Monday, October 10, 2016

It's been a race to the bottom between the "lesser" and "reater" evil

Jill Stein is the Green Party's presidential candidate.

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    Thanks to the millions of you who watched my 3-way livestream and those of you who participated in the Facebook Town Hall afterward!
  2. Ken Bone, let me introduce you to the Green New Deal.
  3. Don't ever let anyone bully, berate, or intimidate you into voting against your best interests. That's how democracy dies.
  4. I want peace, clean energy, single payer universal healthcare, free education & fair economic policy for all.
  5. I wont vote for a fascist and I wont vote for a capitalist who values the $ of corporations more than her constituents
  6. Disgusted by the corporate party candidates ? Let us know why you'll this year using !
  7. "Spending $6 trillion to kill a million people in Iraq did not win hearts and minds in the Middle East." -
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  9. Because she is articulate, smart, has people-friendly policy, and she's the most energetic candidate I've ever seen.
  10. She has only one policy position! Both in public and private!
  11. She is the candidate who will finally stop the US military-industrial complex.
  12. she is serious about addressing climate change and doesn't think I'm a "basement dwelling" naive child.
  13. 1 in 4 women in our country is a victim of sexual violence. To have a presidential candidate modeling this behavior is unacceptable.
  14. The Commission on Presidential is controlled by the Democratic & Republican parties. It's a fraud.
  15. A real would include the 4 candidates on enough ballots to win, as 76% of Americans support.
  16. We can't rely on pro-fracking Clinton & her frack-happy transition chief Ken Salazar to save us from climate meltdown.
  17. The corporation building the Dakota Access Pipeline is the real vandal in North Dakota.
  18. Tonight's showed why Clinton & Trump are the least liked or trusted candidates ever. It was not a good use of the viewers' time.
  19. she understands that no matter what happens on Nov. 8th the struggle continues !
  20. In the White House I'll be an organizer-in-chief to inform & empower the voters so we can make Congress support the people's agenda.
  21. Let us know why you're ✔️voting Green🌱 this year! Use !
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  23. It's been a race to the bottom between the "lesser" and "greater" evil. It's time for a voter revolt and a people's party.
  24. Tonight's showed why Americans are tearing their hair out over the establishment party candidates.
  25. Tonight we barely heard about the climate crisis, the greatest threat to human civilization in history.
  26. Tonight we heard a lot of personal bickering between Clinton & Trump. We didn't hear a thing about student debt.
  27. It's happening now! Head on over to for my live and unfiltered Facebook Town Hall:
  28. Help us build a people's party by giving $5 for each time Clinton & Trump talk trash instead of real issues!
  29. The science tells us that we have about 17 years to cut out fossil fuels completely to avoid catastrophic climate change.
  30. The FEC raised the alarm that Clinton and Trump's campaigns are both colluding with super PACs, violating even Citizens United.
  31. Every time you hear Hillary or Donald argue over personal issues instead of policy, fight back with a donation: 💵
  32. We are not hearing anything about the consequences of these endless wars or the emergency of climate change.
  33. Corporate politicians Hillary Clinton, Donald Trump and Gary Johnson all support(ed) NAFTA. is the only candidates who opposes.
  34. We're now seeing many Republican leaders join Hillary Clinton in a neoliberal uni-party that will fuel right-wing extremism.
  35. More Clinton-style trickle-down won't stop right-wing extremism. We need a people's party with a populist progressive agenda.
  36. We need truly transformational policies that put people ahead of profit - like universal health care and abolishing student debt.
  37. The Clintons' crime bill opened the door to today's mass incarceration that is deeply entangled with systemic racism.
  38. The Clintons' support for NAFTA destroyed millions of jobs, including in Mexico where many farmers became economic refugees.
  39. We can address the immigration crisis by fixing the policies that created it in the first place & ending support for coups & NAFTA.
  40. Donald & Republicans have been the party of hate & fear but Hillary & Democrats have been the party of deportations & night raids.
  41. Donald Trump has a record of offshoring jobs, ripping off working people, dodging taxes, and abusing women.
  42. There's a civil war in Syria, multiple proxy wars and a fight over who gets to run oil pipelines through Syria. It's complicated.
  43. A no-fly zone also means bombing ground targets, which will mean the U.S. killing a lot of Syrians.
  44. Let's be clear: a no-fly zone means we'll be shooting down Russian planes. Between us we have 2000 nukes on hair-trigger alert.
  45. Our interventions in the Middle East have created failed states, mass refugee migrations & worse terrorist threats.
  46. The US needs to stop fanning the flames of war. We need a cease-fire & weapons embargo on the Middle East.
  47. Russia and Assad are not the “good guys”, but neither are we as we fan the flames of war and pump weapons into the Middle East.
  48. We aren't winning anything in the Middle East - our wars are strengthening extremists from Afghanistan to Syria.
  49. I don't know which one is scarier, Hillary who wants to start an air war in Syria or Trump talking about more nuclear weapons.
  50. With both Clinton & Trump melting down under scandal after scandal it's more crucial than ever that we build a party for the people.
  51. Both Democrats and Republicans are funded by big corporate interests including Wall St. Banks, fossil fuel giants, & war profiteers.
  52. The American people are more hungry than ever for a candidate not mired in scandal and swimming in billionaire money.
  53. The crisis of our economy, the climate, and our education system will not be solved by the old guard establishment parties.
  54. Wall Street use to pay a transaction tax, it should pay that tax again.
  55. Major tax cuts for the wealthy, which shifted the burden on to workers and the poor during Bush, were made permentant by Obama.
  56. The spin is dizzying. The US needs candidates w/ the political courage to stand up and talk about real issues, not public/private doubletalk
  57. There was very clear evidence that the DNC definitely tampered with elections behind closed doors to smear Bernie Sanders.
  58. The Syrian civil war is a complicated mess. The US has been arming "good" fighters but somehow our arms get to "bad" terrorists.
  59. There is a refugee crisis created in large part by US military interventions. We need to do our part by taking in refugees.
  60. Let's be clear, there's a massive humanitarian crisis in Syria, Libya, & Iraq in which the US had a hand in military intervention.
  61. If we want peace at home we need peace abroad. It's despicable for Trump to bash Muslims and Hillary to bomb them overseas.
  62. Bill Clinton labeled universal health care as the "craziest thing in the world". I guess every other developed nation is "crazy".
  63. We don't need the insurance friendly Affordable Care Act, we need to treat health as a human right with a Medicare For All system.
  64. The American public needs to hear who would make the best candidate, not who is the worst candidate.
  65. Rather than discussing the policy that impacts us all, the corporate candidates insist on insulting each other. This is a disgrace.
  66. I'm the only candidate standing up for what the American people and future generations need, not what billionaires want.
  67. While Hillary and Donald might be occasionally saying the right things, it's important to look at their terrible records.
  68. I'm the only candidate in this race not corrupted by super PACs, billionaires or corporations.
  69. In contrast to the political establishment, youth and society at large are my number one priority.
  70. Head over to to watch me Clinton and Trump live! Retweet if you'll be tuning in!
  71. ⚡️ “Jill Stein supporters explain why she's getting their vote” During the tweet !
  72. Here's what we know: Unless we transform existing social, political, economic & legal systems, we won't have a peaceful, sustainable future.
  73. As necessary as social movements are, they must be accompanied by a campaign at the ballot box to get their demands into law.