Monday, February 28, 2022

NAOMI (Marcia)




Naomi is a new show on The CW and a new episode aired tonight.  Episode five, by the way.  

She's from another planet and has super powers.  A lot for anyone to deal with but especially for a high schooler like Naomi.  

So this episode was mainly Naomi and her Scooby gang going to a camp in the woods.  

Meanwhile, Dee formed an alliance with bad guy (or 'bad guy') Zumbado.  He wanted them to work together to find the bounty hunter who was trying to grab Naomi.  In the end, Dee faced him alone.  

Meanwhile, the US military has found the glowing rock where Greg and Jennifer found baby Naomi so many years ago.  This upsets Greg and Jennifer and has Jennifer wondering if they should grab Naomi and move -- like they've done before.  Point: If they've moved off before for safety, why did they return?

Anyway.  They decide to go to the base and find out what the military knows.

The scene is largely Jennifer distracting a military flunkie while Greg snoops.

Watching the scene, I was thinking, "Oh, like they don't have recording equipment."

They do.  They did.

And Greg's military superior tells them at the end of the episode that they know nothing of value.  And?  They walk off (trying not to come off overjoyed) and he looks at his laptop where he's watching a recording of them from earlier.

Greg's supposed to be a major in the military but he can't even anticipate that, finding a rock as they search for alien life, the military might be recording everyone who comes to look at it?

 Meanwhile, Naomi's been torn between Jacob (who helps and likes her) and her ex-boyfriend Nathan.

This episode, she chose Nathan at the end.  He asked, "So we're doing this?  The real version?"  Yep and I think it's a mistake.  I don't trust him and he's got family in the military and I see him selling her out in an instant if he finds out she's an alien.

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