Monday, October 10, 2016

Smug Hillary Clinton (Ann)

Ann offered her take after Sunday's debate.

Smug Hillary Clinton

So what did you think of the Sunday duopoly debate?

I wouldn't watch that.  But I did log on to the 3-way livestream.

Thanks to the millions of you who watched my 3-way livestream and those of you who participated in the Facebook Town Hall afterward!

Hillary Clinton looked so smug.

I don't believe I've ever applied that term to her before.

I'm not used to seeing her so smug.

I think she was smart to laugh when Trump raised some issues but not as much as she did.

And she kept looking down her nose throughout the debate as she popped her head back repeatedly.

I don't like people who look down their noses at others.

I was surprised by how unprepared she was, actually.

She kept saying go to her website.

As though she couldn't really dispute Donald Trump herself so she needed the aid of fact checkers in her campaign.

I thought she came off weak too often and smug.

I think Jill Stein is the only hope we have.

This is C.I.'s "Iraq snapshot:"

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