Monday, May 30, 2016

Bernie Tweets

Senator Bernie Sanders is seeking the Democratic Party's presidential nomination.

  1. Last week, Golden State was down three games to one. Tonight, they finished off a great comeback in California. I like comebacks.
  2. It’s coming down to the wire! Excited to see how this one ends.

  3. Don’t miss tonight’s with , and music from !
  4. The growing body of evidence tells us that fracking is a danger to our water supply – our most precious resource.
  5. It is unacceptable that the top 10% of farms collect 75% of farm subsidies, while the bottom 62% do not receive any subsidies.
  6. Bernie Sanders acabará con deportaciones que desgarran a nuestras familias
  7. The situation in Flint is a tragedy. All over this country our infrastructure is collapsing, including in the Central Valley here in CA.
  8. We must never take lightly the decision to send our sons and daughters to battle, and it must always be the last resort.
  9. Our men and women in uniform take an oath to defend our Constitution and many have made the ultimate sacrifice for it.
  10. Today we honor all of the service members who sacrificed their lives for our great country.
  11. We must end inhumane deportation programs and racial profiling that have turned local law enforcement officials into immigration officers.
  12. Private, for-profit detention centers are making record breaking profits every year locking people up and holding immigrants in detention.
  13. We must not allow our children to be poisoned by toxic drinking water just so a handful of fossil fuel companies can make even more profits.
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