Monday, February 28, 2022

Editorial: Wearily, they roll along

US President Joe Biden is now a threat to the world as his actions risk all out world war.  He wants to bring Russians ''to their knees."  What did Russians do?

We'll come back to it.

But look how quickly they all rush to fold and do his bidden.  Less than 24 hours after observers noted that Canada was still allowing Russian flights to land, there is a quick push to end those flights.

Failed drug addict and cheating husband John Mulaney 'hosted' SNL last night because not many other outlets will have him -- his whole act was built around what a great guy and loving husband he was -- you know, back before he cheated his now ex-wife repeatedly?  He wasn't up to an opening monologue so they ended up doing government propaganda in support of war.

That passes for 'activism' and 'informed.'

The reality is that the so-called left in terms of little media and CODESTINK and the others really haven't done s**t since 2008.  Now they don't even know how to stand up if they wanted to and, judging by last Friday's DEMOCRACY NOW broadcast, they don't want to stand up.  

They're all eager to pimp war on Russia.


It's what the US government wants and has wanted since Barack Obama was in the White House.  This is a long plan coming to fruition and yet the corporate media -- and much of the 'independent' media -- wants to pretend like it started last week.

They're a bunch of liars and they have blood on their hands.

No to war -- it's that simple.

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