Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Congress and Veterans



Last week, the Senate Veterans Affairs Committee met and the most important detail from that hearing?

Senator Jon Tester:  So let me ask, and I hesitate to ask this question, you probably know the answer and I don't, is the DoD and the VA -- is their medical records streamlined?  And can they go back and forth without any problems?

Dr. David Shulkin:  I wouldn't go that far.

Barack Obama came into the White House in 2009 with the promise of creating a seamless, electronic medical record which would follow the service member from his/her first day all the way through the veteran process.

It would make things -- such as claims -- much easier for the veteran.

And as his second term winds down?

The record has still not been created.

Eight years he's had to work on this.

Eight failed years.

Just like his promise to end veterans homelessness.

For more, you can see C.I.'s report in the June 25 "Iraq snapshot."
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