Sunday, February 14, 2010

KPFA's biggest waste of time (Ava, C.I. and Ann)

Friday, KPFA's The Morning Show served up another embarrassment via Aimee Allison. Musician John Mayer gave an interview to Playboy and Aimee and a wide ass, unfunny, male comic decided they'd spend an entire segment offering . . . nothing.


It was not a bright moment for John Mayer but if you're going to insist that it was racist, you might to explain how it was. Aimee and her guest struggled with that and then some.

John Mayer used the n-word. It's not a term we use. If it's the basis for Aimee's decision to call Mayer a racist, we're confused because Aimee's repeatedly praised Quentin Tarantion's films -- films whose only consistent theme is their non-stop use of the n-word.

The segment featured call ins including an African-American woman named Sharon who hinted that the program should address real racism and went on to declare that she blamed Jay Z and others for "letting the genie out of the bottle." Somehow, after she was off the line, Aimee and her guest turned this into, 'John Mayer let the genie out of the bottle.'

Even more hilarious was when Aimee wanted to insist that the interview was also sexist. She wanted to do that for about twenty seconds.

Possibly realizing that a comic who traffics in sexist jokes and worse ("bitch" jokes are worse, Aimee) wasn't the best person to discuss sexism with, Aimee quickly aborted that thought.

But let's stay with it for a moment. First off, if she really thought the Playboy interview was sexist, where was the female guest? It's a bit like her curious decision a short while ago to 'address' the assault on women's reproductive rights by bringing on an 'expert' . . . a male 'expert' (Dave Zirin, the sports writer). That's only surprising if you're unaware this is a program that, last month, booked 123 guests, 89 of which were male and only 34 were women.

Second of all, exactly what world does she live in that she's shocked to find people talking about sex . . . in . . . Playboy magazine.

The woman's an idiot who desperately needs an education before she tries to speak in public again and your first clue was that for a segment supposedly intending to address racism, her choice of a guest is a comedian.

A comedian.

Listeners were never going to be treated to a serious or informed look at race, race relations or racism with a Henny Youngman wanna-be going for yucks. What kind of an idiot degrades the audience and the topic by going for yucks?


For more on this topic, see Ann's "Aimee Allison is the new Laura Ingraham."
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