early retirement. Barring that, she seems determined to die in office.


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