Monday, October 10, 2016

Gloria La Riva weighs in on the debate

PSL presidential candidate Gloria La Riva Tweets about the Sunday night debate.

  1. We need to be energy independent from oil, gas, coal. Why do they say zilch about , cause they're for oil conpanies
  2. Neither Trump nor Clinton says a word about Standing Rock resistance to pipeline. says No Fracking, keep it in the ground.
  3. Trump self financing nothing. He ripped off people by billions, got huge tax breaks.
  4. Nothing being said about peoples' lives & need for jobs, real healthcare, end of police brutality, etc.
  5. Remember "super predator" Clinton? You said unaccompained minors, children should be deported. Our says no deportations!
  6. Clinton's famous last words, no ground troops. Saudi Arabia, U.S. ally, finances "rebels", ISIS. U.S. fully responsible for Mid-east crisis.
  7. . is poison, not the antidote. Join our socialist movement!
  8. Clinton's objective if president is declare no-fly zone, then take advantage & then BOMB. So vital to step up anti-war movement.
  9. Clinton says Syria catastrophic. U.S. responsible. Anyone objectively watching situation knows effective fighting ISIS, terrorists
  10. Yes Clunton talks about healthcare but didn't mention 400,000 GIs will lose healthcare in 2017.
  11. This tax talk from multi-millionaires is a cruel joke. Trump got 100's millions in tax breaks, Clinton in big banks' pockets.
  12. Let's talk Wikileaks Clinton, your transcripts with just came out. Accusing is obvious attempt at diversion.
  13. No you will not be allowed to demonize or deport Mexicans, other Latinos! Clinton doesnt oppose deportations either.
  14. The Syrian people are refugees because of U.S. war!!! Now Clinton bashing Russia. This is her real intent, attack and bomb
  15. Clinton brags of making Obama bomb Libya, supported sanctions on Iraq and war on Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria. Muslims, etc. are the victims
  16. Here's how to stop terrorism, U.S. stop financing terrorist groups and stop destroying countries. Fight Islamophobia!
  17. Strip profits out of healthcare, something neither candidate wants to do. Care can't depend one's employer.
  18. If just the companies' tax shelters paid their taxes of overseas wealth it would be $717 Billion. We could have free care for all.
  19. We have misanthrope & warmonger to choose from. No choice for people. Problem of Clinton's emails was content, chatting of drone killings.
  20. Trump is an extreme racist, anti-woman pig. Amazing he was not rushed off stage. Masses of women would love to.

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