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We're reposting Marcia's book review from last week:

Elizabeth and Michael (book review)

Elizabeth and Micheal is a new book whose full title is Elizabeth and Michael: The Queen of Hollywood The King of Pop A Love Story.

The author is Donald Bogle who I was unfamiliar with.

About a third of the way through the book I realized he was an African-American.


What he put emphasis on.

Have you seen the remake of Vacation?

Christina Applegate is good in it and Chris Hemsworth is flat out funny in the scene in his briefs.

But I'm glad the film wasn't big box office.

Because I had to sit through the opening.

Did you enjoy the opening?

If so, you're probably White.

So as the photos of various families on vacation passed by, you probably never noticed how it was one White family after another.  There's some 'tropical' man (native to Hawaii) but he's with some elderly White woman who is clearly on vacation and he's just a local prop.

One family after another.

White. White. White.

How did that they not notice that when they were assembling the photos?

At any rate, there are awards and events, for example, that Bogle notes which most writers wouldn't if they were White.

Bogle's written a nice book.

It's considered to be even handed, judging by the blurbs on the back of the cover -- or dusk jacket, this is a hardcover book -- lists for $26.

I think it's a little too 'even handed' to Michael when it comes to molestation charges.

It's not so 'even handed,' for example, when airing rumors of Joe Jackson's abuse of his children.

(Or alleged abuse.  But, yes, I believe those rumors.)

Where the book works best is outlining moments in Michael's life and in Elizabeth's life -- before either knew each other -- where they went through similar experiences -- Taylor confronting MGM mogul LB Mayer, Jackson confronting Motown mogul Berry Gordy.

You see how they could eventually relate to one another.

It's also great to read about when they hook up and are there for each other.

He captures that friendship very well.

I wish the book were longer.  (The narrative ends on page 350.)

The concerts before Sept. 11th are in the book, for example.

But the whole pornography scandal isn't -- Michael brought in some pornographer on the project -- I remember Rolling Stone making a big to do about it as well other outlets.

I hope it will inspire other books.

Their friendship is a fascinating topic and this is a good book.

I enjoy Michael's music to this day.

But I also happen to believe that he did molest the boys -- I believe choreographer Wade Robson, especially.

If you're a fan of either Elizabeth or Michael's -- or a fan of both, you will enjoy the book.  You'll lament that something is left out but you'll enjoy what you read.

And in fairness, you can't write "a" book about Elizabeth Taylor.

Her life was too vast and too grand.

You really have to pick a period from her life to be able to contain it in a book.

Donald Bogle has a very strong writing style that holds your attention.

So check the book out

Here's C.I.'s "Iraq snapshot:"

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