Monday, February 28, 2022

BIG SKY? (Betty)



BIG SKY returns with new episodes tonight.  (Actually, if you are in the Central or Easter time zone, it's already aired.)  I will be watching tonight.  

There was an issue tonight in the gina & krista round-robin where we were asked about the show and did we have something against it?  Stan thinks (and I believe he's right) that he wrote about the show and noted he enjoys it but just doesn't want to write about it.

I feel the same way.  Season two would be easier to write about but I was not going to write about season one.  I did watch.  BUt it was too dark for me and too scary.

Yes, children are being targeted by the mob this season.  But I did not like the kidnapping of the young girls and the sex slavery of last season.  It was too dark.  Yes, I watched.  Cassie and Jenny are great characters.  But the main story line just wasn't something I wanted to write about.

This season, it's drugs and the mafia.

I can't stand John Carroll Lynch.  He made be a wonderful actor but the two characters he has played on this show are so disgusting and vile.  

Jenny and Cassie are the reason to watch.  They're a good team, you believe that they are friends.  They both loved the same guy (Ryan Phillipe) and when he died in episode one they were forced together but they became friends and their journey is as important as any twist or turn.

After them, I would praise Jesse James Keitel who plays Jerrie Kennedy.  Jerrie was one of the young women kidnapped by Ronald in the first season and we learned she was a transgendered woman.  She's a great character and I'm kind of concerned that she's still visiting her dying mother.  I worry that she's not coming back.


Season two has some additions worth noting: Logan Marwshall Green as Travis and Janina Gavankar as Ren.  Ren is insane and a mafia queen-pin.  She makes a good villain.  Travis?  He's a good character and he's attractive and we want him to be with Jenny .  


I also like the kids who got involved this season.

It was not a bad show before but season one was too dark for me and way too dark to write about.  I'll be watching tonight and may write about it next time.  


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