Monday, October 10, 2016

Jim's World


When we started back in 2005, we wanted to be sure to highlight issues and candidates that didn't get a shot to be heard elsewhere.

And highlighting a candidate didn't require that we endorse them.

We've tried to continue that tradition this year.

Jerry White is a presidential candidate that's difficult to highlight.

His campaign pieces appear at the copyrighted website WSWS.

His Twitter feed is basically non-existant.

And he has no campaign website.

Gloria La Riva at least has a campaign website, as well as Twitter.

We try to highlight La Riva.

We also try to highlight Gary Johnson (Libertarian Party) and Jill Stein (Green Party).

If we're going to exist, the point is not to be part of the echo chamber.

But we've got a problem now.

I don't want to highlight Gary Johnson anymore.

He's running a better campaign than last time.

And he did follow Ava and C.I.'s post election 2012 advice and learned to smile for the cameras.

I don't have a big problem with anything he's said.

And I'm happy that Scott Adams endorsed Johnson.

Melissa Joan Hart also deserves applause for endorsing Johnson and breaking with the corporate duopoly.

My problem is not with Gary Johnson.

It's with his running mate Bill Weld.

Weld has declared that he intends to use the remaining time ahead of the election doing his part to ensure that Hillary Clinton is elected.

Hillary Clinton is running on the Democratic Party ticket.

So he's trying to elect an opponent.

Which means he's not running a real campaign.

Now he's not Gary Johnson.

But he is Johnson's running mate.

We were very clear that if Jill Stein ran the campaign this year that she did in 2012, we wouldn't highlight her.

Our time matters to us.

If you're fighting to be heard, we'll highlight you.

But with Weld throwing in the towel?

I don't see the point.

I'm tossing it out to you the reader because I realize Gary Johnson is running.  He's for real.

He's been stabbed in the back by his running mate.

So maybe my decision isn't fair?

If you agree or disagree, please e-mail at either or to let me hear your opinion.  If enough disagree with me, we'll go back to noting Johnson.  Otherwise, we're moving on.

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