Monday, February 28, 2022


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First up, Jimmy Dore.

He didn't have a new one, so I'm just going to note that one from last week again.


First up, Janice e-mailed asking what I thought of Erica's hairdo this season?  Hadn't though much of it.  I guess I don't care for it but it may be 80s perfection (that's the deacde THE GOLDBERGS is set in).  I don't know.  I just liked her hair before the bangs.

I don't hate her hair but if I were chossing between the hair do before and the current one, I'd go with the one before.

So this was a bit of pre-wedding partying.  Except for Beverly who was at war with Geoff's father over who would sit where, who would be in the video, who would have their photo in the paper, etc.

Adam was saddled with a minor story involving the video and a bad 70s folk rock song.  They had him with a new character for his story.  It wasn't interesting, it wasn't funny.  I'm referring to the storyline; however, it also describes Adam.

Erica and Geoff were taken by Barry and Joanne at a beach house and Barry invites his and Geoff's other friends as well as the three women he dated before Joanne.

That included Lacie (for longterm viewers).  It was funny as Barry was convicned that it was all too much for the three women -- seeing him happy with Joanne.  He couldn't accept that they had long ago moved on.  :D

It was a good episode.

Here's C.I.'s "Iraq snapshot:"

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