Sunday, September 29, 2019

Inside the New Issue of Ms.

The fall issue of Ms. is a must-read. Here's a glimpse inside.
Dear Common Ills,
The fall issue of Ms. is a must-read. Here's a glimpse inside.
  • In a report on Title X, the nation's largest family planning program, we examine the potentially devastating impact of Trump's Domestic Gag Rule that threatens to shutter women's health clinics across the country and hurt low-income women. 
  • Nancy Cohen, a historian focused on gender in politics, weighs in on the upcoming elections in Virginia and Louisiana—and whether the women’s wave will continue into 2020.
  • Investigative journalists Renee Feltz and author Victoria Law expose the for-profit immigration detention industry exploding under the Trump administration, and tell the stories of the women-fueled resistance intent on closing their doors. 
  • Author and expert Carrie Baker, in the wake of the unfurling Jeffrey Epstein child sex trafficking scandal, lays bare the ways in which law enforcement has, for too long, failed victims of such criminal enterprises—and how feminists have created pathways to justice for survivors. 
The collective power of women's resistance—in high school hallways, where students are launching their own #MeToo movement; in Kuwait, where journalists are making public the suffering of abused Filipina domestic workers; and even on the soccer field, where star athletes are encouraging audiences to cheer for equal pay—is a thruline in this issue. 

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For women’s equality,
Katherine Spillar
Executive Editor, Ms.
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