Monday, May 30, 2016

Jill Tweets

Dr. Jill Stein is seeking the Green Party's presidential nomination.

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    The majority of Americans want a new major party. Demand Jill be included in the polls:
  2. Fossil fuel companies must be held accountable for misleading the public on climate change.

  3. Society's most vulnerable--children, seniors, the poor--are the biggest victims of modern warfare. ✌🏿
  4. The corporate Commission on Presidential must stop ignoring the people. 77% support at least a 4-way debate

  5. Increased use of drone warfare under Obama is killing many innocent civilians, over 90% of deaths were unintended targets in Afghanistan.
  6. The invasion of Iraq to secure access to oil killed 1mil people, produced a failed state & created conditions for the rise of ISIS.
  7. Since WWII the US has sought to impose its agenda by maintaining an overwhelming military force while bankrupting us economically & morally
  8. Excluding third parties & independent candidates is the way the power structure suppresses criticism of its failures. We cannot allow this.
  9. But what about the 200k+ of Democratic votes that Bush "siphoned" off from Gore in Florida, ?

  10. Today I also recognize the work of , an organization of veterans who are building a culture of peace. ✌🏽 .
  11. is also a day to reflect on the tragedy of death, destruction & suffering caused by war, to commit to avoid needless violence.
  12. is a day to honor those who paid the ultimate sacrifice in defense of their country:
  13. We demand choice in everything we do. Why should the ballot be any different? Help today:
  14. Here's how I would reform our democracy: full public election financing, ranked-choice voting, proportional representation & open debates.
  15. Veterans have put service to country first, we deeply honor their contributions even as we disagree w/the actions of their political leaders
  16. There are 43 million young people locked into debt. That alone is a plurality of the vote. A vote is a vote to cancel student debt. 🙌
  17. Don't forget, when you donate now you will be matched dollar for dollar up to $250 in federal matching funds:
  18. Why should someone who has performed such an important public service be punished, Eric Holder? Bring home with a hero's welcome.
  19. The lesser evil simply guarantees that the greater evil will be elected in the next election. We have to break this cycle NOW, not later.
  20. Why on earth have we not joined 159 other nations in signing the banning the use of anti-personnel land mines? It's time.
  21. That would be a fun show talking about the effects of corporate political duopoly, . I'd be game.

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