Monday, February 28, 2022

SNL lets John Mulaney pretend his persona isn't over

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SNL lets John Mulaney pretend his persona isn't over

 Ajamu Baraka Tweets, "It's now official. The U.S. has gone mad."  And he's referring to this Tweet:

'SNL' ditches the jokes in solemn show opener to honor Ukraine.
'SNL' pays solemn tribute to Ukrainian people
'SNL' ditched the jokes to honor Ukraine in the their show opener.

DIdn't cathc it because, like most Americans, I stopped watching SATURDAY NIGHT LIVE years ago.  Who made Donald Trump a hero?  That's right NSL.  Who made Rudy G a hero?  Again, SNL. 

The bubble heads from the bubble of we-think-we're-left NYC wanted to share but no one cared to hear their political thoughts.  I still hven't gotten over SNL lettting Seth Meyers blame the banking crisis on African-Americnas -- but he did do that, remember?  Back before Black Lives Matter, he got away with it.  And he's still not held accoutnable all this time later.

Now where did John go?  John Mulaney?  When the drug addiction got so bad?  Well, rehab, yes.  But before that last sting, he went to Seth's show to be a writer.

Why would a stand up reduce himself to being a staff writer?

Because he realized what Americans will the minute he starts his stand up back up at full speed: He's a fake and a fraud.

Look at me, I'm John Mulaney, I love my wife, shes so great and she said just dont call her a bitch and I can say whatever on stage, I just love her, I just love her . . .

Oh, look, I'm sticking my dick in acelebrity.  Oh, I guess I'm not sweet John anymore.  I guess my entire stand up was built arond a lie.

I'm just a whorish man who got back on the drugs, betrayed my wfie (repeatedly on my drug bender with many, many women) but still want you to see me as something other than scum.

Hey, mayb I can hide behind Ukraine and people won't realize what a piece of s**t I am or how I destroyed my now ex-wife's life!

John skips the jokes because no one finds liars funny.  No one finds drug addicts funny.  No one finds cheaters funny.  His image is trash and he needs the NYC bubble to build him back up because it's not going to happen on the road.  It's over, his persona is over.  And by skipping comedy for the monologue, he's able to pretend for a little while longer that nothing's change.

SNL did state propaganda.  It's only surprising if this is new to you from SNL.  

It's not a comedy show, it doesn't know how t do comedy.  It's too Woke to be funny -- too Woke to joke.. 

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