Sunday, February 14, 2010

A note to our readers

Hey --

Another Sunday. A very late and long Sunday. Dallas and the following helped on this edition:

The Third Estate Sunday Review's Jim, Dona, Ty, Jess, and Ava,
Rebecca of Sex and Politics and Screeds and Attitude,
Betty of Thomas Friedman Is a Great Man,
C.I. of The Common Ills and The Third Estate Sunday Review,
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Cedric of Cedric's Big Mix,
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Wally of The Daily Jot,
Stan of Oh Boy It Never Ends,
Isaiah of The World Today Just Nuts,
and Ann of Ann's Mega Dub.

Thank you to everyone who helped. And what did we come up with?

-- The first time we've ever voted a New York Times editorial for "truest."

-- Steven Lee Myers and Anthony Shadid (NYT) earned this truest and the really big surprise about their article was how many other outlets ignored it. You didn't catch it on Pacifica headlines or programs, you didn't read about it at The Nation website or The Progressive. It was probably the most important Iraq article and maybe it's importance can be measured by the studied silence with which it was received?

-- As usual the problem is the media and that includes the self-righteous Amy Goodman. The people know what's happening, even when the media won't cover it.

-- Ava and C.I. cover Human Target which is a show I strongly, strongly urge you to catch. If you watch it once, there's a good chance you'll be hooked. (It's the one show I catch every week.)

-- Our Iraq feature covering some of the important events of last week.

-- We have posted late before and later than this. Why did we post so late this weekend? In part due to this feature. It wasn't planned and discussed and we stumbled upon a YouTube video and started writing it. We agreed to sleep on it before publishing. (We made minor changes after we woke up.) Our problem was we already had Aimee Allison stories. C.I. and Dona wondered, "Is this really a story or are we seeing Aimee Allison in every shadow?" We agreed it was a real story but decided to get some sleep. It was also Valentine's Day and we have plans. I offered that we could post a note and Ava said, "If they're regular readers, they won't be surprised that we're posting late. It's not the first time."

-- A roundtable. The artwork is by Betty's kids.

-- Jess does a solo turn. We really like this article he wrote and encourage you to take the FTC's Valentine's Day quiz.

-- Ty did a solo turn as well. He may address Aimee Allison's nonsense next week. Right now, he's focusing on homophobia.

-- It was going to be other people and then came Aimee.

-- Ava, C.I. and Ann rushed to write this when we thought we were posting in the morning. They hit all the points but noted that if they'd had more time, they could have addressed even more problems with the segment.

-- Awhile back we picked Bette Davis as the best movie star of the last century and we'll probably note a movie by her occassionally. She has many great ones but we'd prefer to note the ones that don't immediately spring to mind the way All About Eve, Now Voyager, etc. do.

-- Mike, Elaine, Ann, Cedric, Ruth, Betty, Rebecca, Wally, Marcia, Stan and Kat wrote this and we thank them for it.

We'll see you next week.

-- Jim, Dona, Ty, Jess, Ava and C.I.
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