Monday, February 28, 2022

The Cleaning Lady (Rebecca)


the cleaning lady

1 of my favorite bands, florence + the machine, has a new video released a few hours ago.

so that's 'king.'

now let's talk  'the cleaning lady.'  it airs monday nights on 'fox.'  

i have told you repeatedly while writing about the show that olvier stone needs to take a shower.  and he was told that this episode by his boss at the f.b.i. (after which, he raised 1 arm and sniffed his pit, then raised the other arm and sniffed the other pit.)

i don't know why you'd hired some 1 as attractive as oliver hudwon and put him in such a cuck role.

he's committed to it and delivering a performance. but it's not a role i want to see him in.

so what else?

thony's husband is hideous.

he had a hissy fit - even after his sister told him that thony was not sleeping with arman -  because arman was going to pay for luka's surgery - the surgery luka needs to live.

arman, thony and fiona are all stressing the importance of saving luka but luka's own father is too busy being jealous.

on top of that, the $20,000 thony did have to pay for the transplant (to pay the woman donating)?  lukea's father stole it and went to gamble it.  (remember, he has a gambling addiction.)

he looks like a creep and like aa asshole, unwilling to save his own child.

let's close with c.i.'s 'Iraq snapshot:'

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