Monday, October 10, 2016

Editorial: Not doing the work required is serious -- Ted Kennedy thought so

., the blood in the Middle East you mention is on your hands. The Saudis are your ATM. . . . .

Somehow, the post debate 'analysis' and fact check and 'coverage' wasn't interested with that fact.

But then, the media that sold the Iraq War doesn't really feel up to calling out a War Hawk like Hillary Clinton.

They're comfortable at THE LOS ANGELES TIMES and THE WASHINGTON POST and AP and -- well everyone.

You may think Donald Trump is lying about his opposition to the Iraq War from the start.

You may think he's telling the truth.

We really don't give a f**k.


What we care about is  Hillary's vote for the war, her support -- for years -- for the war is not an issue.

It's nothing the media wants to explore.

It's not worthy of mention.

She likes to say it was a mistake -- now, she likes to say that.

But you make up for a mistake.

And what she did was criminal and led to over a million dead.

In the Sunday debate, she claimed she'd worked, as Secretary of State, to help women around the world.

But she didn't help Iraqi women and when a friend e-mailed her about Iraqi women and Hillary including them in a speech she was due to give the next day, Hillary fobbed her off and gave a speech -- a lengthy speech, over 4,000 words -- in which she name checked at least 15 foreign countries but never mentioned Iraq.

At some point Donald Trump was a critic of the war.

We believe that was after the war started and we'll allow that it was only weeks after but we still argue it was after.

That said, when he objected to the Iraq War (which was long before Hillary did) isn't really an issue.

Hillary's support for the Iraq War -- which she voted for -- is.

As is her refusal to follow Senator Bob Graham's advice and read the intelligence before voting.  The late Senator Ted Kennedy did not support Hillary in the 2008 Democratic Party primary and among his reasons?

Hillary's vote for the war and her refusal to seek out information before voting.

He saw that as a serious issue, a serious disqualification.

It's amazing that the press can obsess over -- and repeatedly fact check -- Trump on when he was actually against the war but can share Ted Kennedy's offense that Hillary Clinton elected to vote for a war without doing due diligence.

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