Sunday, September 29, 2019

Editorial: The unethical War Hawk Joe

"Joe Wilson has passed away."  As C.I. observed, "In the world of the officials, the Iraq War created a number of cowards -- a large number of cowards.  Among the few heroes?  Joe Wilson."  Joe stood up against Bully Boy Bush.  He was a real hero.  And many people have noted his passing.  You know who hasn't?

Joe Biden.

War Hawk Joe Biden hasn't said one word.  Not even a Tweet.

Well he wouldn't, would he?

Joe Wilson was right.  A lot of people were right.  Joe Biden was wrong.  A lot of War Hawks and War Whores were wrong.

So Joe Biden ignores the passing of Joe Wilson.  A hero, a US State Department employee, an ambassador.  Joe Biden just pretends that Joe Wilson never existed.

Joe pretends a lot of things don't happen.

  1. Former Vice President Joe Biden's niece, Caroline, avoided jail time Thursday in Manhattan Criminal Court in a sweetheart deal on a felony conviction for a $100,000 credit card scam. Caroline is Joe Biden's brothers daughter. Equal Justice for all says Pelosi....There all crooks!

Caroline's as crooked as Hunter Biden and James Biden.  They think the rules don't have to apply to them, they think that they can get away with anything.

With that sort of attitude, is it any surprise Joe Biden keeps thinking he can get away with lying about Iraq?

It needs to be made clear to him that he can't.  And the Democratic Party needs to stop trying to rehab the images of these War Hawks.

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